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I would like to file an official complaint against Black Bear Lodge (Foundations Recovery Network). Please advise if there is a particular form or process that is required in initiating a complaint. All correspondence and documents relating to this matter are attached for your review.

JULY 3RD 2015
Mrs. Angier,

I tried calling you back yesterday. I also realized that my prescription for Zofran (Ondansetroin) 8MG was not returned. This is a very expensive drug that helps me when I get car sick. I was also informed that many articles of mail that friends and family sent to me, has not been forwarded to me. Since I have so many prescriptions that were non-narcotic as well as other items in which were not given back to me before leaving, I will be filing a police report come Monday for theft of all items that were not returned to me. I apologize for this misunderstanding, but it is not within the right to take my needed medicines away from me. I sent the attached medical records numerous times before and during my stay. I am asking that you please refund my $1000.00 as soon as possible to the following mailing address. Thank you.

Subject: RE: Demand Letter for Refund

July 1, 2015

Black Bear Lodge Recovery
Foundations Network
310 Black Bear Ridge
Sautee, GA 30571


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regards to my voluntarily stay at Black Bear Lodge Treatment Center; also known as
"Foundations Recovery Network". Please be advised that I have copied my attorney is copied on this
correspondence. If my request for a full refund of $1000.00 is not honored, I will be immediately retaining his
services and legal action will be taken. Prior to my departure, I was given an instructional list of what to bring
in which is attached to this correspondence. I traveled via plane from Palm Springs, California to Atlanta,
Georgia on June 12th, having arrived June 13th, in the early AM. An employee by the name of John picked me
up from the airport, as well as another incoming male client who was also voluntarily going to treatment as
well. The other incoming male client requested a drink prior to leaving the airport to the treatment center, thus
we stopped at a TGI Fridays inside of the airport and had a few drinks prior to departing to the treatment

Once arriving a few hours later, my three bags of luggage was gone through thoroughly, which took hours.
The Residential Assistant “Shawna” who went through my items, only accounted for a few items that they
confiscated on a list in which is attached. On June 26th, when I left “against medical advice”, NUMEROUS items
in which I brought with me were not returned to me. The items in which I can recall that were not returned to
me are listed below:

Itemized list of prescriptions that I have highlighted on the attached document. NOTE: All of these
prescriptions were prescribed to me prior to arriving at Black Bear Lodge as well as during my stay.
Over the counter medicines that I purchased prior to my stay are listed as follows:
• Sunday- Monday Pill Organizer
• Stool Softener Softgels
• First Aid Antibiotic, Neosporin - 1 oz
• Sudafed 30MG
• Ibuprofen- 800 MG
• Levora- 30 Tablets (# 2)
• Tramadol Cream for Arthritis
• Citalopram (Celexa)- 25 MG
• Norco- 325 MG
• Adderall- 10 MG
• Lorazepam- 0.5 MG
• Zanaflex- Unknown Dosage
• Robaxin- Unknown Dosage
• Cymbalta- 30M MG
• Citalopram (Celexa)- 25 MG
• Mucinex- Unknown Dosage
• Flexeril- 5 MG
• Naproxen- 500 MG- NOTE: I was taken to the ER for severe head pain on 06/20/2015, and I
was prescribed Flexeril AND Naproxen in which they filled but did not give to me as the
doctor ordered. “See Attached”

On 06/13/2015, I arrived heavily intoxicated, and the residential assistant Shawna had me sign several
documents in which I was unable to read thus, I do not remember what it was that I signed. Additionally, upon
my release there were several pills of Midol as well as Diclofenac Topical cream in which was not within items
that I brought, thus they gave me someone else’s medicinal items. On 06/20/2015 when I was taken to the ER
at Habersham Medical Center, I was given a 5MG Percocet, however, a male nurse at Black Bear understood my
condition and did give me some of his own supply of Norco during my stay at Black Bear, which can be seen on
my urine tests; in which can be obtained from Quest Diagnostics.

I felt discriminated against by many of the other women patients during my stay and they refused to
accommodate me in transferring me to a facility up until 06/26/2015 when I threatened to call the police for
them holding me there against my will, they wouldn’t allow me to use the phone or computer to find another
place to go except for a total of 20 minutes. During my stay I requested them to spray my room for deadly
scorpions in which they did not do; I killed a total of 4 scorpions during my stay. Attached you will see a
picture of a scorpion in which I found alive in my clothing drawer the day I left. Also, I attached photos of
numerous bites in which I received during my stay from bed bugs. While I informed them of the bites, they did
nothing about it. C; another patient, was bitten by bed bugs severely during her stay, and they did
nothing for three days. They finally removed her mattress and replaced it with another mattress from my room
in a different cabin; however, they did not replace the box spring.

Another disturbing issue that I encountered
during my stay is that I was assigned a therapist by the name of S; however, I only met with her
twice for a period of minutes while I was in assessment. My first day down with the other women patients, I
attended a group art therapy class in which my assigned therapist directed, and she criticized my art drawing in
front of the entire group of women, which really hurt my feelings and discouraged me to say the least.
I was there for a total of 14 days, and I never met with my assigned therapist once. The medical records
department met with us during a meeting and stated that they frown on providing patients with their medical
records; I have requested the paperwork I signed at the time of my arrival as well as my medical records to no
avail. Additionally, attached you will find two forms; A daily-self inventory form as well as a Daily Evening
Inventory form. The staff members encouraged patients; including myself that it is recommended that they
answer yes to having cravings and that they should rate their cravings at the very least at a 5 for insurance
coverage purposes.

While I was in assessment for nine days, a woman by the name of L needed assistance walking, bathing as
well as even making her plate to eat for all meals; I actually made her plates for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
while I was in assessment, in which the Residential Assistants should have done. The Residential Assistants
didn’t even help her at all until five days later when they finally realized that she needed help. I have her
contact information to attest to such as well. I did not have any alcohol withdrawals however, I did experience
severe withdrawals from the Norco I had taken as prescribed for many years, they didn’t treat my withdrawals
until days later when they placed me on tramadol and Phenobarbital; I felt extremely over medicated during my

I communicated with two different male patients, both of which I obtained their contact information. I also
obtained several of the women patients’ contact information in which they can attest to the cabins being
flooded with poisonous black scorpions, fruit flies, and bedbugs. R who was one of the male patients
requested to be taken to the ER for a period of 3 days, in which they refused to do so, until they finally agreed, being that he had numerous surgeries from his back injury and needed special individualized care. The other
male patient that I met informed me that he has proof of HIIPA violations in which he is willing to provide. At
this time, he does not wish to release his name.

The cabin that I was placed during my stay didn’t even have a phone for emergencies, such as for purposes of
calling 911. I have a disability as well as many other patients. Our cabin was approximately a 5-minute walk to
any of the staff members and a phone. The residential assistants only checked up on us once during the night.
Due to my disability I requested to be placed in a cabin closer to no avail. I have attached two reviews I found

Lastly, I requested to order a device that would assist me with hearing the educational support meetings that
were for the most part all held in the diner hall to no avail. I needed this device to hear so that I could reap the
benefits of the program. I was willing to pay for this device and again to no avail. I did not benefit from this
treatment center whatsoever. At the time I was trying to leave there were no car rentals available and they
were just going to leave me stranded there until Frank offered to take me to the Atlanta airport since he was
going anyways to pick up a new incoming patient.

During the ride to the airport Frank was very inappropriate towards me sexually. Within a few minutes after
leaving, he has the Air Conditioner on high and I put my sweater on, and he said he could turn it down and that
he likes to have the AC on high; especially with a gorgeous woman there so he could see my nipples get hard.
I have a few audio/video recordings where he stated how gorgeous and sexy I was as well as where he stated
that maybe we could get a hotel and he can show me around Atlanta. I have attached my medical records as
well with respects to my disability.

I am requesting a full refund of $1000.00 as well as any relief from charges within 30 days; otherwise a lawsuit
will be filed accordingly. Additionally, a complaint will be filed with the Medical Board and Better Business


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    dave ausec Jun 25, 2016
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    You are a nut case!! You need more help than what you think!

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    Karen Mkhitaryan Jul 20, 2017

    How can you trust a business (Quest Diagnostics), if it allows an established CRIMINAL woman an access to patient records or tests? That criminal is Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan, DOB 06/02/1966), an Armenian immigrant who has hardly survived deportation, and now residing in 4 Repton Circle, Apt. 4101, Watertown, MA 02472. Please remember that name MARINA NOBLE, as there is no guarantee that you will not meet that fraudster criminal (credit card hacker, scammer) one day. There are many Marina Noble-s in the world (including in UK), but there is only ONE Marina Noble (converted from Marine Mkhitaryan) - an Armenian nationality, and who resides in Massachusetts.

    From her country Armenia to the USA, Marina's biography is satiated with multiple crimes: fraud, identity theft, credit card hacking/using, shoplifting, bad wording about everybody, FALSIFYING documents (including medical records, IDs), mail fraud (randomly picking attorney names from the Internet and composing fake letters under their names and without their awareness), prostitution, libels, scandals, slanders, opening countless fake email accounts under the names of individuals she personally knows and sending vulgar and hacking emails to others from those fake (impersonating) email accounts. She has stayed in the USA through IMMIGRATION FRAUD.

    Marina Noble came to the USA through Edmund Muskie program (when she did not know a single English word then), violated the 212 E immigration code and stayed after the program [protected]) against the regulations of the J1 visa and Immigration Law. She survived deportation by randomly locating an alcoholic unemployed lost person from (William Noble from West Yarmouth, MA), dating him when he was still married, breaking his family and marrying him with her pregnancy from another man (again, from the online dating sites). The child, Sophia Noble, was born way before their marriage registration. The Immigration has been very nice to her, by closing eyes to her fraud and false intent statement (in waiving the 212E rule) and therefore, we all ended up in an intricate situation when this DANGEROUS CRIMINAL works in Quest Diagnostics.

    Marina Noble photographs patient records from Quest Diagnostics and embeds them in her anonymous Internet posts that she opens under various doctors' names to put those doctors in trouble (for breach of privacy, when her targeted doctors remain of those impersonating postings). Marina Noble is a SICK-In-THE-HEAD terror. She must be stopped!

    Everybody: follow your citizenship duties and report to the USCIS and Homeland Security about this woman (Marina Noble), so her immigration history and files will be revisited. More likely, she will not be deported as she formed a so-called family in the USA on the ruins of others, but at least she will pay the fine ($20, 000 - $100, 000) for her false intent and for lying to the Immigration Authorities. This is how this country must thrive, by recovering its budget through fining the grand-criminals and allocating the funs for the welfare of children, seniors, and veterans..

    Marina Noble is the low, petty and hooligan version of Bernie Madoff. She cannot keep a job as each time she is being kicked out for doc falsifications and fraud.. She has a wealth of criminal records and warrants. Doesn't the Quest D's CEO know this? Formerly, Marina Noble was bragging and false-misrepresenting herself as the owner of Atlantic Clinical Trials LLC (in watertown, MA) then the web-listing of that phantom company was removed by her, after her fraud was released (she would locate random names from cemeteries, or online, and open fake patient records to report to clinical trial agencies that she has performed phase-1 drug efficiency trial on those persons, who sadly would remain unaware that their names being used by that criminal woman). Marine Noble's elder daughter, Azniv Shahverdyan, has also worked shortly with Quest Diagnostics (an entire criminal family attacking on this serious business and patient records...)

    Marina Noble's and her daugher Azniv Shahverdyan's pictures are attached below, together with my receipt they have published in the Internet without my consent. WIth that, they did not intent to harm me, yet with that they wanted to harm the doctor under whose name they have published their posts (impersonation, class-3 felony crime), disseminating their hooligan posts in multiple hate sites and forums.


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