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CB Automotive and Vehicles Review of Flight Centre Farrarmere
Flight Centre Farrarmere

Flight Centre Farrarmere review: Refund for flights booked that the agent messed up on

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We have been dealing with Raquel Patterson and Lizette Henning at Flight Centre Farrarmere Benoni.

We booked flights to Cape Town and Raquel gave us the incorrect amount to pay then sent us an email with a new invoice and an amount of R14k still needed to be paid so we cancelled the booking (which wasn't even confirmed as yet after payment was done 2 weeks earlier) after receiving such a pathetic apology email we completed the refund form and sent it through so we can get our full amount refunded. After following up as we never hear from them we always have to follow up with them they advised it didn't validate and we needed to send my husband's ID number which is clearly written on the form by the way. Today again nothing from them after we emailed Raquel?

This service is just absolutely pathetic and between Raquel and Lizette none of them could give a damn. Extremely disappointed in Flight Centre and I have been telling people NOT to use that branch via word of mouth.

Desired outcome: I want our refund done before the weekend 04/12/2022!

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