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P Jul 29, 2019 Review updated:

Date of Incident - 28th July 2019
Client Number - 9803

Description of Incident
I bought Red delicious applies from the store and the cashier charged for Royal Gala apples. When I checked the receipt then I found that I am overcharged. I brought that to her notice then she said that she has done a mistake and she will refund the extra amount. I said to her that you must give the item free of cost to me as you have scanned it incorrectly. She started talking in the loud voice saying that I can get only the refund of the remaining amount as that policy is applicable only if the amount is different then the one mentioned on the display. In this case she punched the wrong code so it is not applicable. She started blaberring and saying that it is a human mistake and have I not done the mistake in life? I think that the tone in which she was talking is not at all apologetic and after doing the mistake she was trying to give a lot of explaination justifying her mistake. I asked her to talk to her supervisor then she said that I am the supervisor. I asked to speak to her superior then she called another lady and she was also trying to justify the mistake and she was not at all apologetic. She also asked the same thing that have I not done the mistake in life? I think that they need to learn how to apologize without giving a lot of explaination.

Desirable Resolution
They should apologize unconditionally without explaining their situation. If I am eligible for getting the item free of cost then it should be done.

unethical behaviour


  • Alice108 Nov 12, 2019

    It seems as like you have a huge ego for 1.05$ if they apologized then you should of been okay. Seems you should apologize for being rude

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