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CB Airlines and Air Travel Review of Free checked baggage
Free checked baggage

Free checked baggage review: Incorrect info by Emirates agents

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We were traveling from Dubai on August 24th at 0230 hrs via London to Calgary on EK007.

We arrived at your check out in Dubai. At the check out I handed 4 (four) passports and for tickets for our flights. I was asked to put on bags on the conveyor belt and as I put the 7th bag – I was told that “ma’am you are already overweight – you are only allowed 120 kgs – and you have 134 kgs” We were 4 passengers with 2 bags each – so that added to 8 bags to check in. The check in person at the Emirates counter said we were only allowed 120 kgs – so we had to get rid of stuff from our 7th bag to make it 120 kgs in total and the last bag (8th bag) we were not able to check in.

According to your Free Checked baggage allowance for economy class 2 (two) checked bags each weighing 23 kgs is allowed making it 46 kgs per person. We were penalized by your agent because 46 kgs per person would make it 46x4 persons traveling to 184 kgs in total.

We ended up leaving our 1 ½ suitcase and belongings sitting at the airport because we were told that it would cost us an extra 1600 dirhams.

I wish to inform you that your agent made a significant error, resulting in the loss of our luggage – which was free checked baggage allowed, as per our tickets.

I am claiming reimbursement for my baggage (1 /1/2 baggages) as I consider it as lost baggage and your agent made an error in our allowed free checked baggage weight.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

I am attaching copies of our baggage claims – 7 tags --.

Could you please look into this matter for me urgently.

Thank you.

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