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For Him DatingWicked Deceptive Tricksters, Traps, Unfair and Misleading

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I want to start out by telling about the owner of this Agency Alex Pinto, what a ### not a nice man two faced and a lire. He convinced me to leave America and Travel to Ukraine over 7, 000 miles to get to my destination of Poltava, Ukraine. Where he runs a Marriage Agency so called. He also covers Transportation to and from Kiev and Poltava for a price about $175.00. His services are over priced for what he offers! He has Translators who go with you every step of the way, for $15.00 an hour.
He has a God Complex were you don't get a chance to pick the woman of your dreams, he wants to tell you who you must go out with, and he controls the whole thing. He claims that all of his girls are background checked by his agency to not be scammers or Prostitutes. What I've found out by being there is most of the ladies are what they call Professional Dater's = Prostitutes same thing. and Alex Pinto is the girls Pimp.. He even sleeps with a least 10 of his favorites. Then he tries to marry off the girls he slept with first, Would you want to marry a lady who is sleeping with the owner of this Agency. If you are trying to find a nice girl stay away from this man or his Agency.
He also runs a Apartment Rental Company and he over charges for staying in them. You can rent apartments in Poltava for about $30.00 a night and he charges around $80.00 a night. His philosophy is a lie, he Say's that he don't want a man to be over 9 years in Age difference but if you have plenty of money you can have a girl of any age..

Wicked Deceptive Tricksters, Traps, Unfair and Misleading
Wicked Deceptive Tricksters, Traps, Unfair and Misleading


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.


  • El
    elgr Nov 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Important hmm similair in a sence, seamingly dishonesty and deception:

    Our Review of Dream Connections Mark Davis
    Our warning about Dream Connections will also be warned here, but not in every complaint against Dream Connenctions, from other people etc:

    We have recieved reports about some of the girls listed on Dream Connections, beeing seamingly dishonest etc.
    We have also some very truthful review about Dream Connections by our main page, listed in the information provided.
    To see our review and warning of caution about Dream Connections see, our webpage is mostly about individual scammers, warns about and how to avoid them etc:

    We believe Dream Connections started off good with good intentions but greed of money corrupted their business in part, maybe not in whole, but in part.

    It is seamingly true in part, Dream Connections, mostly care about the money and their business, and maybe not always their clients...

    Thanks. However we might not agree with all the complaints against Dream Connenctions, but some in part, we agree with.

    At scam report it also exist another report about Dream Connections, beeing racists, and have prejudges, witch if true, is very serious complaint... Seamingly seams true, in part... This time seam to also center about greed and money, witch is certainly true in part at least, this we know by our own investigation, listed at our main site above as well, and partly warned about here in one of the consumer comments of person "Judge" USA, below in [redacted] article, seams to be accurate in that at least very:

    /link removed/


    /link removed/


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  • Cs
    Csaba_kardos Aug 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Does anyone know a better agency than Alex Pinto'[email protected] or

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  • Tr
    truthisnotold Jun 05, 2012

    I am a western european and have been to Poltava several times by myself.
    Prices shown for renting or travel to Poltava with private car are reasonable! just find on internet others services and compare!
    Truthisnowtold, are you a professional of complaints with more than one hundred of them?
    Most of them are about agency or scam dealing with slavic ethnicity. Is there a special reason (or obsession)?.
    Did you experiment yourself all these agencies?
    Photos of people, especially ladies, are without their agreement i suppose...
    is this legal in the USA?
    I have just discovered this site and i am surprise. being anonymous i can denigrate anyone or a competitor if on business (even just for fun)

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  • Gd
    gddlss Apr 01, 2012

    I noticed a few days ago that the number of these was quite low, so it is probably as DB suggests. Addy is enjoying a few days off.

    Wally, the person from the gargage board doesn't hide behind one of these random nics, AFAICT.

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  • Ft
    FTsam123 Apr 01, 2012

    I know for a fact that Alex is a scammer! I too have known a "good girl" from his agency. This man is a scammer and so are his women. by the way did anybody go out with a brown haired girl from poltava with a 2 year old daughter. I met her and she seemed sweet but I am curious if anyone else dated her and their experiences? I think her name was aelita? I just want to know if she is part of this circus or a good girl in a bad agency? I would appreciate any information, thanks!

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  • Ai
    aimeeking Mar 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Thanks for your kind words. I believe many people believe the grass is greener on the other side. I have lived all over the world and I hear this from just about every country. Cannot say all the reasons for this as there are many. People have unrealistic expectations on what a partner should be. So many petty issues now. I don't think leaving the toilet seat up or not rolling the toothpaste tube are viable reasons for divorce! (Trust me I know people who have divorced over less) You could look all over the world and you true love could be next door. Or they could be in Russia. Who knows, But to say one is better over the other is crap.
    Everyone is different. I know selfish women from Russia, Australia, USA, and every country in between. Just as I know wonderful women from all these countries as well. I assume men who have these beliefs about women in their own countries being selfish have been hurt before and now judge every woman that way. But maybe, just maybe if they got off their ###, grew some balls, took a risk and met some new women they just might find the "one" ... ; )

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  • M3C QueenBee Mar 25, 2012

    I am DebtorBasher. The queen of my3cents. I am astonished at all the childish behavior that goes on here. I want you people to cut it out now. If you don't, I will report you to elfkin, the site administrator.

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  • Ai
    aimeeking Mar 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So odd to come across photos of my wedding on here...Though it does crack me up to read the comments I am not Russian or a mail order bride! Im from California and live in Australia while my husband is from Singapore. Yes, obviously I don't care about race or height.. I seem to care more about friendship, humor and love, while his nightly massages are a plus! :) Now we have a 2yr old and we are as happy as ever. Thanks for making my day a whole lot funnier lol. Aimee

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  • Alexandre Pinto Feb 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Alex Pinto and I am the owner of For Him Dating agency!
    Though it was the first time in 7 years of honest and dedicated work that my name and agency was victim of such heinous comments, I was not planing to give attention to such complain-board, as all the participants here are faceless and hidden behind fake names, what does not accredit their statements!
    My friends and clients testimonies end to obliged me to come here and besides showing them my appreciation and thankfulness for their commitment replacing the truth, and also share some information in order to help people not to make further rush judgments upon anyone without knowing from both sides version.

    I truly believe that exist in this website well-intentioned people searching for justice, but unfortunately many others make misapplication of it just, devoid of any character or honor just to appease their own traumas and self-inflicted repressions belittling others as a supposed responsible for their misfortune, which clearly was this case. always easier to point the finger at someone than to review themselves at the mirror!

    My agency is exclusively dedicated to one-to-one meetings, providing coaching and information to clients prior to their arrival, as all men clients are all screened in order to understand their potential success on their quest. Clients often may be not accepted, not due to their financial status or skin color. (I'm proud to work with African-American and Indian men)
    The nonacceptance to work with only can be related to eventual inappropriate conduct or lac of self-knowledge and feasibility in what they propose themselves into. What was definitely Tim's case!
    My agency does provide free communication between its clients and utterly condemns unscrupulous letter-writing or any other paid ways of communication between clients.
    Unfortunately, letter-writing represents 80% of the income on dating industry what so bad reputation attributes to it.

    - The personified person "Buccaneer" ("playing the pirate" - as means the word itself) is Tim.
    (as I do not wish to perform the same equal evil person that he is, for now I'll preserve myself to further identification of himself)
    - Tim never was a FHD client. Tim IS an European Dream Connections client who came to Poltava in a Dating Tour.
    - FHD only dealt with EDC administration and provided in Poltava on last October 22 till 29, all the necessary logistics and pre-chosen ladies to attend this tour.
    - For this fact, I personally never communicate with Tim or received any payment from him, as all was paid through EDC administration. (the Tour's provider and salesman customer)
    - EDC provided their clients with included translation services free of charge for the first 3 days (all inclusive - even meals) and Tim was considered bt EDC a "special case" and gave me orders not to charge him any required additional translation service after this three days all inclusive. Afterwards, I understood the reason of this, as Tim was presented as a potential investor on EDC company.
    - Tim never used FHD private transfers or accommodations, as he stayed in a EDC pre-payed hotel, and was full time transported by bus along with the other Tour clients. Any consideration he may make upon FHD accommodation and transportation services are pure speculation and maleficence, as he never benefited them.

    - When back in the USA, Tim was not accurate person fulfilling his information file, omitted and manipulated information, which was crucial to his success in Ukraine:
    - He declared his age to be "over 40" - he is 51
    - He declared to have 2 children at his responsibility - he has 3 (one of young age) plus dependent parents.
    - His body type is chubby, 5''7" height and 229lb weight.
    - He presents himself without self-esteem, not physical cared appearance, not talkative easy going or cheerful to communicate with.
    - For his useful 5 days free in Poltava, he chose 34 ladies to meet.

    If he would be an "easy case" to deal with, and if I would not screen the level of the ladies I work with, maybe Tim had been lucky on his quest. But unfortunately he wasn't!
    I personally and categorically decline any kind of responsibility on his nonsuccessive tour!
    No one finds a wife in 7 days. There are to many details beside time, that are determinant to a succeeded. Tim didn't gather any of them!

    Tim was my "friend" on Facebook. Along with 26 other persons he had the opportunity to create friendship with in Poltava.
    I blocked him, due to the obvious and also to preserve his identity from this complain-board. (for now)
    On November 25th last year, (after his tour in Poltava) I privately offered him my personal help and coach as a regular client with extremely reduced fees, towards to a better success in future.
    On January 16th 2012 he wrote me: (2 months later)

    I want to thank you for accepting my friend request. I gave you a total of 34 ladies ages rangeing from 25 to 38 years of age. You found me 0 ladies to go out with. I spent a total of $7, 000.00 for nothing. I went over there with a goal of getting a life partner and Wife. So I'm disappointed in your service. Please give me a answer on why you ruined my Trip."

    I recall your attention to the fact that he was a EDC customer and we never had any prior conversation before his arrival in Poltava.
    About the veracity and integrity of the explanations that were given to Tim after his failure, remain between him and EDC's administration.
    I'm officially unaware of such explanations... though I know from third parts that on nothing they benefit or attended to my good name.
    Such explanations are exclusive responsibility of the company that recruited, promoted and sold him the Tour, as well as all the dreams he was told to believe about dating.

    I also declare that for obvious reasons I no longer have commercial relations with the Tour Company European Dream Connections!

    I leave the judgments for those who feel themselves qualified for that!


    MY LAST COMMENT GOES TO "TruthIsNowTold" AND "ArtWorXJoe"

    I do not know the way of thinking back there in Overland Park, but I believe that your intentions are good!
    I had the opportunity to "read between the lines" on your posts and understand that you truly search for truth, but such noble commitment has to pass through contacting both sides prior to any misconceived judgment!

    About "ArtWorXJoe", I keep no hard feelings. He seems to be an experienced men, as I could understand through his strategy on dating overseas, as also his honest and accurate comments about the shameful procedures so many other agencies practice.
    I know the Alex you refer. He is a good man! I also know that the agency where you had the luck to find your "pearl among stones" is far from being the most honest one!
    I posted on my Facebook page an article I made about Scam Alert.
    This article personally "touched" such agency and its represented partners, reason why the misunderstanding about which Alex you were talking about made them so nervous.
    This way, they didn't lose the opportunity to, through not serious employees, (and let's call them maybe "Anna" or maybe "Taya") shameless substantiate their statements and hypothetically tarnish the reputation my reputation.
    This agency had access to this post, because after Tim created it, in a disqualified attitude, he forwarded it to a couple of "equal character" key-persons here in Poltava.
    Isn't the first time that I expose local scamming acts and it won't be the last so, I devotedly help my clients and create enemies. But unfortunately, envy is present in all kind of businesses and specially when we are succeeded and make shadow to minor people!
    As you are in Poltava, and if you feel the need to contact for a friendly meeting, please feel free to contact me! No regrets upon you!

    Anyone who wish to contact me, do it through Facebook and I'll gladly reply.
    ...not through this "WONDERLAND OF FACELESS PEOPLE"

    Do not publicly destroy anyone's family stability or professional life, due to simple selfish not substantiated personal issue.
    No one here is God. No one has the right! least without assuming identities and substantiate the accusations in a honorable way!

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  • Pa
    parryh Feb 11, 2012

    @TruthIsNowTold and The Exposer-Revealer
    Guys its human nature to complain when things dont go your way... u have the right u complain but man up and complain with confidence and stop hiding behind fictitious names, Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.. since you seem to know all us on here and what we look like, remember the worlds is round and we too know who all u are even if u hide ... " We are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed." so stop complaining, if u think u have a better agency to find you what u are looking for.. Go for it and Prove it...

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  • Do
    DougN Feb 10, 2012

    I don't care about your picture, nor the pigment of your (or her) skin... or the fact that you are a midget. I only wish you the best. (I just wish you wouldn't feel the desire to SHOUT every word. ;) Seriously, peace to you. ;) ;)

    Please understand that I have better things to do than this sort of online drama. I will not reply to any other posts. I, merely, wanted to set the record straight about blatant lies regarding Alex. Thank you for your consideration, appreciation and politeness to my post. I mean no one harm with my verbiage.

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  • Ol
    olisbos Feb 10, 2012

    @ Doug - Any woman who would sell herself for US citizenship is a [censored].

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  • Do
    DougN Feb 10, 2012


    OK. Thank you for the phone conversation. I have accepted your apology. Now, I believe it is honest (and fitting) for your apology (on this complaint board) to Alex. Your story of "prostitutes", "scamming", sleeping with clientele ... etc. is absolutely false. You know it and so do I. You know you have riddled lies throughout your claims against Alex. Furthermore, I am NOT engaged with a prostitute. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met. You DEFINITELY owe me this apology online as well.

    Now that we know who you are... I think it's best to swallow your pride, be honest and apologize to Alex.

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  • Pa
    parryh Feb 10, 2012

    i agree with real person, the picture of the Non White man Posted in this Complaint is ME.. so here is the real truth, Alex runs a business but his business has the integrity value of the dating world keeping in mind the feelings and values of the people that use his services to find their other half. Never did i feel on my trip being scammed nor being forced to go out on a date with a girl i did not want too. i was happy with his service and the efforts he put out for me to find my other half, and yes i did not find the one, but will it this stop me from not utilizing FHDATING services, NOPE. i would still use their services as they don't do letter scams like the other websites. BTW have u found here in the USA a woman in 2 weeks then married her right away, , Man up guys to build a relationship takes times and effort and trust. Well don't go posting pictures of other people and complain, but your own picture and complain.. don't be a coward .. Besides anyone want to know anything on this foolish baseless complain facebook me at .. thats me with Alex Pinto..

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  • Do
    DougN Feb 10, 2012


    One more thing, (Tim). You shouldn't have lied that your wife passed away. This is outrageously sick (and untrue - THANKFULLY FOR YOU)... and YOU KNOW how I "KNOW' this to be a lie. You had better pray that carma doesn't catch up with you on this one.

    Good luck with your investment with EDC (oops, did I just expose the "real" reason you tried to smear Alex????)

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  • Do
    DougN Feb 10, 2012

    Bucaneer (Tim G**n*)-

    The gig is up, dude. You can cowardly hide behind ficticious names all you want. (I know who you are.) Your whining on the trip in October was relentless (and pathetic). Maybe you should lose another 50 lbs, get a hair cut (don't use a bowl this time) and move out from under your parents'.

    ... and PLEASE learn the difference between "new" and "knew".

    ... Just saying

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  • Re
    real_person Feb 10, 2012

    Bucaneer, TruthIsNowTold,

    It's easy to hide your identity on the internet and make false accusations. I was on the trip on October 22, 2011 with Wayne and the person's identity who Bucanneer is pretending to be. You are completely wrong about Alex.

    I live in Manhattan (no I don't work for Alex) and am staying in Poltava. I met my Fiancé through Alex. Meet me anytime in either country you want to call her a prostitute to my face.

    Here is my REAL identity. Anyone who wants to know the truth about Alex and not read nonsense, can Facebook me:
    I'll happily give you information about Poltava and Alex.

    Bucanneer, TruthIsNowTold, you can write all you want on here and call people names like school girls, but if you want to say something to me, ask me on FaceBook, I won't respond to you here where you can hide who you are and continue to lie.

    And stop being a ### and complain to Alex himself... Man up. Girls in ALL countries like men to take charge, not complain about their problems to everyone on the internet.

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  • Ar
    ArtWorXJoe Feb 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All I know it my story, I have been a member of the site dream marriage, for a year, and am now in Poltava to meet with a woman, sheis a good woman, I like her, she likes me and we are dating for two more weeks while I am here, anyway I hired a flat manage and driver/translator named Alex, and did not want to use DM interputers, do not trust them, had problems with that site, and even did tests to prove my point that there are a lot of women on that site that are not there for the right reasons, so when I told my girl, I had my own translator named Alex, she said, no way, I know this man and he is a crook and a bad man, but I have a friend that speaks a little English, we can use her, so we met, have been on two dates, and like each other, she is close to my age, and is very pretty, I asked her why she told me my alex was a pimp and she said everyone at DM knows of this crook and you should watch out for him, he will just take your money, I said, no, this is not the same Alex, they finally sent me the url for this site, and sure enough, this is not my Alex, and I told my girl this and we are all good now, but just think about this, this man, a man I have never met or know, or heard off, caused a problem in my meet and greet with my women from DM. and I do not like anyone that causes any sort of friction in my life with his bad reputation, Dream Marriage is a very large company and even though I know a lot of women on that site are just there for kickbacks or just fun, there are real women on that site, now how do I know there are women there that are not for real intentions, my plans were to come over here, spend a week in Odessa meet with two women, then go to Poltava and meet with two more, then to Kharkov and meet two more and then a few days in Sumy for another two, and out of all these women, every single one but one, has said, they will be out of town during my visit and two just stopped writing to me when I told them I was in Odessa and sent them a pic of me next to the famous steps, so our of eight women, that were so eager to meet me, only one, has met me, and tonight she is taking me to her flat to cook me dinner, I feel very lucky for this, now, will we marry and live happily ever after, can not say, too early, but I can say, Alex Pinto caused me some problems, and I have never met the man, I do not know about you, but warnings are here for a reason...good luck to all

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  • Bu
    Bucanneer Feb 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Happy with my life! NORTHERN PITBULL you sound like a real loser and if you found a girl with Alex Pinto she must be a real winner too. What a loser taking 2nd's to a weasel like Alex Pinto was your girl a Professional Dater = Prostitute!! I feel real sorry for you..
    check who your friends are before calling me a ###.

    By the way I did find a Wife in Nikolaev, in 2011 and have never looked back at the ### and his Agency!!

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  • Bu
    Bucanneer Feb 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow I didn't know Alex Pinto had Puppets in America (He found you the Perfect Wife! What a weenie you have no Back Bone of your own and I bet if she is in here 20's or early 30's he's already slept with her. (Fact) (@NORTHERN PITBULL) WHAT A WANKER!

    My Story: I've known Alex Pinto for 4 years and before we were good friends, But the Truth must be Told about this man okay! I would go back to Poltava not looking for a wife but just to see Alex and his Wife.. Good Friends.. Then my wife died and Alex convinced me to find a wife in Poltava. So I went back after my wife passed away and I would see Alex touching certain ladies from his agency that wasn't appropriate, for a married man with a child. I thought him and his wife were happy. Then I was really good friends with Lucy his office helper. And a few of his translators who I will not name because I'm very good friends with..

    One of them came to me and told me all about Alex and how she was sleeping with him and he was putting her up in a apartment and buying her clothes and food. I could tell it was true because I seen him kiss her. So I asked him outright if it was true and he told me it was. He said that he was sleeping with at least 10 plus 2 more in Kiev. Alex has only 4 successful Marriages in 4 years you think that is success. I don't think so! My own friend set me up with a nice girl who was still married to a man in England and he never told me she was still married. He let me give her a engagement ring and photos with here family and they made me feel like I was going to be there only son in law. But the sad story goes that she couldn't marry me because she wasn't divorced. I told Alex why would you set me up with a married woman and not tell me, he said that I had more money than her previous husband and I would be a better catch for her. What a ### my own friend did this to me. She told me that she slept with Alex a couple of times but it didn't mean anything. As you can see I am no longer friends with Alex Pinto.

    Here is another story that is true and this man just came back from Poltava: His name is Wayne G. and he lost over $10, 000.00 with Alex Pinto: This man first went to FHDating in October 22, 2011 and he came back telling me about how Alex pick out a lady for him who was so sweet and nice and his soul mate. He bought a small gold band to put on the ladies finger a promise ring to be more than boyfriend and girlfriend. She didn't speak any english so he paid Alex to supply the translators!. He stayed in a apartment supplied by Alex for $80.00 a night for 14 days and he loved being with this lady. This lady was Alex Pintos wife's best friend. She came to Alex's house all the time.

    He wrote her and skyped her all the time he thought things were going so well and She had Lucy tell him that she wanted a nicer ring for engagement plus she wanted to take english lessons. So he didn't mind and he paid Alex $495.00 for them. So he planned to go see her only for 1 week in Jan. 2012 and bring a 1 carrot Diamond ring to say I love you. She was very sweet and loving and supportive of her new man. He noticed her english was getting very good but Alex recommended he pay for a translator anyway. Just so they wouldn't have any language problems. So Nice of Alex Pinto!! Here is the clicker:" Alex talked him into staying a week longer so he could be with his love of his life. He told her he would be staying a week longer and then the ### hit the fan. She made excuses why she couldn't see him for that extra week and that she was too busy. He flew half way around the world to be with her and she couldn't find the time to be with him. They have a little fight and she calls off their engagement. So planned not even 1 hour goes by. She sold his ring and Ipad and Lab Top computer in only 24 hours and he asked Alex to help get the stuff back and Alex told him its already sold. Get this this woman is friends with Alex and his Wife for a long time.

    1. Woman Friends with Alex and his Wife for years.
    2. She already spoke perfect English ( Alex new this already) made him pay for translators "she faked knowing english to Wayne.
    3.charged him for 1 more week without a refund since he went home the next day!
    4.Alex already new this lady sold off all of his stuff (Ipad 2, Lab Top Computer, Diamond Ring " costs $3, 800.00"
    The thing is Alex scammed him out of money for English lessons and apartment rental and translators and stuff given to Wife's friend. He new the whole time that this man would pay for anything she wanted and he new she spoke perfect english..Scammer Scammer Scammer.


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  • No
    Northern Pitbull Feb 07, 2012

    : Buccaneer Bull Crap

    Your a very troubled and angry man, you need to seek professional help immediately !!!
    There are people that can help you, but first you must realize your problems maybe...;)
    I don't work for Alex Pinto, I don't live in Ukraine and I know for a fact, just like many other men that have found true love in Poltava with the expert help of Alex and his interrupters what you say is just not true!! You only make yourself look like an ### and people can see that by your words you have a big chip on your shoulders concerning your failure to find love in Poltava. Good thing your not going back to Poltava, because no woman there would have you with your attitude !!! Lol. Maybe you should try Japan where you might be able to find a woman to bow to you every command! By the way, what makes your option better then mine??? If your trying to play GOD on this site with your words, your doing a POOR job and think you owe Alex a huge apology for your stupidity. Shame ...Shame ...Shame on you once again for more angry untrue words!

    -1 Votes
  • No
    Northern Pitbull Feb 05, 2012


    WOW !!! What a Crock of Crap you say about this man Alex Pinto and FH DATING...
    I must tell everyone that this is just not the case, and Alex is a very professional & caring man when it comes to his services he offers to men, I know, he found me the perfect lady for me! Your comments are so very untrue and I think maybe your inabilities to find a lady maybe because of your attitude and approach ??? Always earlier to blame someone else then to admit your own disabilities??
    FH Dating is a very good agency With a very high amount of happily placed couples that all speak very highly about Alex Pinto and his talents.
    Shame on you Bucanneer!! Maybe it is you that needs how learn about marriage skills before you going looking for a wife...??? Shame, Shame, Shame for telling lies...!!!

    -2 Votes
  • Sa
    sammycat13 Jan 27, 2012

    Australian girls do it "Down Under"!

    -1 Votes
  • La
    Lazypages Jan 26, 2012

    Russian mail order bride nuff said

    -2 Votes

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