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Freeman Health Systems is without a doubt one of the worst health system I have ever dealt with. Whenever you accidentally miss an appt they will "blackball: you from ever returning again. You have to search out of the Freeman Health System to find a specialist. They will NEVER resolve a complaint. They do not return calls. They think they are completely "untouchable". We have PPO insurance, however, Freeman demands a referral to any of their specialists. They should not be in the PPO directory.. The doctors will not work with new patients. Their first question is "What are you on" like everyone who lives in this area must be on drugs and meth. I am a 65 year old grandmother, we are new to this area but Freeman Hospital, Freeman doctors and their affiliates are not the place anyone new wants to go. I have turned then into my insurance company to remove them off the PPO directory. Any and all the doctors staff have the same rudeness as Freeman Health Systems. This health system is not the place you want to be unless they change their direction and attitude toward their patients. They act as if they are the only game in town and you have to answer to things as Freeman Health wants them to be. If you call with complaints I can guarantee that you will never be called back but the doctor's office of where your complaint was will drop you like a hot potato. This is their way of resolving an issue. Get rid of the patient.

I detest Freeman Health Systems, their doctors and affiliates. Myself and my husband will be going to Pittsburgh or probably Kansas City. It is well worth the 2 hour drive to Kansas City not to have to deal with Freeman Health Systems ora any of their doctors. Never in my 65 years have I every been treated so badly as a patient as Freeman Health and their doctors have treated me.

I have nothing good to say about Freeman Health. I only pray that my insurance company does its job and removes Freeman Health from their PPO directory. I will work hard toward that goal.

If you have not gone to Freeman health or their doctors I urge you not to go. Find another health system and other doctors. These people are not worth the frustration They will not listen to you. They treat patients like they are just plain "stupid" and you will get "blackballed fast. My mother recently died. I called to cancel my appt with one of their "specialists". I left the phone message because the nurse was busy. I was mothers only daughter and caregiver. Now the one and only specialist in Joplin will not take me because they said that I did not call to cancel my appt. I wrote down the date and time I called. I have my records to prove I did so now since the specialist will not take me because I am "blackballed" the Freeman Health doctor (of which is just as bad as the system) gives me no other options. So now I sit here in great pain, the doctor is gone for two weeks, and not one can help me.

What kind of system is this? It is unacceptable to me. I will not tolerate this nor should anyone else have to. Freeman Health System is a clear and straight thumbs down and I suggest anyone who goes there to ask that doctor plenty of questions, and not take what he says as being right and I pray you have a backup doctor that is outside of Freeman Health because you will need them. You know your body better than any doctor and you need to tell them, not let them tell you

This is a deplorable so-called health system! I will be going further to make sure Freeman Health follows the contract they signed with the insurance companies. As "so-called" PPO they are not doing as as PPO network should do.


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    John Robert Thomas King Sep 19, 2015
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    I completely and whole-heartedly agree, I believe they are a good contributor of my 39year old mother's death. I wish you all the luck and prayers ma'am. I will keep you and all other Freeman patients in my heart and prayers with warm regards. I hope you find the help you very much need and deserve.

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