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I ordered was "Infinity Board Game Touchscreen Table - Includes over 50 Games w Wi-Fi Downloadable Apps ×2" 60 Inch" and that's a total of 4 items because it was, buy one / get one free and I made it with two transactions and you send me this piece of [censored]. Are you serious about this?
This is a copy of the apology letter they emailed me. Thought I would share.

Dear customer,
We are deeply sorry for this case. After we check over and over again, we are sorry to find that it is the shippers who mistook the batch of the products due to the hot sale reasons, so you have received the wrong item, we are really sorry and have a claim with the shippers.

In order to make up for your loss, after negotiation with our suppliers, they promise that they could resend the right item to you, but to our regret, they ask for a return of the item you received. In this case, could you please go to your local post office to ask about the return cost? Our return address is: 1F, Block B, 108-120 Fengping Road, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.

You can choose to get the full refund or ask us to resend the right item to you once the suppliers get the returned package, please offer a picture of the delivery paper and package when you return it or provide us the tracking information online (by screenshot or picture) if you return the package.
After you post the item back and provide the information requested above, we will arrange a full refund plus the shipping cost of the returned package right away.

In addition, could you please check whether the item is useful for you or not? If yes, how about you keep the order or send it to your friend who can use it please, we can refund you a 40% refund of your total payment immediately, which can save the hassle of returning the item to us. If you have any different ideas, please kindly tell us and do not take further action, please believe that we can help you to solve it in a short time.
Your patience will be highly appreciated, have a nice day.

Christin from customer service center

Desired outcome: I would like to get a full refund and the items I purchased for free but I know it will never happen.

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Donna Lessard
, US
Jan 29, 2023 7:42 am EST

Oh I did the same table and received a pair of gloves marked 2 tooth brushes too. I had been waiting months and now I'm out over 50 dollars and no response from them.

Wendy VanLith
, US
Jan 27, 2023 2:54 pm EST

Same deal. They sent me a pair of gloves... marked as toothbrushes on the package. My credit card company reversed charges. Then they started emailing me asking me to send it back at my expense. I told them I will donate the gloves in a week if they don't want to pay for shipping back.