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F.H. Furr

F.H. Furr review: Heating/AC

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I signed an FH Furr contract for electrical work done and was sold a Furr membership along with my electrical work for $3259. The total bill only included the first month payment for the membership, but I didn't read it closely enough and thought it was for the full year. I had a Furr technician check my HVAC system. He told me it was emitting CO through the vent and said he was required to shut it down because I could die while sleeping. He turned it off and it was 17 degrees outside with 8"of snow. FH Furr sent out a marketing rep the same day and quoted three prices to replace the heater and AC: $23K, $19K, and $10K. I didn't sign. I called another company to come check out my furnace and they said the heater was fine. I took out a loan for the $3259 for the electrical contract. The day after the loan company paid Furr, I was contacted to submit a credit card so they could charge me for the next 11 monthly payments on the membership ($149). I told them I didn't want it and the rep told me I would be charged the $500+ discount I had received for the membership on the electrical if I didn't buy the membership. I told them of the bad experience on my HVAC system checkup. The rep informed me I had signed a contract. I'm a 78-year senior lady living on Social Security. I will have to pay the $149 because I didn't catch the word"recurring" the contract or review the complaints I've just found on Yelp. The rep told me to have a nice day, but I told her next month would bad for me as I will have to eat less to cover this membership that is worthless.

Claimed loss: $149

Desired outcome: Waive the remaining 11 payments because the service is worthless. It is just a way to get you to buy poor services and overpriced equipment using scare tactics.

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