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They have a slick way of getting one of your friend who fell for their highway robbery to recommend them to you. You go in thinking that your friend is on to something. They give you a price on the # of meals you will receive. They don't really give you a good breakdown on what each item is and the price breakdown. They say their service "packs" your freezer with these items. They showed up in the rain and basically dumped the food into my freezer. I also found the price for just the food exhorbitant. When I took the packing list from the deliverer and calculated the cost based on a grocery store flier, I paid $2500 for at most $700 worth of food. They claim it is "gourmet" but your get Barilla pasta. I also found when they spoke on the phone that their meat was organic when it is not. Luckily I didn't fall for giving them a list of my friend and relatives to endorse their deception to get a few steaks. I am looking at how I report them to consumer affairs in both NH and MA. Please don't support these suckers. They took $1800 from the mouths of my children.

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  • Ji
    J in MA Aug 31, 2010

    I agree. The quality of this service is extremely low considering the price you pay for the meats. About 50% of all the meat packages I receive are damaged. The plastic has random tears causing freezer burns around the meat. I've even received several cuts of meat where a large slice from a box cutter has torn the meat open. This just goes to show that there is little to no quality inspection being done at their facility. When I call to complain, the "Sales Manager" seems annoyed with my complaints and offers little to no compensation for the trouble I've been through. Replacement of poor quality is expected, but when nothing additional is offered, it shows how little you value my business. I'm done with this service due to poor quality, high prices, inconsistent delivery times, and poor customer service.

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  • Jm
    J murphy Nov 04, 2010


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  • Jc
    JCAJAR Feb 03, 2011

    the meats are very good, especially the beef...Unfortunately we will not order from them again. We've had 3 deliveries and each time they mess up our billing address and then stick us with late fees. After calling and correcting they send the next bill late and stick us again with late fees. I can understand the first time it happened, we have a PO Box, but 2 more times after that?? c'mon... They are trying to rob us out of extra money in my opinion. If it is a simple "honest" mistake, then they need to get a better group of people in there to handle their billing errors.

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  • So
    sogurl426 Mar 31, 2011

    I absolutely love Family First Foods. I have never had a problem with the food, and any time I didn't like something, they replaced it with another item for free. Everything comes vaccum sealed and I love that I can pull out one piece of chicken or six, I don't have to go but a whole package from the groccery store. I buy lots of dry goods from them also, such as paper towels, dish detergent, pasta, etc. I have no idea how you possibly paid $2500 for food, I have never ordered more than $1200 in one order, which is for a 5 month period. But I love the fact that I can order 5 months worth of frozen and dry goods and pay monthly for them. The customer service has always been great when I have called, and I would recommend them to anyone who asked.

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  • Br
    brunopr7 May 18, 2011

    they suck. I got sucked in. Im glad i droped those idiots. Food sucks, service sucks. I was stupid for doing it. Wasted lots of money, so don't do what i did. Trust me they will rip you off.

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  • Bo
    bonoyj Jun 14, 2011

    We have been ordering from Family First Foods for 5 years now and have never had an issue with them. Any mistake that has been made was in our favor. I have found that if you actually talk to the representatives you tend to get a much better understanding of what you're ordering and what options are available to you. We're at the point now where we tell them how much we want to spend per month and about what we want to receive (mostly meat) and they figure it all out for us. That along with the 55% discount we get (since we also purchased the freezer and stainless steel grill from them) has us paying about the same monthly amount for meat that we would otherwise pay at the grocery store and this stuff is MUCH higher quality . . . and it gets delivered. Thank You Family First Foods for your excellent service throughout the years . . . I'm looking forward to many more!

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  • Ma
    Manny104 Jul 15, 2011

    We also used their service for a few years. We did enjoy it and liked the quality however feel it was fairly expensive. Really disliked sending out another monthly bill. In regards to the freezer and grill, our grill is falling apart! As you know, it wasn't cheap! Completely corroded and crumbling inside. We have been getting the run around for months now on how to get replacement parts. While I don't expect them to come over and fix it, I would appreciate some assistance in finding the parts!

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  • Ri
    rippedoff524 Sep 02, 2011

    We fell for their slick talking salesman as well, and when we cost compared what actually showed up, it turned out to be approx 700 tops worth of goods, for what they claimed was 2500 (before the discount for the appliances). We stopped payment on our card, and told them to come pick up their appliances and food... have not heard back from them, so not sure how this will play out.

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  • Br
    bree123 Jan 13, 2012

    Hill's Home Market is horrible. Their meat is okay, but their portions are very small. This company is a con, when I called to talk to a manager about my issues with their company he said the salesman would call me. That man NEVER called me in the 2 weeks I gave him. From my dealings with the company, I am horrified. They clearly are doing the bait and switch on innocent people. They offered my family a cheaper way to feed everyone without having to empty the bank. In the end you still need to go to the grocery store and buy just about everything. On top of the normal grocery expenses, then you have the extra monthly bills. They make it sound all dandy -- if you get a freezer with your order or anything else in their catalog you'll have a cheaper payment for your food. That's all great until you then have two extra bills, and the one for the freezer and whatnot under $100 doesn't really change if you pay the payment. So after your 5 months your stuck with a $2000 - $3000 bill. The other bill goes away but this one haunts you. Never again will I deal with this company.

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  • Jo
    Jo823047 May 21, 2012

    We has a sales agent out and after we signed the contract we changed out minds, we did everything we were supposed to do but they charged our credit card before the 3 day waiting period and have yet to return our call or our money, the cancelation form clearly states we would get all our money back in 10 days, its now going on a month, Now the voice mails are not even working . Attorney General here we come.

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  • Pe
    peg86 May 22, 2012

    Have been using Family First Foods since 2007 and have not had any issues what so ever. It is pricey, but better than going to Stop and Shop or other local stores. Also you know in advance what you have in the freezer

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  • Sp
    Spunky1968 Mar 09, 2013

    Been with them for I'd years!! Best service, best price! Go to pea pod dot com n I promise u with name brand products u r saving more thy 50%, , all their meats come fom a rm in Pennsylvania. It is not organic but it is antibiotic free. They have used te same farm for years n I promise u never a recall!!! Love it love them.

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  • Je
    jeff1313 Nov 30, 2013

    i agree. Definitely a hard sell at the initial meeting with the salesman. We called after getting a coupon for a free sample plus $100 off our first order. During the initial meeting, we got the samples and were told that they dont come out again if we didn't order that day. Should have been the key to show him the door. Anyway, we also got the "food is cheeper once the freezer is paid" sales pitch. I'm glad we had our own freezer. I'm planning on paying all 5 months and then making sure no more food gets delivered. Lessons learned.

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  • Jd
    jdr944 Apr 18, 2014

    We have used Family First for over ten years and feel very satisfied with the quality of food and service. The freezer is packed neatly and on time. The grill is still the envy of every deck in the neighborhood and after so long I am looking to replace the burners for the first time. I have gladly suggested them to several friends and relatives. With a 12 year old son who now brings his friends over to eat its nice to always have food in the house for a bunch of growing boys who eat like men.

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  • Nh
    Nh customer May 27, 2014

    Anybody know how to find out if the live stock is given antibiotics and growth hormones? And the levels of hormones if given? I've tried contacting our sales agent and 2 weeks have gone by with no response! How is this information not available on a website or the written information the company gives out!

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  • An
    AnthonyRI Jan 21, 2015

    I was offered one thing, and received the opposite, The owner is as shady as could be. He stated to me that it is common knowledge that there is a 3 day cancellation policy hidden on the back of most contracts that the salesman didn't mention because according to him you could "cancel anytime and only owe for the freeze" WRONG. You owe for the food freezer, cookware, "service policy" total cost $5500.00 Approx. The salesman did not give us what we asked for, The only people that were nice were the people at Carico International, in Florida. Collection agency.
    The pizza is Horrible, the frozen chicken breast is ok. Hamburgers taste like nothing, I dont see how 24 rolls of toilet paper lasts 5 months. I got screwed so bad, The freezer costs 1699.00 is much more expensive than the same freezer sold elsewhere, I canceled my order 14 days after the salesman left, it is now January 21st and Home Hills Market has not sent any information to Carico International about squaring up my bill. side note I call Carico International twice a week to check on everything. Long story short it cost me $835 in food, and 1765.00 for a freezer.

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  • Ia
    Ian Kz Jan 19, 2016

    They are terrible. After a few months of deliveries, we realized that their quality was declining. We cancelled our deliveries, but they billed us for over $4000 because we had signed a contract. They then reported us to the Credit Bureaus as delinquent. It took over three years to get our credit cleared up. Their practices are predatory - DO NOT EVER SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THEM!

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