Four Points Hotels by SheratonPoor response to bed bugs

S Dec 05, 2018

I stayed at the the Four Points By Sheraton on 01/01/2018 - 01/02-2018, room 307. I had a sleepless night of constant bed bug bites. My two children also stayed in the room with me. When it got overbearing, I sought to put toothpaste on the bites to soothe the pain and laid towles on the bed so that I can get some rest.
The next morning, I went to the front desk and told them about it showing them the bites. They told me that I would need to call the General Manager, Leslie Mitchell aboutthe issue. I had to call during the week since Ms. Mitchell didnt; work on weekends.
The next morning I called to relay the experience to Ms. Mitchell who in turn told me that she did not know what was on my skin but she could assure that it wasn't bed bugs. She said they did a thorough inspection and found nothing.
I proceeded to giver her more details of exactly where I slpet and even offered to get a doctor's note confirming that it was bed bugs.
She aksed me if I'm calling her a liar and that she can call in a company to check and that it will cost them money to do so. She continued to tell me that she doesn't know what allergies I might have had but they don;t have bed bugs.
I have three children that do competitive sports and we travel 3-6 times a month. I have had a few occasions of bedbug bites and I know the symptoms and how it fells to be bitten. I knew for certain that these bites were due to bed bugs. I was up most of the night due to the pain and irritation it causes. (it initially feels like a mosquito bite and burns, leaving red, raised bumps on your skin). Hence the reason I visited the front desk the very next morning.
Ms. Mitchell continued to tell me that I should have called the front desk for them to transfer me to another room. This was in the middle of the night with my other kids sleeping and had to attend a competitive tournament the next day. I tried to deal with the situation to avoid minimul disruption. I was bitten on my fingers, right shoulder and the back of my neck.
Ms. Mitchell really did her best to shut me up about my claim. There was no way to get through to her or even to have her plan to put measures in place so that the next customer doesn't have to endure the same discomfort.
I am so disatidifed with her attitude, response and service. I needed to voice this somewhere and hope that someone mandate that this issue is taken care of. This is considered a high profile hotel where you should be guaranteed a comfortable stay. My stay was uncomfortable with terrible service. I did not pay for that.

I would like a refund but more than that would like for them to take care of the issue.

Poor response to bed bugs

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