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FasttrainBIG trap


When I start in this school, noting make sense to my expectation…, old computers…
the computer was from 90’s…old, this was what we used to learning in the classes…, In the class some days we have search to do by internet.… no connection to internet…and many excuses…
they mission statement…

Fast Train is dedicated to providing quality education and career opportunities to those individuals seeking advancement.
Our objectives are:
• To provide career educational opportunities based on the skills and competency levels required by employers.
• To utilize up-to-date materials, texts, (1) hands-on equipment, research and real-world projects that stimulate enthusiastic learning experiences.
• To provide the quality and qualified faculty and staff dedicated to the success and development of each student.
• To encourage continued improvement in faculty and staff to meet and exceed their personal goals and expectations.
• To review, develop and implement new programs of study that offer viable opportunities to those individuals seeking advancement.

FastTrain bases its operating philosophy on three concepts:
1. Instructors / Curriculum
Curriculum content must be reviewed regularly to ensure continued relevance with technology in the workplace. The FastTrain
aff consists of trainers that have real world

career experience. All classes are hands-on instructor led. FastTrain takes great pride in its instructional staff. Every quarter the curriculum is reviewed and updated to match the industry trends and needs.
2. Computer Labs
Curriculum will integrate technology, lifelong learning and professional development activities(2). Curriculum integration helps students connect the entire learning process to their lifetime career coals. FastTrain’s commitment to career education is tightly integrated with providing students with the technology found in the business world.(3) FastTrain labs feature equipment that the graduate will encounter in the business world (4). Whether it is the current router, processor or operating system, the investment is continuing.
3. Investment
Student support services help students begin to prepare for career opportunities(5). Such services include assistance in applying for financial aid, advising, tutoring, helping undergraduates find employment, and other special assistance programs as required. FastTrain fully realizes that whether one is a corporate client, or an individual, the cost associated with providing the optimum student training experience is of great concern. Through our relationships in the industry, FastTrain is able to provide quality education at reasonable costs. (6) ($19.300)

(1) Hands-on equipment (a did 3 times hands-on… on the old computer and creating cables…)
(2) Professional development activities (they don’t have time to explain the chapters…activities…!!!)
(3) Providing students with the technology found in the business world (they provide books…noting more ware is this technology? I never see)
(4) FastTrain labs feature equipment that the graduate will encounter in the business world (I never see equipments…please send some people to find this there…)
(5) Student support services help students begin to prepare for career opportunities (I never use this services because I couldn’t learning 20% off this course…)
(6) FastTrain is able to provide quality education at reasonable costs. ($19.300 for books and old computers, all this money for noting…send some people to see if its is ok… )
When I start was 14 people +/- for this program 14x19.300 = $270.200 now is 5 or 6…left
About the program they offer…
I start 9/8/2008 end 3/4/2009
Basic 6 months studs

Some numbers: (Between 6 months)
5 books
15+20+18+9+14 = 76 chapters (2206 pages / 97 days = 22 pages day) it involves complex information’s about security, network, hardware, software…
How can I learn all this information? English is mine second language …for three times I was tried to cancel the course…, for three times they convincement me to stay…
Look this:

Diploma Program
The Management Information Systems program offered at FastTrain is a hands-on learning experience. This program validates a student’s knowledge and skills in key areas of network administration, security, and project management. This program is designed to provide students with business and technology skills needed to successfully manage data systems and meet business objectives.
• Interconnecting Network Devices –Part I
• Interconnecting Network Devices –Part II
• Core Essentials –Part I
• Core Essentials –Part II
• Network Fundamentals
• Network Essentials
• Information Security
• Intro to Computer Technology
• Windows XP Environment
• Windows Server Environment
• Network Infrastructure
• Design Network Infrastructure
• Directory Services
• Network Security Design
• Microsoft Security Environment
• Professional Development
• Introduction to Wireless Communications
Certification Eligibility:
The Management Information Systems program will prepare candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for the CompTIA certification exams for A+ / Network+ / Security+, the Microsoft certification exams for MCP / MCSA / MCSE, the Cisco certification exams for CCENT / CCNA, as well as Planet3’s Wireless# certification exam.
Career Opportunities:
Entry level positions for network administrator, field support specialist, help desk technician, inside sales account executive, technical sales support.
Program Prerequisites: None, however basic computer know-ledge is helpful.

In regular school this go to take like 10 year to finish…

Now I don’t want stud any more…, my dreams…was transformed in a deception with this state…because the state give permission..license… for school like this, I respect this country paying my tax and following the lows…, I will paying what a sign in the school contract…, because a sing… my name is there…, I am a men with character to honor what a sing…
This school lock like you order a snapper Frances and when start eat…the taste is tilapia…, pay for snapper…, eat tilapia…, tilapia is not bed…bat I pay for snapper…
Check the numbers… how many people start the program: Management Information System and how many finish…
I want the money back because they don’t deserve this money… please help me !!!

School complain name:
Fasttrain – Fort Lauderdale - phone: [protected]
1620 w Oakland Pk Blvd Suite 200
Florida – 33311
Manager: Patrice Harris
Finance: Kristha Burney

BIG trap


  • Fa
    FASTTRAIN VICTIM Jun 24, 2012

    Do you still really think FASTTRAIN it's not a SCAM?
    I was a +A at the Tampa campus, we were just about to graduate and after the "visit" of FBI & DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, they just shut down the school suddenly without letting us know. Now me and my classmates don't know what to do because Principal continue telling us lies, we are stuck, they sold/transfer the school to another school and now FASTTRAIN doesn't exist anymore. This has been the worst nightmare ever for me and my classmates, we had to resist all this GETTO and all this bad joke because most of the "teachers" didn't know any thing about education, this school took away from us our time, effort, dreams and of course...OUR MONEY.

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  • It
    Its it worth it Sep 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the professional network dip. from here. I had some good teachers some real bad ones. I feel they gave me the information to make it and thats it as far as the certs go they are way off. Learn the product and hell cheet like crap its the only way to make it for the certs. I got a high up career thank god it was slow teach yourself if you can save the money. I need the dumb degree now and looking for fast train to try to rip me off again. I think I need to go with them for the credits I already have thats the only reason I hope its not going to be to much. I am seeing a as degree run from 8 to almost 50k wow and they wonder why people just say the heck with it. Back to the point the school has goods and bads as with anything just watch yourself. I think it is better to go online and find some training vedios and watch them. Go to some place and make 3 computers. 1 to just take apart make changes to and see how it all works. 2 Make a good computer to work with you don't have to spend a thousand on a computer to make a good one by the way. 3 make a server and use it during learning. Make a little network and remote back and forth ect. you will spend about 5k on all this and still lean about as much as I did. Good luck to all the IT people one last thing keep up to date.

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  • Le
    LetsBeReasonable Dec 18, 2010

    No. Judging by the spelling and grammar of the students here, it's obvious FT is making easy targets of kids who would be better of just going to Community College. I started FT in '05 in Oakland Park. They didn't promise me the world. They promised that If I buckled down and studied hard they would help. For my A+ course I feel I really buckled down. I learned a lot from that course. But I realize that eveything I learned, I LEARNED. Very little (other than how to configure JUMPERS, or how to plug in a Router and log on to it = basically the most in depth hands on stuff we did LOL) did the instructers teach me.

    My A+ instructor was Mr. German, a Cuban man from Miami who was more higher up and was only teaching the course because they couldn't snatch some young, know-it-all IT pubescent teacher from the Miami Clubs early enough the night before to drag in. G was a cool guy. I really felt like he was a guy from the streets and he preached about that. I respected his story. But then I realized that most of my teachers were all "Cool people". When it came down to it, me and my peers had to read and study and hope we each had throw away computers at home to work on. Because the computers in class, when the screens weren't busted out or the backs were missing, were ALL 1990's. I don't even think most computers had XP. This was 2005 mind you. I remember in the back of the class, all the junk parts and whatnot they had, were even OLDER. LOL. I swear they had the first prototype laptop there. Don't go to this school thinking that when you have to learn about printers you'll be able to work with some of the ones that are modern, current and on the market. Nothing they had was up to date, and most the time itdidn't work. I vouche for whoever said the net was ALWAYS down. And we had to rely on the net basically to do our own studies.

    All in all, this place can really hurt you if you're independant. Thank God I still have my parents but even they have tough times with their finances. This place taught me a more valuable lesson then I ever imagined. ALWAYS do your research people! ALWAYS Do background checks! Do them yourselves! Don't jump in to thingS!


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  • Yo
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Judging by all the terrible spelling and grammar, I'm thinking, most of you should probably figure out the english language before trying to take an IT program. And the fact that some of you attended this school for free is a joke.
    For those of you that are serious about making a career in the IT field, and don't make excuses for your lack of dedication, FastTrain is a great school. If you want to be treated like an adult and can actually budget your time correctly, this is a great opportunity
    Attention USA: Please stop loaning grant money to people who have no business taking IT programs. Make them test into it.

    If this makes any of you upset, GET OVER IT! That's some real life experience for you.

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  • So
    so ready Nov 30, 2010

    Call me anonymous: What I will say is very true, nothing more nothing less, and do not judge me.

    I went to this school (The Fort Lauderdale campus) for their medical billing/coding program.
    It is extremely low class and ghetto! I came in via a work force one government grant, after being told that I could get one since I did not qualify for a loan. (credit score at the time was not the best.) So I got the grant (and I am damn glad i did because that loan would have made it worse in the future and more worthless of an education.) My classes were all out of order (where as in a decent school) you would normally start with your beginner classes so that you have a strong foundation... but it was totally opposite. (you started with whatever class was available at the moment.)< VERY TRASHY AND UNPROFESSIONAL> They force all that info into your head within a 3 week time frame, where as in a good college that same class would take you at least 8-10 weeks or something like that.( because the knowledge is very extensive). They get angry and say that you are not trying enough when you may need extra help. Most of the students who enrolled their for the medical billing were these (bitter about life ghetto as hell, baby mama types.) It made me feel like I was sitting around a bunch of losers and did not want to come to school, they just have so much negative energy. Teachers were always quitting or fired (what ever). Equipment hardly ever worked and was very old. Sometimes you don't receive your text books on time. I have even encountered students using books from a previous year (sometimes a little outdated, and that is not good for a field that is always changing. As far as job placement, when I was finished with the program the first thing i was told was that I needed experience. They can't really help you at all. They did not even have an intern or externship for you to get your little 3 mos experience. And guys, for the record: That little externship means absolutely nothing in the real world. You have got to find a way to network, try volunteering, its the easiest thing that I can think of, and then you can add it to your resume for experience. Even the teachers don't have good advice on how to get in the field that they are teaching themselves. When we did our career course at the schools for job interview practice, I have to let you know that the teachers are very old fashioned about it with those [censor] old 1970's interviewing styles. We are in 2010 people! Fast train hires anybody. Most of the teachers lack real talent for lectures or instructing. There was one very excellent instructor, very concerned with our education and students obtaining employment, but I think that they might have fired him because he was gone so suddenly. After becoming a student over time, they begin to treat you like [censor], like just another number and the only concern is that grant voucher when it's time to receive it (money). Now this was between [protected] time. I doubt that they get any better. The one thing that I am grateful for is the fact that I got the grant instead of a $19, 000 loan. I am happy that I don't owe them any money. Please don't say it's just me. As a matter of fact, roughly all the people I know that went there, feels as if they have wasted their time. I only decided to finish the program because I like to finish what i start.
    So my advice to all of you would be at the least: If you want to go to school, especially fast train for that matter, do your research, check the school out, don't rush just to get into an institution just to say that you are in school, Realize that this is a game and don't listen to some admissions counselor who says only good things because that is their job, (What do they know about what is best for you?) Absolutely nothing. Try doing some volunteer work in your field before signing some stupid contract, so that you could know what the field is all about. Take the time and sleep on your decisions, because these types of schools are very good at trying to make people feel guilty about waiting to go to school. Remember when you go to a school like this, someone has to pay your bills (And that is real talk). The one way to get some experience is to go out and volunteer for a company that is in the line of work you want to pursue, (that is common sense) The teachers could not even give me that simple advice, which should tell you how bright they really are. When I first enrolled, they did not even check to see if I even had a high school diploma and I had a lady in my class with no diploma or GED and last education was 9th grade. I happen to be very intelligent but I just jumped in to this without research( so that would be my fault). I am definitely not bitter, it just teaches me experience and at the end of the day, this is a game. A game for the takers and the took. You decide which one you are.
    I am not an immigrant and English is my primary language, so I was able to understand all of this, (TAKE IT FROM ME). FAST TRAIN IS A RIP OFF (TRUST ME).
    NOTE: This is one of those government schools from work force one, so really you should just go straight to work force one and take a look at their list of schools to choose from. because depending on your situation you probably don't have to sign a loan and [censor] up your credit. Why not get it for free if it's available. Just go down to those government agencies and tell someone that you would like to inquire about going back to school.

    follow only your heart and what make you happy.

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  • So
    Social media Oct 06, 2010

    Fast train is a complete ripoff 100 % don't let none of these good comments fool you that's probaly them themselves tryn to give themselves a good name -- don't ever fall for this trap it's worthless and will leave u broke please consider this it will save u -- so dirty how this lie infront of your face -- I hope the whole staff just die and rot in pieces -- coming from a ex fast train student himself -- they can't give us laptop -- but the manager could give his kid school purposed laptop for personal amusement while they just give us books -- and where is it that out 20000$ go to ? Into commercials fancy Mercedes and bmwz and soda machines to take more of our money ? Please I advise save urself

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  • Ja
    Jackson Ville May 23, 2010

    This school is a scamp, when they reach you they promiss you the world, they make it sound that your school will be paid for by the governmwnt, grants, and scholar ships, and you should o to qualify for it as soon as possible, the most deceiving is their school in Jackson ville, that school should be closed, the guy told me to go and he is going to help me get a job and get the grants to pay for my school, what a scump this guy is, how can they let him say that stuff to people, i am calling the department of education on them, his boss must be more of a scump to allow him to say that stuff.
    dont go to that school its a real scamp. big one and it should be shut down.

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  • No
    NOT good at all May 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I go to Fasttrain the one in pembrok pines u can call it any thing but not a school they'r ripping people off some one has to stop them sorry but this school is a joke & teachers don't know any thing about education, what u hear about this school its not true its lie, they lie to people they dont care about education what they care about is (ripping people off & making money from them ) that how bad is the school Fasttrain the one in pembrok pines dont know about the other ones

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  • Gi
    Gilberto Conrado May 04, 2010

    Its good to find people with similar experiences. I also had a bad experience with Fasttrain in Pembroke Pines and i am seeking people for a class action law suite. these people should not be in bussiness. please check my blog and please email me its just not fair

    email: [email protected]

    Thank you

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  • Yg
    ygomez754 Apr 03, 2010

    I found this on the internet today. I just started at this school in pembroke pines last month and so far it has been great. My cousin started 6 months ago and he already got two certifications. A lot of people sometimes complain because it can be harder than other schools, but if it was so easy it would not pay as much as it does. The school was cheaper than alot of the schools arounnd my house and the courses and stuff I am learning in class is alot funner and cooler than my friends and miami dade and fcc learn. It has been the best school I have been at in my life. My teachers are all real cool and care that I am learning. The classes are a little empty cause they just moved, but the school is growing.

    If you had a bad time at school it was probably because you didnt study or you didnt care. I would sign up all over again.

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  • Wo
    WorkingGraduate Feb 26, 2010

    The beauty about the internet is anyone can write anything about anyone. I wonder if some of these comments were placed by competitors. I did my research and visited 4 schools before enrolling in Fasttrain at the Kendall Campus. The best decision of my life. Yes the program was hard. Yes I had to study. But in the end it was well worth it. Fastrain sent me out on four interviews and I landed my dream job. Thanks to them I am know deploying networks at MIA and earning more than I could ever imagine.

    I have never met a more dedicated group of teachers in my life. All of my teachers went as far as to share their cellular numbers so I could call them 24/7. See if any other school will do that?

    My only complaint is they need to add more advance programs (CISSP).

    1 Votes
  • It
    IT man Feb 26, 2010

    I am not sure what are you talking about, i went to Fast Train, the teachers were great, and i learned a lot, now if you owe the school money and dont want to pay it, every school will hold your Deploma, I had a great experience.

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  • Ev
    Evelio Villalba Dec 04, 2009

    Fast Train sucks BIG time. Please anybody reading this should really take this into consideration. Dont do it! Its really a TRAP. All they want is money forget everything else. I went for 10 months and everybody who went to school with me agrees that Fast Train is a piece of crap. And for those of you who are considering to go GOOD LUCK cause your going to need it. I wish I could of talk to someone before I started, but thats my mistake for not doing my research. Right now I graduated and owe the school $2, 400. Im trying to continue education by going to another school but they are holding my Transcrips and not only that my Diploma also. WHY??? I just called today and spoke to the Financial Aid Advisor after just graduating 2 months ago, and instead of getting a Hi, how you doing, hows everything, I end up getting "YOU KNOW YOU OWE US SOME MONEY RIGHT!". That did it, I was pissed because thats what I was going to do was pay them their money. Im in a real tight situation right now so I need that Transcript and Diploma. I wish more people would take the time to write something like this because I know ALOT of people agree with me, but very few are doing so. People dont read the good reports read the bad ones because those are the ones thats going to make you choose the right decision. I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. Dont do it!!!

    -1 Votes
  • Mi
    miriam acosta Oct 29, 2009

    tryed to enroll my high school grad son.fasttrain 5555 w flagler street, miami.paid $50.00.when came home i started my research and wow thanks god i did there are many complains of how they take thousans of dollars, out of people and we need take some legal accion any susgestions?i will post my comlain at check it out!cuam305

    -1 Votes
  • Le
    lewl Aug 19, 2009

    do you have the address for that ftp server?

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  • G9
    g923 Jun 25, 2009

    Fast train does not have up to date equipment. this "school" is the biggest scam ever.

    -1 Votes
  • Lu
    luiz Mar 07, 2009

    The message is simple: with "good English" Fasttrain stolen my money..., sorry if my english is terrible for you ..., you do not show your name ... and this is sign of noun character ...You hide...

    I only have a name for this: hypocrisy...
    if you had not noticed that you forgive me for that, because hypocrisy is a serious problem...

    this is my opinion formed of you ... you are stupid...human being!!! sorry!!!

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  • Lu
    luiz Mar 07, 2009

    My English has never been problem for me ... but for you ... as well as my money that was stolen ... no problem for you but for me ...
    I am writing these letters are in Spanish, Portuguese or English? answer: you are so "s t u p i d" that I think will respond: Chinese ... hehehe

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  • Lu
    luiz Mar 06, 2009

    Put your name ...mister "someguy" or you want to hide ...? Your words make me think that you know very well how this school works...
    The problem is not my English, but the large trap behind ... to steal my money they do not worry about my English ... think about it!

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  • Lu
    luiz Mar 06, 2009



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