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Attorney Francis Doran is corrupt traitor who considers himself an Attorney when in fact he will sell you out at any time and smile in your face while doing it. Francis Doran likes to go behind his clients backs and do some dirty dealings and doing what he does best, being a sell out traitor for either money or favoritism. Either way stay away from this sneaky [censored] because he plays all sides and will sell you out and not even defend you like an Attorney is supposed to.

Do not believe the positive reviews on this Judas because he either writes the them himself or most likely has someone writing them for him. Look for a legitimate, professional Attorney who has your best interest in mind and is willing to do some work and represent you against any injustices, as this supposed Attorney will ruin your case and have you spend money for nothing. Don't contact or hire this traitor, or he will intentionally screw your entire case up, to try and get you to give this loser more money. He's also racist!

"I do not recommend this lawyer to anyone. Because I told him I don't want him to be my lawyer anymore, but he keeps texting me, calling me and leaving voicemails. On the day of the court trial he still showed up even though I called him the night before saying I don't want him, and that I will not hire him. I did hire him for the first date of court and paid him $2500. I didn't have money to pay him again for the second time for this trial, but he still showed up. On the day of trial, he forced the judge that my situation was big and that I would have to hire him. I still didn't hire him and won the case and it was dismissed. I have never seen a lawyer chase me like this to take my money. He was trying to make the situation big but I still got dismissed on the same day. You should not hire him as your lawyer."

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Jan 28, 2021 10:08 pm

Francis M Doran who guys by Frank is a bad person and plays all sides. As a client you might not be his priority if it’s not in his best interest. Don’t walk away but run from this Lawyer.
Cannot believe all the positive reviews. Seems rigged.

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Sep 22, 2020 10:08 pm

A terrible lazy lawyer who does not do his job properly and thinks by just talking lots of money, that he can just talk his way out of things, without doing any work. You will have peace of mind if just stay away from Francis M Doran who goes by Frank. This bum needs to go out and was dishes for a living, to see what real work is all about.

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Francis M Doran does not have two faces, he has 10 faces and it's recommended not to hire this supposed Attorney, as you will find yourself having your case get out of hand if your hire this sell-out, backstabbing loser. You are innocent and your case will be dismissed without any Attorney. If you hire this backstabber, then your case will spin out of control, as Francis Doran will say lies and make up stories behind your backs, so that your case will go from being dismissed to out of cotrol. Francis Doran will smile in your faces, as he is intentionally destroying your cases behind your backs. Francis Doran is not a man, he is a cowardly traitor who talks smack behind people's backs and pits people against each other intentionally of course to make sure that a case goes from being straight forward and dismissed to complicated and expensive, because Francis Doran will intentionally sell you out without a care in the world.

Registration:Aug 13, 1986
State ID:[protected]
Business type:Professional Corporation
Members (2):Francis M. Doran Jr (President), 59 Amherst Road, Waban, MA 02468 > (Physical)
Francis M Doran Jr (Treasurer), 59 Amherst Road, Waban, MA 02468 > (Physical)
Francis M Doran | Marshfield, Massachusetts
Age: 59

Phone Number:
[protected], [protected], [protected]
38 Cliff Rd, Marshfield, MA ; 20 Main St Ste 1, Natick, MA ; 20 Main St, Natick, MA
Rita M Doran, Marta K Weinberg, Mark A Doran
Seen As:
Francis M Doran Jr
Previous Locations:
Boston, MA; Waban, MA

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Francis M Doran | Natick, Massachusetts
Age: 59

Phone Number:
[protected], [protected], [protected]
20 Main St, Natick, MA ; 20 Main St # 4, Natick, MA ; 18 Troy Ln, Waban, MA
Francis M Doran, Marta K Weinberg, Mark A Doran

Agent:Francis M. Doran
20 Main Street, Natick, MA 01760

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