Ford Motor Companyrepair by serramonte ford dealership

A Jan 14, 2020

I bougt a brand new Ford Focus 2013 my transmission actied up since my first service, I have my transmission serviced and taken care of at Serramonte Ford one time it went out in the Serramonte Ford driveway and the warranty was extended to 150, 000 mile by FORD my FORD currently has 77, 901 miles. Last week my Ford Focus started acting up on the freeway engine racing transmission not shifting I drove home called Serramonte FORD Tursday sent 4 emails and texted my service rep Mr. Richard Wisnewski he texted me Monday and I called back and explained my problem he said let me get back to you today that was Monday January 13, 2020 never happened I sent another text and called him to find out what was going on he said I have to talk to my service Manager it looks like we don't ave any transmission appointments until April let me get back to you he never did that was at 11 am January 14, 2020 I don't think this is fair or acceptable. At my last oil change I complained becuse no mileage sticker was put on my car when I arrived to pick up the car I was told oh you need brakes if they would have called I would have went ahead wit the brakes . I complained on my service Richard called and said your hurting my review what can we do to cange your mind I said nothing tis is te
e worst service I ever had at Serramonte FORD and I migt not come back I wonder if the April appointment is payback for the bad review. I ope not and that Serramonte Ford can verify all appointments throug April and this is not revenge. Sincerely yours Alex Corns

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