EzCardInfo.comCredit card scams!


This card is a Rip-Off. They claim to offer you credit and tan they begin charging you before you even activate the card. You owe 75% of the credit you receive before you even spend a dime???


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  • La
    Laura Horwitz Feb 04, 2008

    They are the biggest scam on earth the customer service is very rude and act like you are a criminal they fee charge you to death even charge you for a credit limit increase the part that
    really is disturbing is you get increases and charges without your concent.

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  • Wi
    william westbay Apr 03, 2008

    can never get to the web site to check on my account if i can get to the site i have no trouble, but can never get there1bf62
    this is crap, must be them damn spanish speaking ### running things

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Walton Jun 21, 2008

    Total rip offs.

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  • Je
    Jessica Jul 16, 2008

    I totally Disagree!
    This card offers their services to those with Bad Credit, I, myself being one of those people! you are correct that when you receive the card there is already $250 in charges on the $300 limit card. But at least you get a credit card! These charges are only there, because they are going out on a limb for those who have bad history with credit! If you are not willing to pay the cost to have a card that is giving you a chance, then just pay cash and quit trying to get a credit card! it is not that hard to figure out! (and I am 19!) I am sure most of you are older than me, so if I am willing to accept that fact, that in order to rebuild my credit history, I am going to have to be a responsible adult, and pay the fees that come along with the card, then why can't you!
    Also I have had no problems getting to the website, so I have no clue, why you have... can you not type correctly? (ezcardinfo.com) <--- That is the website to check up on your account!
    Also The one time i did have a problem with the website, (It said the answer to my security question was incorrect!) I called the service line, and talked to a very friendly representative, whom I could clearly understand, (which proves that they do infact speak ENGLISH! "no spanish speaking ###' here!") helped me reset my security questions, because in fact I had typed incorrectly and i, myself had made the mistake.

    So if you have bad credit and want a credit card to help reestablish your credit, i would say that this card is the one for you, if infact you are willing to pay the price. If all you are going to do it complain about the fees, then forget about getting a credit card, for a LONG time while you rebuild your credit history without a credit card!

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  • Fa
    Fall Jul 23, 2008

    I disagree with the negative feedback for this company. I got a mastercard through this company and am very pleased. If you read up before ordering this card you would have known about the US$250 in charges that it came with. It is a great opportunity for me to rebuild my credit seeing as not one company besides this one has even thought twice about approving me for anything but a secured card. I'm HAPPY to have had at least had $50 available credit when receiving my card rather than paying US$300 for a secured card then paying even more fees just to use my own money. As for the website and customer service I agree with Jessica. I've only contacted them once but it was a breeze and they were very friendly. Website works fine and they even called to inform me my payment was about to be late to help protect me from a negative report to the credit agencies for the month.
    A+ to this company and thank you for the opportunity!

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  • Sa
    samantha Aug 19, 2008

    The 2 comments above, seem like comments from the compamy/company employee.

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  • Su
    Suann Aug 22, 2008

    Well Im In Neutal???Why well I got the ""BILL"" And Credit Protection Plan, & No Card "Still Waiting.Hopefully You Do Get A Card????Yes I Do Agree to The Fact We Already Know The""CHARGES"" Hopefully This Will Be A Good Experiece, And as we pay off the 300.00 It will INCREASE"to our Advantage!!!

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  • Ne
    netasha Aug 28, 2008

    well my husband just recieved his card and we are pleased and we did know a head of time about the surcharges and agreed anyway. they reason for that is we do not have a credit card and need to rebuild our credit history in order to buy a house. no one else would give us this chance so we are happy about it anf hopefully in six months that it wil be up higher enought so that we will not have to pay that high payment on the house and on anything else we want to buy. so, to me people with bad credit stop complaining and see who else will jive you a chance...

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  • Je
    Jennifer Sep 03, 2008

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the Negative comments!!
    First and foremost the card is NOT a scam!!! A scam is where they would have taken your money and never give you a card or any credit.
    Yes the card has fees, but i remember them stating that upfront before you even requested a card!!!
    You have to request a card and read the terms. Its not like they just send you the card and expect you to pay.
    IF You don't like it why did you sign up for the card???

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  • Sh
    shayna Hertl Sep 23, 2008

    I disagree as well, I knew up front about the fees and signed up anyhow, believe me, my credit really is horrible too! what I really liked is that after 3 ontime payments, and if you stay within your limit, they increase you $75 for every 3 ontime payments! And on my first payment, they gave me 25.00 off for paying it in full, so rather than the $250, I paid only $225 and the company footed the remaining 25.oo for me! Seriously, its the best deal for us. Now, another card that is good is Bank of America, they are offering second chances for those of us who can not get checking accounts because of chexsystems, not only did they open me a checking and savings (free ones) but for $99.00 security, they gave me a $500.00 limit credit card! No fees attatched either, one annual fee of $29, and that was it. I would definately consider getting that one if I were you, and this one too.

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  • Wi
    Willy Oct 10, 2008

    I agree $250.00 is a steep charge. You can get a secured credit card from sites like www.federatedcreditcards.com with only a $50 annual fee attached. All credit card issuers are not the same, some provide reasonable offers and some are just out to take advantage of people with no credit.

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  • Ht
    HTH Nov 04, 2008

    I disagree 100%. You know when you have bad credit you're going to have to pay the price for getting new credit. I'm one of those people, I'll admit it. The fees were explained up front and there were no "hidden costs" involved. But I paid the credit card in full after receiving the card and now I have a great credit card, which reports to all of the credit bureaus and my scores have raised big time. I would highly recommend this credit card to anyone who needs to rebuild their credit history or to start one.

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  • Je
    jennifer smith Nov 09, 2008

    i like this card. the only thing i dont like is when you want to make a little payment before you owe on the due date, they take your balance to zero. if you have say 100.00 on your available credit and you want to pay 50.00 for the hell of it, instead of having 100.00 still on your available claim, your balance is zero. whats whith that.

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  • Bi
    BigErotic1 Nov 16, 2008

    I have the card and have had no problems. All the fee and charges were not only explained they were in writing. If you have less than good credit you will have to pay to get a credit card or just pay for a secured card. Pretty much you are securing this card with the upfront fees. However you wnat to look at it, it's the price we pay for having less than desirable credit. I have had no problems with the website nor the customer service people. There are other companies out there that charge more and give you a lower credit limit. It is a start for those of us that truly need the help.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Nov 18, 2008

    I absolutlydo not think they are a scam as a matter of fact of all three of my credit cards the one that I received from ezcardinfo.com has the lowest interest rate. Which was really good considering the fact that my credit was shot at the age of 21 (at the time) and I realized how good that was when at the age of 23 I recently received a card through my bank Chase and they charged my a 21percent interest rate.

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  • Ju
    juan Mar 26, 2009

    I agree with the people this card is a scam . the web site does not work, the phone # works but when you put your 16 digit #, they tell me they have no records of the account. Be carefull the best way to get credit is to go to a credit union and ask for a secure credit line.

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  • Mo
    mochafairy Mar 30, 2009

    This credit card is not a scam. I have them and they have never screwed me at all. I have bad credit and they taken a chance on me. Granted there rates are high BUT we all agreed to them.

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  • Wy
    Wyoming wonder Jul 01, 2009

    I just received my card a month ago, yes years back due to a Divorce I had bad credit and two years later no credit. Not even my own bank would offer me a credit card all though I was showing no credit on my credit file through Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. After all of the attempts of trying to obtain a credit card no one would take a chance on me with out any credit but this company.

    So I applied for the card. I already paid off my $250.00 charges and have charged on my credit card items of necessity. Just to open my credit file and such which yes they did report my two payments to credit agencies.

    I now have a plan that when I charge I will pay all or most of the credit card off once a month so to not incur any further charges due to the 19.5 % interest to make my credit card payments higher and to ensure that my payments are on time.

    I do not pay the minimum amount allotted. I pay more than that. To keep my credit in good standing so in years to follow, I will be able to obtain loans and such.

    I've had no problem with the company at all or its associates, they have been very helpful and friendly, and as long as I keep paying my credit card off every month or most of it, no one bothers me. This also avoids late fees and extra charges on my credit card as well.

    To those who are complaining, a credit card is a responsibility, if you don’t want the card, call the company and cancel it out and cut up the card or send it back simple as that then you will have no reason to complain.

    If you didn’t have bad credit like the rest of us and weren't trying to get your credit in order like the rest of us to make a new start, you wouldn't have applied for the credit card at all or even looked at their website.

    So be happy someone took a chance on you and gave you credit. Stop whining like little babies and grow up.

    I am grateful of finally being able to carry a credit card in my wallet and to be able to obtain some credit now through Plains Commerce Bank.

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  • Wy
    Wyoming wonder Jul 01, 2009

    Oh by the Way I do NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY and have had no problems with the websites provided.

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  • Wa
    wayne6372 Aug 30, 2009

    I have had the card for 18 months and it has my credit.Yes the fees are outrages, but thats the price we pay when our credit was screwed up. I am now up to 450.00 credit limit, would have been 550.oo but iwas late in a six month period.It was my first card and I now have 4 more cards finally.

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  • Ha
    hall5886 Jan 25, 2010

    Yes the fees are outrageous and there is no real customer service even their website doesnt work anymore. But thanks to this company my credit rating overtime has went from a 530 to a 660 beacoen score. It's not the best but I now have other cards. If you have excellent credit this card isnt for you, but if you need to rebuild it's a great start.

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  • Pa
    PacoPete Mar 13, 2010

    This must be the el cheapo bank card company. Their website is so poorly constructed. It's hard to log- in even if you have the right ID and password.

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  • An
    Angela in Repair Nov 08, 2010

    I disagree with the negative remarks on this Credit Card. I do not work for the company. I read all the information in regards to this Master Card and fully understood all the charges. I applied for this card and recieved it without a problem about 3 years ago. Since then I have used it quite a bit and the credit limit has increased every year as stated in the information. It has helped me rebuild my credit just as it was suppose to do :)

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  • Ro
    Rober23 Dec 05, 2010

    They've never screwed me. I pay my bill on time, and read the credit agreement when I got the card. Of course the interest is going to be higher than normal, that was pretty much a given, but its not criminal and the people at the 800 number have been pretty helpful (if somewhat clueless from time to time).

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  • Te
    ted1 Jan 26, 2011

    I have a credit card through my bank and just use the ezcard website to pay my bill. Seems great to me, no complaints.

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  • To
    Tony Lunnon Aug 27, 2015

    The company definitely isn't scamming anybody, but their customer service is HORRIBLE. I've been trying to reach them multiple times per day for a week now and I just get diffrent messages that their system is down and to try back in an hour. When I did get a hold of somebody I was told the system was down and to call back 15 minutes while it resets. Seeing that I was already on hold for over 30 minutes I asked if I could be placed back on hold for the 15 minutes. I was told "sure, if you'd like to" and was then promptly hung up on. I called back 15 minutes later only to get an automated message that the system was down and to call back in an hour.

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  • Re
    Reviewer29361 Oct 03, 2015

    did not forward the visa payment to the bank.

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  • Lo
    Losers! Mar 15, 2017


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  • Lo
    Losers! Mar 15, 2017

    whatever comments you see about the company being solid ... those comments are from the Company. Don't do it! I've been on hold over over 30 MINUTES! Bad, bad news. Find a better company!!

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