Fred Meyersxbox game, customer service

T Oct 07, 2019

I purchased an xbox NBA2K20 for my son recently, when he went to load the game there was a used NBA2K18 in the package. When I brought it back to electronics the worker was rude the way she handled the situation, just shut me down from the gate then said because the 2018 game looked used so she couldn't exchange it, I asked to speak to a manager so was sent to customer service. I had the same experience there with the Assistant Manager so I asked to speak to the Manager and she said no, that they would all say the same thing. I emailed the corporate office my complaint and they just responded that it is their policy not to refund opened games and the zip code. I have been shopping at that location for over 40 years and get treated like I am a shop lifter. I ended having to go to Walmart to purchase the game for my son which was actually $10 cheaper but I am still out $67.00 from Fred Meyers ripping me off. I will not be shopping there anymore, which will cost them a few thousand in lost revenue instead, bad business. I see Fred Meyers has several complaints with 0 pending and 0 resolved which must mean they don't address any of them.

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