Family Fued / not a family oriented show as the title suggests

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I am so disappointed with this show. I thought this was a show to watch with family. I am sitting with my 7 year old son enjoying the show with steve harvey. I haven't watched in years. Today I decided to watch it. Big mistake. First, the questions and the answers are not for young children to hear. It asked something like "what do you do if your girlfriend tells you that they have a crush on your husband". The #1 answer was "slap the ho". Then I heard something about a threesome. So now I have my child asking me what a threesome is. I was mortified, embarrassed and confused. I will never watch this show again. They should change the name of this show... Seriously. I had to turn the program off immediately. It made me angry because there are already massive amounts of sexually charged shows/scenes to the point where we cant watch regular tv. The commercials, the shows, are too sexually explicit. So I thought watching family fued would be a nice fun show to watch with kids. We even have the game at home. I was sadly mistaken. I am so disappointed at the direction of the show. I hope that the content can be more family friendly in the future. I personally will not be watching this show anymore.

May 15, 2019

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