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Fred Meyer review: I am complaining about a dangerous property located at your shopping center that caused a massive traffic accident.

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Around 12 pm on August 7, 2019, I was driving my SUV to leave Fred Meyer parking lot at 158th Street in Beaverton. The driveway coming from this shopping center across from Outrigger Terrace is going uphill from the parking lot toward the STOP sign, with 3 lanes - one for inbound and two for outbound. One outbound lane is Left Turn only and the other is Right Turn only. There is a Right Turn arrow in yellow color on the ground near the STOP sign. This arrow is the only Right Turn sign around the intersection. The arrow is already faded. It is very hard for drivers to notice this Right Turn arrow, especially when there are vehicles ahead and cover the arrow on ground. There is no other sign in such a busy area telling drivers that this is a Right Turn only lane. Drivers may miss the sign easily and go across the road. It was exactly what happened to me. I was in the Right Turn only lane and there were vehicles moving in front of me on this uphill road, which totally blocked my view of the sign on ground. If I saw this arrow, I would never have driven across the roadway and entered into the intersection of Walker and Outrigger Road. Walker Road has 5 lanes, 2 for each direction and one center Left-Turn lane. After I crossed the center lane, I heard honking and then I hit a car at its back door on the driver's side. At the same time, a van hit me in the mid of my passenger side.
The damage is as follows: two vehicles were totally loss and one vehicle was damaged in front; one driver was minor injured.
The property at such a busy intersection is horribly dangerous. The correct maintenance is absolutely necessary and urgent. Your immediate attention will be highly appreciated.

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