Resolved Florida SW Van LinesGIANT SCAM

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Mr. Sleaze-Bag Tevel Bennoon, owner of Florida SW Van Lines in Ocala, FL, is an absolute disgrace and poor excuse of a human who is running a giant, heartless scam operation. He is sadly and shamefully holding the people's possessions ransom and demanding greater than agreed upon monies in exchange for their life belongings. He is listed countless times with the BBB and is not accredited and just a simple search will bring you to many other sites depicting this sleaze-bag's MO and heartless motives. Please do yourselves all a very big favor and stay completely away from this pure, waste and disgrace to society and his well thought out scam organization!
I had this PURE WASTE Thankfully cited thousands of dollars by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Division of Florida and “every single one of his victims” Needs to follow the same route and contact as well. Best Regards,


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    SDeP Nov 24, 2012

    P.S. Please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] if I can hopefully help you in any way. Best Regards, SD

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  • Ri
    rightawrong Mar 12, 2013

    Anybody interested in Tevel Benoon's home address?
    10240 SW 129th Terrace Rd
    Dunnellon, FL

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    MOMof5USA Nov 20, 2018
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    Verified customer

    He's the same guy (Tevel Bennoon) who has a "business" My Florida Builders, who scams his clients - takes their deposits of thousands of dollars, does not do the job and refuses to return deposits. DO NOT USE MY FLORIDA BUILDERS, TEVEL BENNOON, SAZI CONSTRUCTION, ANDRE COLLINS, T & B Management... they go by different names and Tevel is NOT licensed or insured as he states he is (so does contract). He was supposed to put on two extentsions on our barn (both ends 12 x44) we are not out $ 4250.00 with ZERO work done THIS IS CALLED GRAND THEFT. - its disgusting that anyone can do this to someone. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. (tevel claims he is under Sazi Construction/Andre Collins license and if Sazi/Andre admit to this, then they have fraudulently committed grand theft with Tevel.

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