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I had a very bad experience with First Horizon, now owned by Met Life. Back in 2003 I obtained a home loan and they offered a slight interest rate reduction for opening a First Horizon Checking account, from which my mortgage payment would be drafted...I figured, OK, why not? BIG MISTAKE! my monthly payment went from my checking account (automatically) to the FH checking account, and finally to the FH Mortgage company. Trouble started when my car was broken into and checkbook stolen. It took MONTHS and countless hours of phone calls to get my new checking account number into their system. The two sides of their house (mortgage vs checking/bank) are completely dysfunctional and do not talk to each other, leaving the consumer caught in the middle and forced to solve problems. Finally got that issue fixed...three months later I received a letter stating I was 90 days late on payment and foreclosure would start!! I was shocked to say the least. I pulled up my online bank activity and verified the mortgage payment was withdrawn just like it should have been. So what's the deal? Their internal system brokedown and the money didn't go to the mortgage side of FH, it was left sitting in the FH checking account (this fact took SEVERAL phone calls and ~ 8 hours of my time to resolve). They finally fixed the glitch and pulled the money from the FH checking account. Then they had the GALL to ding my credit report!! and despite MONTHS of faxing bank statements to prove without a doubt that I PAID my mortage payment to the best of my ability, THEY REFUSE TO DELETE THE MARKS on my credit report. It is absolutely 100% their fault that this occured, yet they refuse based on god knows what technicality or reason. It is unconsionable, and is causing serious problems for me. Their customer service and 'Executive Response Team' have been HORRIBLE, arrogant, and without any concern whatsoever for the Customer - ME. I STRONGLY advise everyone out there to NEVER use First Horizon for any service or loan whatsoever. They absolutely do NOT care about you as a Customer. I am consulting with an Attorney on this and will be contacting the Attorney General in Texas and any other agency which can help.


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    douglas88 Aug 01, 2010

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    mandyr Aug 31, 2010

    I have struggled with First Horizon for 6 years. Agents are rude and have no power to really help anyway. Tried to refi-F.H. agents kept pushing for a short sale. They ended up taking back the house but are still trying to collect from me even after selling the property. Called about 6 times, left messages for a supervisor/manager to call back 3 times. No response. Faxed and mail docs 4 times. Agents keep denying receipt of any docs. They are unfairly reporting collection to credit agency but will not fix the problem. I am so FRUSTATED. Agent told me to keep leaving messages as I cannot hold for a manager. Agent claims there is no time frame within which I will receive a call back and that there is no other fax or mailing address I can send the docs to.
    This is extortion.

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