Fazoli’s #5910baked lasagna and chicken broccoli penne

T Jul 17, 2019

At 6:43 pm on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, I used the drive up at restaurant #5910. We had always enjoyed the Chicken Broccoli Penne so I ordered that plus a Baked Lasagna. The person told me the total was $13.97, but after waiting about three minutes at an empty drive up window, a young woman finally showed up and told me it was $17.97. Granted, that was the correct total and she admitted she most likely told me wrong, but I prefer being told the right total the first time. She disappeared again and after a few minutes returned with a tightly rolled up bag which she handed thru the window. I checked to make sure there were breadsticks before I drove off.
The big problem was when we started to eat. The bottom of the lasagna was almost burnt, and the sauce had so much salt in it that I couldn't even taste the meat, cheese, and pasta. The Chicken Broccoli Penne wasn't much better, also over seasoned. Even 30 minutes later and another glass of water, my tongue is still stinging.
Never eating there again!

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