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Fabricpro Dryclean & Laundry Services$700 Jacket Discoloured & Worn Out

I sent my BRIGHT ORANGE Akira Isogawa jacket (worth more than $700) for dry cleaning on 26th May at the Shenton Way outlet.

When it came back on 1st June, to my horror, it TURNED DULL RED and looked as if it's been worn over a hundred times.

It was in pristine condition when I sent it in, as I've only WORN IT ONCE prior to the dry clean.

Besides the discolouration + worn out state of the returned jacket, it also had a LARGE, HIDEOUS BOOT-PRINT STAIN in the front/belly area of the jacket.

I've requested for monetary compensation of 50% the original value.

Here's how Sarah Goh (Marketing Manager) has chosen to deal with the situation:

1. DENY that my jacket is originally orange, claiming it's red.
(Picture attached - before dry clean - clearly shows it's ORANGE, under normal white lighting).

2. I also showed them MULTIPLE photos of me wearing this jacket during a party - she claims that it appears orange due to lighting - insisting it's red.

3. She says that there is insufficient proof to file for compensation. (while consistently rejecting the fact that every photo clearly shows it's orange!!)

4. She procrastinates in following up on this matter, up to 2 weeks at times, taking me, a customer in distress, for granted.

5. After almost 2 MONTHS of her INCOMPETENT marketing management, I've insisted on speaking to a superior - Mr. KC Lim, the Operations Manager.

6. He proposed to have an individual wash for my jacket with some sort of colour enhancer. He GUARANTEED that it'd work. I agreed. Regrettably, it's still red. STILL RED AND WORN OUT!

7. I've reduced my compensation demand to 25% of the original value due to their restoration efforts. They're still being ignorant.

CONCLUSION: Fabricpro has discoloured, worn out and stained my $700 jacket.

I call that DAMAGE.


And you WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED. Spread the word.

$700 Jacket Discoloured & Worn Out


  • Sk
    sky919 Jan 24, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is by far the worst ever service provider I've ever encountered in Singapore.

    Below is an account of my recent UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE with FABRIC PRO.

    In October 2017, my friend borrowed a Winter Jacket that I purchased in December 2016. It is more of a Ski Jacket with 2cm wide linings stretching from shoulder to wrist. There are also linings surrounding all the zips and pockets, as well as the collars. After the trip, my friend brought the Jacket and another 7 or 8 items to Fabric Pro in Compass One for cleaning. Upon examination, the staff told my friend that there are risk of peeling in all the items. Thinking that this is the standard comment for their own protection and trusting that since they are well aware of the risk and dare to accept the items, they will take reasonable care in cleaning the items.

    After about 10 days or so, my friend went back to collect the items. They were all nicely folded in half with hangers and covered with clear plastic sheets. Without any suspicion as everything seemed normal, my friend took all the items back without unwrapping to check the items. The Jacket was returned to me in its original wrapped condition. A few days later, as I was planning for my coming winter trip, I took out the jacket to try it on. As I unfolded it, I noticed the two long loose linings dangling from the shoulders. The rest of the linings surrounding the zips and pockets were totally gone. What was left are the 2cm width glue marks of all the linings.

    From the way they packed the jacket and hide the 2 long linings inside, it was obvious that the staff involved was trying to get away from the damage. We would expect any responsible service provider to inform the customers once damage is done.

    When I brought it to the branch, I was referred to the customer service over the phone. I told them that this was a case of negligence on their part. It can't be a case of wear and tear since 100% of the linings came off. Upon further questioning, I found out that it was put on dry cleaning at 55 degree temperature. The label on the jacket clearly indicates that no dry cleaning is allowed. As the conversation with the customer service gave me the impression that they were neither sympathetic nor helpful. I asked to speak to a superior or the boss. But she refused to reveal the contact nor ask the boss to speak to me. I was left with no choice but to personally go to the head office in Pandan. The Manager asked me to leave the jacket there while they investigate the matter.

    After about 2 weeks or so, someone contacted my friend and offered just $100 as compensation. And due to their company policy, the jacket would not be returned upon compensation. Obviously I was not willing to accept such nonsense.

    At this current stage, I am demanding that they either replace the linings or replace me a Jacket of the same brand and quality. The replied I get ridiculous as shown below:

    " I really apologize with the inconvenience, however we can only offer is to remove the material that got peeled off so it wouldn’t look awkward and of course with your permission."

    This was the exact quote from FABRIC PRO. What they intend to do is to cut off the 2 loose linings and that is it. Good Luck to anyone who wish to bring your precious clothing there.


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  • Ec
    Ecoli Jul 05, 2015


    I would like to lodge a complaint against Fabric Pro laundry services at Tampines one in basement. Besides damaging my branded clothing and "taken out and lost" all my branded buttons intentionally without any flaw, I am Much more upset with the service provided by an auntie by the name of Lily, probably in her mid fifties.

    Regarding the lost of item issue, I had already settled myself with case trust and they are looking into it. I'm not concern about the compensation but I'm more of frustrated and disappointed with the service they provided. During that painful process, I had a hard time getting contact number of their factory which did the dry cleaning, tracing from one staff to another and eventually they were playing the delaying tactic to push the responsibility till I approached case trust and it seemed to be brushed off with an average compensation without any apology.

    The auntie named Lily displayed a very unprofessional attitude by scolding me on phone when I was merely asking for information to trace myself. She was not helpful and in fact I noticed she displayed a totally opposite attitude to Ang moh. I think her attitude is not correct and ethical. She will definitely lose out to other much younger foreigners who can replace her easily as she is considered an old age worker. She must learn and reflect on how to deliver good customer service. I feel that she should be ashamed of herself as it seems that I know much more human moral values than her and I am 20 years younger than her.

    I was initially very busy writing my thesis for my masters when this incident happened few months ago. As a busy mother and had very bad experience with this shop, I really regreted for choosing this shop just because it is near my house. It turned out more time consuming, demoralizing and troublesome for me.

    It is only recently when I have the time to read the forum about this shop and found out there are already so many bad comments. Though I have no right to stop their service and I found out that they are playing irresponsive tactic through phone or email, I have no choice but to voice my unpleasant experience through Tampines one email and so far I never want to shop that basement anymore. It reminds me of the unhappiness. I am sure more and more customers will be affected. Please don't go to this shop and be wary of that old auntie Lily. She needs intensive lifelong learning skills and she needs to upgrade her with WSQ programmes with plenty of reflection. I never wish to see her haggard and cruel face anymore. Hope i don't see her in my next life. She shouldn't be named Lily. She tarnished the purity of this flower, sorry to say that if she happens to see this. This is my only way to vent my anger deep from the bottom of my heart. I feel deeply depressed. I need to chant a lot to forgive this woman. I need to thank her instead for giving me this opportunity to do my human revolution and I will sympathize her in future.

    In conclusion, I let the management from Tampines one have the decision utimately and hope they can address to them so that they don't harm people.

    Thank you.


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  • Jo
    Johnmale999 Feb 10, 2015

    I totally agree with the lack of good service of this store. I was using fabric pro store for the last four years now and I had a membership. Until 2013 I haven't had any bad experience, thankfully. However, Fabric pro lately returned some Calvin Klein's shirts and one Valentino's trouser with (burn?) stains. I will not use this store again.

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  • Ve
    verysuay Jun 12, 2014

    Horrible horrible service and attitude. They called and said my dress was damaged and this was after a few days. They do not bother to explain and keep asking me to take it back. My dress cost 1000. I cannot believe that it was torn. When i sent it in, it was still in a good shape.

    The office refused to call me back and refused to answer my calls. The lady who answered told me the boss and manager refuses to waste time and talk to me. The staff says these issues happen very very often and the boss usually leaves them to fend for themselves and get all the scoldings.

    I am absolutely MORTIFIED. I REALLY REGRETTED sedning my clothes to them. They even asked me to sign for their membership.

    They should just close all their shops.

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  • Mt
    MTBT Jun 03, 2014

    They are indeed unprofessional and maybe because they have pissed off so many customers that's why they want full payment in advanced.

    I send my son's suits to FabricPro and collection was rejected just because of no receipt. Proof of receipt through Whatsapp and called to authorised him for the collection also could not be accepted.

    Worst! The old lady at that Hougang Mall outlet this evening was unhelpful and daring to raise her voice sharply at me when she have not even try to hear me out over the phone.

    Such people should not be in the service industry if they do not know how to communicate patiently with people.

    I totally agree with everyone above. Never Ever go to FabricPro!!! RED ALERT

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  • Ah
    ahboyah May 21, 2014

    omg. i just sent my blazer, shirt and pants for washing. die liao lar...

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  • Ho
    holly_dennis May 15, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please avoid this shop at all costs. I've had so many articles of clothing come back with missing buttons, damaged clips, and unremoved stains. I wish I had seen all the complaints before using this shop, but they were conveniently located below my building so I figured I'd give them a try. Like all the reviewers above, I'm shocked that this place is still in business.

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  • Vi
    Victim of Bad Service May 03, 2014

    When I sent in my laundry, the lady counted one pair of pants short and I had to return to make additional payment. She refused to indicate wash for my down jacket as per washing label and left it under dry clean until I insisted. During the collection date on 2 May, she said my laundry is not back, push the collection slip back to me and said she will call me when it's back. When I told her I needed my suit back as I'm traveling the day after, she asked why didn't I tell her earlier. She tried calling to inquire about delivery but there's no answer and she again pushed the slip to me and said she will call me. I don't have time to make another trip as parking is troublesome in the area and I feel that it is only fair the company delivers my laundry especially since they are unable to honour the collection date which is 2 May. The outlet called me on night of 3 May to tell me that my laundry is ready for collection and hung up. I think they're giving bad service on purpose!

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  • Sh
    Shona Chua Mar 10, 2014

    My mom recently sent two items for dry cleaning at the branch a at Northpoint and only one was returned. The one that was lost was the Northface jacket which I bought for her on my US trip which she wore only once. They have asked to gave them time to locate the jacket and now it has been two months and no news. Finally admitted they lost the jacket but when we asked what about compensation, no news. Really disappointed with the service and I am going to give them till end of today before I lodge a small claims report. Enough is enough!

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  • Ja
    Jacky Lee Apr 12, 2013

    Send my suits to FabricPro, get a shock of my life when they were return with soil and burnt marks.
    Yet they have the cheek to ask for payment.
    Total disaster.

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  • Es
    Estina Apr 12, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understand there are many much more unsatisfactorily FabricPro customers than those appeared in this complaint board. One must be crazy to patronize FabricPro even for free. There are many more other laundry services one can go too. My family and friends have tried and tested a number of FabricPro rivals and find them to be professional and problems free.

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  • De
    Deb1eyeScott Apr 12, 2013

    The kitty picture thing very strange there Fester

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  • Es
    Estina Apr 12, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 15 March 2013 I with my husband sent my 2 jackets to FabricPro at Changi city for dry-cleaning and was promised by the counter staff one Sue that she will call me once they are ready for my collection on or before the 22 March.
    A long period of time after the promised due date of collection and having no calls from her, I call the shop to enquire for which she said she will call me back.  A few days after that I received a call from the same staff and I was shocked she told me one of my jackets has stains though she admitted she did carefully checked and found to be in good condition without any stains  before she accepted it for dry cleaning at the co's factory. She further said FabricPro is not cleaning this jacket and ask me to take it back. I was upset and asked to speak to her manager. Her manager after many attempts to reach her simply denied any wrongdoing and flatly refused to pay compensation I seeked from the co. in view of the damaged jacket caused by the co. A few days later my husband received a call to inform him the co. will go ahead to dry clean the stained jacket.  
    However yesterday I received a call telling me they now refuse to dry-clean even though they have agreed to do so earlier. No reason whatsoever was given.  
    I am utterly disappointed with this company and the disgusting service they provide for their paying customer. There were also many bad reviews about the co but unfortunately I only found out about them after this terrible incident. 
     I would therefore strongly advise all consumers to AVOID this company lest they too fall victims like us.

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  • Da
    daniel lim Mar 31, 2013

    FabricPro Laundry Service standards has dropped to extremely poor! I sent my jacket for dry cleaning since 11 March 2013. Supposed to be ready on 23 March. Just called Northpoint outlet and still not ready!!! What is this???

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  • Up
    Upset Patron Jan 29, 2013

    I shared the same pain like everyone of you here. I don't normally send my laundry to FabriPro but this one and only experience with them truly proven that I've made a serious mistake!

    I sent in a brand new trench coat by D&G to FabricPro back in Oct 2012 and I almost fainted upon collection. A piece which haven't been worn not even once since purchased (I don't like to wear new fabric without washing) is now dirty and torn.I really can't believe FabriPro dare to even show that to me.
    *I've attached herewith some images I taken on the spot to prove that how ridiculous they are.

    To my shocking, I refused to collect it. I spoken to their Customer Service the next day and the lady named Janelle offered to take it back for cleaning and sewing. I accepted her suggestion knowing that they won't compensate any single cent to me even they know it's their fault.

    Upon the second collection after my countless times of calling and follow up, I've finally collected the trench coat again. This time, the dirty patches are gone but I'm extremely disappointed with the sewing. The coat has the wavy effect when I wear it. I'll definitely won't pay that price for this kind of cutting and stitching skills!! So I called to feedback to them. This round I spoken to this rude lady named BRENDA who claimed herself as the Customer Service Manager. Without apologizing and refused to let me speak to their higher management, she denied the whole situation was their fault. She even claimed that the coat was torn because of its bad quality, that's why it can be easily damaged after one wash. How I wish I could get D&G to deal with FabriPro for accusing their quality!

    Furthermore, she even silly enough to say that they have been so generous to me for sending the coat to the tailor without charging me. I really couldn't believe what I heard from her! How can such standard of service exist in Singapore?!?!?

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  • Si
    Sian_Nua Jan 14, 2013

    I totally regret not reading this thread before sending my coats for drycleaning. Two winter coats were sent and only one came back AFTER TWO WEEKS OVERDUE! I got to keep calling the CSO for the status of my second coat. Now the story is they claimed they have sent it back to the shop but the shop denied receiving it. What is this?????

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  • 13
    1371 Sep 15, 2012

    Same here regretted not checking on the bad feedback before signing up as a member. Brought curtains in for dry cleaning and firstly, when I turn up to collect my curtains, they said it was not ready ! They should have called and informed me before I made the wasted trip! When I finally collected my curtains, it shrank by 4.5 inches! The owner was so rude and un-cooperative and referred us to the disclaimer cls. How can it shrink 4.5 inches!! They are definitely not professional as they claimed to be. Will be filing this to Case.

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  • Ch
    Christy1 Aug 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wish I had read these bad comments about Fabripro before I signed up with them as a member. Sent my laundry to them on 8 Aug 2012, the collection date written on the receipt was 21/2. I went down to the shop at East Point on 16/8 and 22/8, and was told that my laundry has not arrived at all. Finally, I was called down by the lady on 23/2 and I managed to collect my clothes.
    BUT, it smelled heavily of Indian Jasmine "parfum"... I have been drying the clothes out in open space for a week already.. Everyone commented on the unusually heavy strong smell of the clothes.

    Very disappointing experience for such an expensive service. I am NOT returning to Fabricpro again.

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  • 20
    2012customer Feb 17, 2012

    Fabric pro jsut called me to inform me that they have lost the zipper on my winter jacket, and say they cannot do anything to it. I was shocked! How to wear during my trip to Japan next week, without zipping up? When question, she just says: pls read clause number 7 on the back of the receipt. It states they will not be responsible for velcro and zippers giving way.
    I was totally disgusted with this and refused to accept this.
    I called the customer service and they say the same thing. Told them to inform the manager to call me. She says she will only try to get hold of the manager, but no guarantee.
    At this point, I only believe that CASE can assist.
    Also, no matter how much or what it is going to cost me, I want FP to be responsible. Trust that I have been supporting them for years due to my overseas travel and frequent laundry services needed. Consumers need to be protected in Singapore!

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  • Ni
    nightrav3n Feb 14, 2012

    Can we have petition signature for this ? i also have bad experience with my wedding suit!!!
    my wedding next month and they spoil it. if yes, pls do respond to [email protected]

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  • Es
    estherlow17 Oct 10, 2011

    I have had similarly bad experience with this dry cleaning service as well and I believe that it is important for customers who have received unsatisfactory service to allow our experiences to serve as a cautionary tale for other potential customers.

    About 3 weeks ago, I had sent in a tan coloured blazer, after wearing it for the first time, for dry cleaning at the Simei outlet. The dry cleaning service was efficient and the blazer was ready for collection prior to the stated date. I was extremely pleased with this and went down to the outlet to collect my item. However upon seeing the item, i was extremely disappointed and annoyed. Firstly, there were lines and creases on the blazer sleeve which had not been ironed out. Secondly, I realised that the gold zipper detail on the jacket had been tarnished. Thirdly, the colour was faded and turned from a burnt orange to a light brown colour, as if it had been worn numerous times and washed repeatedly. I understand that some clothing tend to lose their colour after wash, however the extent of which my jacket was damaged is simply unacceptable.

    Perhaps the most infuriating thing about this entire experience would be the customer service officer who tended to my case. I had demanded for a compensation, this was voiced clearly and firmly to the customer service officer who told me to give it a week's wait as she would file a complaint for me. After waiting for a week, I received a call from her and she presented me two options; either
    a) collect the blazer back
    b) leave it with them
    At no point of our conversation did she bring up my request for compensation and when I had questioned about it she shot the request down immediately saying that it was completely impossible and I simply had to choose one of the above options. I was absolutely stunned and outraged by her response. As a paying customer, I do not believe that I am inclined or forced to accept a damaged good. She did not even offer to return the dry cleaning fee which means that I have actually PAID for a dry cleaning service to RUIN and DAMAGE my blazer. When I asked for her to let me speak to a higher up (i.e. her boss), she replied me saying that her boss was too busy dealing with other matters to handle petty issues such as a damaged dry cleaning item. I have asked the officer for the email of an executive that I could possibly speak to, but the company has not gotten back to me since.

    A quick online search showed me that the motto of FabricPro is "To consistently provide a high quality and cost efficient process to our customers". While the prices of the service is competitive, in no way has FabricPro provided me with high quality. I have been using their services for more than 4 years now and this is truly the worst experience I have ever had with them. I would advice anyone against using their dry cleaning service and suggest you spread the word amongst all of your friends and family.

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  • Bo
    BonsaiCha Aug 22, 2011

    Same bad experience from Fabric Pro... I sent in my curtains for dry cleaning last month at their Hougang Mall outlet. The store attendant assured me that the service will only take a week. I made sure she took note that it couldn't be later than that because I was due to hand over my apartment to my landlord. 4 days later, I received a call saying that they have not started on my curtains yet because they wanted to confirm that there was a pre-existing stain on one of the curtains. I confirmed this and told them that they should just proceed with the cleaning. On the day of pick-up, i went back to their Hougang outlet only to find out that my curtains have not arrived yet. I demanded an explanation and stressed that they need to give me my curtains that night because my appointment with my landlord was scheduled the following day. After several phone calls to their main office (and standing in front of their outlet for half an hour), I was told that they'd give me a call in 30mins. In all fairness to the lady, she did provide me with regular updates. However, the fact od the matter was they couldn't give me my curtains that night. I was told they'd deliver it to my place in the morning but they couldn't give a specific time. As I was already tired of being on the phone the whole night long, I said okay. The next day, the call came as promised. However, the delivery didn't happen until 1pm. Somehow, I would have been okay already that at least the curtains arrived. However, to my surprise, there was a piece missing. I immediately called them again to complain. They said they received 23 pieces and they are sure that they delivered 23 pieces to me. I told the lady that i was sure something was missing because it was the only curtain that was darker in colour than the rest. After several phone calls, they finally managed to find the missing piece but would not be able to deliver it to me. At the end of it all, i had to go back to their Hougang outlet 30mins before my scheduled hand over, pick up the missing piece, hurry back home, and hastily hoist the curtains up.

    They need to seriously think over the quality of service they provide their clients.

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  • Ms
    Ms Wee Jun 22, 2011

    too late to see all the bad comments about Fabric Pro. I have been using other laundry shop no problem so far early May11, i sent my good material curtain for dryclean, when i collected back and about to hang up, then i realised 1 out of the 2 pcs in bad torn-not just 1 line torn, is like after a big fight... they just put a note : curtain is torn due to materials is weak. ...what a joke !!! i send curtain for dry clean every half yr, even is due to sun light wear and tear, it shd suddenly apppear like this. and the funny thing is the other pc is perfectly ok. i am going to go SCT Press as they are confirm not go ing to do anything. The bottom line is : what "dryclean" method they are using to end up like this???

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  • Ja
    Jasonpoh Sep 05, 2010

    If only I had the foresight not to engage the services of such a terrible company
    A fur jacket was recently destroyed by this negligent bunch of people
    The fur was practically burnt to a crisp.

    I'm suprised that they are still in business and will use every available means to ensure that they compensate in full
    I hope writing to CASE and Stomp will highlight their lack of business ethics and shut them down
    I highly recommend bycotting this company and pass the word to all your friends.

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  • Vi
    Victim09 Jul 21, 2010

    I bought a black shirt from D&G in December last year (2009). I wore it for the first time in the same month. After which, I sent it for dry-cleaning (as indicated on the care instructions attached). Days passed and when I came back to collect it, to my horror, the black colour had faded away. (I can empathise with 'awareness') Like 'awareness' my shirt looked as if it has been worn and washed a lot of times.

    I went back to the laundry shop and lodged a complaint. The lady took my shirt and issued me a repair chit. This was dated 30 Jan 2010. Time passed by and I received little news about the shirt. The last call was a few months ago. A male staff was on the phone. He asked me how much was the shirt and I advised him about the price. After that conversation, no further update was given.

    Today (20 Jul 2010), I gave them a call again. A lady on the phone told me that the manufacturer of the material used for the shirt was at fault for not informing the fashion house D&G that the colour was not colour locked. I was shocked at how the company tried to divert the fault/blame to a party that was beyond the consumer's reach.

    I was taken aback by her statement. I was annoyed at how she tried to pacify the situation. She started off by saying it's not my fault, followed by it's not her company's fault and finally she said it's not the shop's fault.

    I do not appreciate the fact that she emphasises that it's not my fault because the fact is that shirt is mine and I absolutely have no desire nor any madness within me to have my own expensive shirt to be damaged. Also, it is my money that had gone the drain when the shirt was damaged after being sent for dry-cleaning by the laundry shop.

    I was also puzzled as to why was there no follow-up after that phone call in early 2010. The company kept my shirt in their factory for about 6 months and no action has been taken. If the cause of the damage has been that simple, why has there been no call made to me? It seems that there is a severe lack of professionalism in the company.

    I am appalled and disappointed by FabricPro (Dryclean & Laundry Services). The discovery of this post by 'awareness' had proven the absence of professionalism in their ethics.

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  • Ra
    Rain01 Jun 15, 2010

    I agree with you. I sent my CK dress & Ferrari Jacket for dry clean and it came back with a spoilt zip for my $400+ CK dress and Ferrari Jacket missing 1 hook on it while in overseas.

    This shop is terrible, upon collection of clothes they took away our receipt and said any problem just called them by giving them the tag number attached to the individual clothings. Then when you have problem the staff said that they will feedback to office and give us a repair receipt and waited almost 2 weeks they revert back that they regretted to inform that they are not responsible for it.

    Staffs direct you to call the customer service hotline [protected], left messages but no one return your call.

    I am going to file a complaint with CASE I think as a customer we should not condone this kind of service.

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  • Ij
    ijustwantcleancoats Jan 30, 2010

    Have encountered a problem with Fabric Pro as well. Terrible. The coats were supposed to be ready 3 weeks ago but till now, I have not received them despite calling and visiting the store various times. It was only two days ago that I found out that they had MISPLACED one of the coats (and didn't even bother calling to tell us!) and now, they are just asking us to wait (indefinitely) for it.

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  • An
    anti pricks Sep 07, 2009

    it's called negotiation. only ### deal in absolutes.

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  • Ok
    Okok Aug 24, 2009

    You are a typical lousy pathetic cry wolf!! Why ask for 25% or 50% when it's only worn once (as claimed by you!!). It should and have been full amount instead!! That compensation amount says so much about your demeaning and underhand complains and postings!!

    -1 Votes

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