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Fidelity Lending Group review: Fraudulent business practices!

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I received a call from Jacob Parker stating that I was eligible to receive 8,000 personal or school loan. I said: 'yes, I am interested' He then stated that I need to make 3 consecutive payments of $354.30 or $1062.90 for secure deposit so that the funds can be released.

He stated that the $8000 dollars will be deposited into my account on the next business day. I asked: 'what is the interest, how can I make sure I will receive the funds? because the holidays are coming' He stated: 'Don't even worry about that, the funds will be available tomorrow prior to 5pm into my account. He said that I need to go to a Walmart store and do a Money Gram Red form to MARIA WAGNER in CANADA, MONCTON, N.B. totaling 1060.00dollars and I may forget about the 2.90dollars that they will pay. I asked: 'who is Maria Wagner?' He said: 'she is a private lender, Just send me the reference number and you will receive the money tomorrow in your bank.

I requested prove, he said: 'I will fax you documents explaining all that' I waited for fax and received 5 pages form explaining payments and loan to be release to me upon my secure deposit of 1060.00

On 12/18/07 I send via money gram red form 1,060 dollars to Maria Wagner. I then called Jacob Parker and he was very very appreciative of the transaction and did not even asked me about my account number in my bank. I then begun to be suspicious. He stated: 'Congratulations on your achievement' I then said: 'hey, you need my account number?' He said: 'just fax it to me and I will personally make sure the funds deposited into your bank account tomorrow no later than 5pm'

On 12/19/07 I missed a call from Fidelity Lending Group, but they left message to call back. I called and spoke to Adams (extension 0) he said: 'The loan process has been reassessed and you need to make another 3 payment for the loan to be released' I said: 'I don't have money, please refund my secure deposit.' He said: 'I need to check if you are eligible for a refund and if you are it will be until january sometime' I said: 'What?' He answer: 'J.A.N.U.A.R.Y.' I said: 'ok, send me my refund' He said: 'your better off if you send another $1060.00 to improve your chances of receiving your funds' I then hang up. I called again extension-173 to Jacob Parker, he answer and said: 'hey, Mr Dalisay, what can I do to you? I said: 'What happen? you promise to send me my loan but Adams told me that I need another deposit. He then said: 'well, he is my boss... I can not talk to you anymore, you need to resolve this with him.

So here I am ripped off, asking your assistance.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 27, 2007 12:00 am EST

Fidelity Lending Group: Fraudulent company; stole $900 from me; wanted 6 month collateral payments to secure loan; the next day they wanted more. Don't let them get you... SCAMMERS!

Jan 27, 2008 3:37 pm EST

I was also ripped off by this company. I received a call from Jacob Parker on Dec 10 stating that I was eligible to receive 6,000 personal or school loan. I said: 'yes, I am interested' He then stated that I need to make 6 consecutive payments of $182.33 or $1093.98 for secure deposit so that the funds can be released. On 12/13/07 He faxed me the loan documents and asked that I sign and fax back. I called him back once I faxed the documents and asked him what the next step was. He said that I need to go to a Walmart store and do a Money Gram Red form to VALERIE THOMAS in CANADA, HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA totaling 1090.00 dollars and I may forget about the 3.98 dollars that they will pay. He told me to call him back with the 8 digit reference number, which I did, on 12/14/2007. He stated that the $6000 dollars will be deposited into my account on the next business day. On 12/15/2007, I got a call from David. He stated that there was an issue between the lender and my file and that I would need to send in another $1090 to the same Valerie Thomas. So, I sent in another $1090 via Money Gram on 12/21/2007. On 12/22/2007, I received another call from David stating that the lender backed out of the loan but he had another lender that could give me 12,000. He said all I would need to do was send in $2,180 (12 months payment) and I would receive the $12,000. I told him I couldn't send in anymore money and that I wanted a refund. He said that the earliest he could refund me the money was January 15, because the refund had to coincide with the lender's billing cycle. I didn't quite understand this, but I signed the contract so I had to abide by it. I never thought one minute that this was a scam. Well, I tried calling the office on 1/14/08 to confirm that my refund would be in my checking account tomorrow. I called the number but got a message that "your universal office account is temporarily on hold, please contact customer service." I am depending on that money, but according to all the complaints I have read, I will never see it.

Jan 24, 2008 6:19 am EST

I too send money to fedility lending, I needed a loan but because of my past credit history I could not get one. However, I saw fedility lending on the internet and I applied after three days they called back and told I was approved but I would have to pay $1400 dollars up front for the first six months has it was a secured loan from a private lender. I sent the money three days later because i wanted to check them out some more, needless to say everything seemed ok so I sent the money. the next day they told me something showed up on my credit report and they needed another six months payment I wanted to know what it was but was told by Gary Olsen that it would be a few days before he would get mt complete filed back I was angry and I told him I wanted money back right away and he told me that I had to wait for their lender to be issue them back the funds and that particular lender would update the account on the january 19 which would be when I would get my money back. He went on to state that it was in the contract that i signed. Ispent and hour on the phone going back and forth with him about my refund because I did not understand why they could not just give me my money back when only a day had past. He went on to tell me that he would give me an extra $200 plus the $28 dollar sending fee for initially sending the money. I told him that was well and good but i needed my money now he stated that it would be in my account on the 19th of januaryand that i should call back if i needed further assistance. I was in Texas when I came across the [redacted] on the internet. I say all this to say that I have not received my money and i hope these people never get the chance to do this to anyone else.

Jan 20, 2008 1:25 pm EST

I was watching T.V. one day and I saw a ad for fedility lending group and it looked like just like a normal fedility investments ad. I called the number on the T.V. they said that I was approved. From there a lady named Amy delt with my contract. I did what she told me and sent $1,100 to a lady in Mantoiba Canada. The next day I recived a call from Brain saying that I need to send them another $1,100. Needless to say I got upset and cancled my contract. They said that they would cut me a check by January 22. I have tried to contact them for the past couple of days to make sure that I would get my check and I can't seem to reach them. When I call a computer tells me that my account is placed on hold and to contact coustomer service then the phone hangs up.

Jan 14, 2008 2:53 pm EST

I had the same call from a Charles Flemming from Fidelity Lending Group. Stating I was approved for my debt Consolidation loan of 9000.00. all I had to do was pay the colateral payment of 1367.00 Thank goodness when I tried to reach this person to ask a question I was unable to get through to him. THere was only a recording stating my universal account has been placed on hold and to call customer service. "WHAT? I didnt know anything bout a universal account, so I started to wonder, and then I started to browse the web and seen all these complaints on Fidelity Lending...Thank God, I did not send any money. Someone needs to stop these evil people. Life is hard enough with them preying on us like wild animals...

Jan 07, 2008 12:31 pm EST

I also was scammed by this company. They guarenteed me that I would be refunded on January 8th. I contacted the FBI, they told me to go to to report this claim. I would advise you also to go to this web site and report it. Hopefully with many claims against this agency we will be refunded.

Jan 07, 2008 12:23 pm EST

I too was scam from this company of $6000.oo, I got a call from Ann Miller stated that I was approved for a 10,000 loan, but they need 4 consecutive payments the total was $1000.00 plus 24.o0 for moneygram fee and I was going to get my money the next day.

The next day Adam called and said they needed another 1024.00 so we did and then the next day Gary Olson called and said that the company backed out of the loan but he had another loan company that could give us 20,000 all ready to go because they just had a customer that backed out, so stupidly they wanted another 1024.oo and I did it, and needless to said they wanted another 1024.oo so guess what I did that, but I made him send me a letter stated that after this amount I will not be asked for anymore money and the loan will be deposited, well 2 hours before the loan was to be deposited Gary called me and told me they needed an extra 1000.00 for some kind of taxes, and that will be all that is needed ok and he said that he promised the money would be in my account within the hour, it wasn't and I called him and he supposedly called the loan company and they said that they were really business and it would be in first thing in the morning, well guess what he called me the next day and told me that the loan company backed out so I could not get the loan, and when I told him I had to pay back all this money that I borrowed to send to them, I needed to have my money back that day, and he told me he couldn't do that until the 8th of January, so here it is the 7th of January and I called the company to find out when I could expect the money to be deposited in my account tomorrow and the message on the phone is your account is on hold please call Customer Service.

All the money that I had to Money gram was to a Jessica Bowers in Thompson, Monitoba Canada I really learned my lesson with this, and the sad part about all this was every conversation I had with Anne, Adam and Gary I asked them this is not a scam and their reply was definately not. So please if anyone finds out what we could do to get our money back I would really greatly appreciate the info.

Dec 24, 2007 10:12 am EST

Thank you for the warning, I was in the process of working with these guys but will now no longer accept their phone calls.

Dec 23, 2007 6:29 pm EST

I received a voice message 12/22, from Jacob Parker stating that I was approved for a loan. Basicaly I didn't apply for a loan through no Fidelity Lending. I tried to call back , but was unable to talk to someone. I guess it was after hours. So I can figure that it wasn't true, but I never heard of the company until researched it online. Yes thought it was a scam, I they was not going to get any freakingmoiney from me. I just trying to figure out how did they my phone number? To me if you are approved for a loan, you shouldn't have to send money to get it. Anyone with common sense wouldkow that.

Dec 21, 2007 10:33 am EST

I too spoke to Jacob Parker and he asked me to send him$ 938 and some change to do the same thing,I was approved for a 5000.00 loan, I mean this is TERRIBLE and it is the hoildays! THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE STOPPED!

Dec 20, 2007 7:17 pm EST

Recieved a very similar phone call tonight from a man named Allen White from Fidelity Lending Group. stating I qualified for a secured laon of 15,000 then stated he wanted 6 months up front to secure the loan...

This is a scam Please BEWARE!