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CB Home Safety and Security Review of Fluent Home Security Company
Fluent Home Security Company

Fluent Home Security Company review: Cancellation of services

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11:58 pm EST
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Dear Sirs,

I called Fluent a few days ago to request my service be cancelled. I had been ok with the service up til that time. My husband died a little over a year ago and now I am moving to Kansas to live with my daugher who is a nurse and who will be providing the help I need. I am 82 years old. The person I spoke with was real short in his responses to me. He said I would need to pay over $700 to cancel it and if I just quit paying I would be sent to collections, ruining my credit rating. He said If I got a lawyer the lawyer would just say I was obligated to pay. He ended up hanging up on me. I would think a death or serious health problem would be reason enough for you to be kind to your customers. I was a good customer for 4 years and would remain so if my circumstances hadn't changed. What I am requesting is to pay the month of Dec which is due in a few days and then to terminate the service and end the payments. The person who now owns this house does not want any part of the Fluent services. I cannot see paying for a service further when you will not be providing anything. I know you could do this if you choose, and I know it is a right thing for you to do. I hope you can see your way to do it. Pat Barnes

Desired outcome: cancellation of contract and forgiveness of future service charges.

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