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Everest CollegeAwful school

Before I even decided to go to this school, I read some reviews of the school online, I saw that many of the Everest's in America had some pretty bad reviews, but I saw a few in Canada (where I'm from) that were pretty awesome. So I enrolled myself, got a loan from OSAP and here we are.

I am currently attending Everest College in Ontario, Canada, in the Personal Support Worker course. My course began on November 24, 2008. In 2 weeks, my class is supposed to, (key word "supposed to") be put into a nursing home for placement.
Unfortunately, we are not going to be going into placement at our schedualed time. The reason?

Near the end of January our class was hit hard. Our teacher, was fired, and we were given a new teacher. No one was offically told why, just that our teacher "wasn't coming back" She was a very nice woman, and was replaced by another awesome woman. Unfortunately, because of the change, we were pretty much starting fresh with our work and learning, with only a month of school left. This new teacher had to learn our learning styles, and where we were with our work and learning, it was a hard adjustment. You'd think with one month left, they would just leave us with our original teacher and let us end the course.

About a week after the teacher switch, the news was told to some of us in the class from a returning student that our original teacher, had taught the year before, and the class that she had, went into placement and was actually sent BACK to the school to relearn many things because they weren't taught enough to be in placement. There were also many words going around that our teacher had a bad way of teaching and we were very far behind in our learnings and should have known more then we did. My question, is if this school knew how she taught, and didn't like it, and if they knew what happened with the class before us, about having to return from placement, why would they let her continue teaching at the school? Why would they put us with her for 2 months and THEN decide to fire her?

I should also mention that we went to school on a Wednesday morning, and the president of the school came down to our class to tell us about our teacher and that we would be getting a new one. Then she sent us home for the rest of the week and told us that we would have a new teacher on Monday. (This information comes into play in a few more paragraphs) So we meet our new teacher, she's nice, but she also has her own way of teaching that took us awhile to get used to. Oh, and I should also mention that it took the school about 3 weeks to find all of our marks, because our old teacher had them back at her house, and they misplaced a few of them. So we had no idea how we were doing in the class. Actually, as of right now, we still don't know our most recent mark, and we should. Also, our new teacher has yet to learn the schools marking scheme, so she's as confused as we are.

Now, when it comes to OSAP, we were screwed over with that too. As of February 15, 2009, our SECOND OSAP loan papers were released to us. Unfortunately, our class did not, and still has not, received any money from our second loan. I'll explain why. Our class right now, SHOULD be 40% finished our course. And we NEED to be 40% finished our course in order to get our second OSAP loan. Because we were given a week long christmas break (normally, and other past years, it's only been 2 days for christmas break), and also because we were told not to come to class until Monday after we found out that we were getting a new teacher, we are only 32% finished our course. Another thing the school screwed us over with. Many of us in the course are mad for this very reason. OSAP loans help pay for things while we're in school. Rent and groceries, and many in the class have children, this is setting us all back and making it hard to stay in school. Some students are having to pick up extra shifts at work to make money, and because of this are not able to finish homework and projects. It really sucks. We haven't been told any date that we would be getting our second loan either, I heard "sometime in March"..but who really knows?

So, because of all the set backs that we have been given, with a new teacher and missing marks, we are not able to go into placement on time. This new teacher has been instructed to teach us for one, maybe two, extra weeks so we can take more time to learn more things and do more hands on things so we are ready for placement. Now, I agree that we do need more time for that, but, the school knew that our old teachers teaching ways were bad, and she didn't teach enough, so why would they put US through that too? It's because of that reason why we aren't going into placement on time. Our end date for the course was supposed to be May 29th, 2009 and because we are going into placement late, our end date is going to be extended. For some, they have to change they're after school plans, some people were planning on, and had already planned to move. Now, because of the schools screw-ups, everything has to change.

Also, it surprised me to see how rude some of the teachers are at my school. When I saw the commercials on TV (it was a commercial that got me to call the school) it looked like a great school, the students were happy and said they had great success with their class, and getting into the work field. Honestly, my school is less then half of what those commercials show. I am very disappointed in Everest College. They lie about everything on their commercials and their ads, it's nothing like that. I do not recommened this school for anyone. It's definitly not worth the money you are paying them.


  • Wa
    wannapooh Nov 15, 2016

    I attend Everest Online College at this present time and I agree that it is a big scam. Every time I turn around it is a problem with financial aid. I thought that it was just me. I had a friend of mines sigh up just to see what was really going on and so to speak, Everest sells you dreams just to get you to sign up. We filled the same paper work out 6 times and only how we knew it was wrong is because we would call to check on his financial report. They waited 5 days before school to tell him it was wrong again and we knew it was right they just wanted us to make changes to stall his money. Once we got it right they tell him it would take up to 4 weeks for his money to post. To me that was wrong. When it is money we have to pay back.

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  • Da
    DaynaM Jun 03, 2014
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    I looked into Everest College once and the next thing I know they are mailing me constantly to enroll. They were calling my house on a regular basis until I told them to stop harassing me! They are simply desperate for students. Turned me off right away.

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  • Su
    sunspot Mar 27, 2014

    I attended Everest in London and I have to say that it's not that bad. The program I was in was a tech-based and was an individualized program it was up to the student to advance their education, with guidance from the on-site instructor. After graduation, I applied everywhere and landed lots of interview both in London and in other cities including Toronto. I had a few job offers come up, but I couldn't accept them because of my health. I believe that as hard as the school's training was to swallow for me, coming out of public school, the skills learned at the school proved to be invaluable. I ended up for a top tech-based company, in a different role than my program, and it was great for a while. I believe if I had stuck with the company I would've eventually made my way into a role related to my program; however, my health was also not the greatest. I don't blame my job prospects on my education at Everest at all because the diploma did open a lot of doors that otherwise would have been shut. In the end, to really get started in my field, I used the knowledge learned from my schooling at Everest and started my own company. It was enough to give me an extra boost of experience and build my portfolio to land other job opportunities. Employers know that I work hard, but many times I had to leave my position still because of my health. I have enjoyed my experience because it has made me into the person I am today. The school worked for me because I have a more entrepreneurial outlook, and currently I am planning the start of a new business related to field of study, but also just taking some more time to get better. To those seeking to placement judgments on the school from these reviews, I can tell you that it's easy for someone to speak about a negative experience -- it's just the way humans are conditioned. However, what I find is that a lot of students who attend the school also didn't take the initiative to fully comply with the program and complete the learning material to standard. In my area, there were students who were wasting their time playing video games during class time instead of studying and then complains that they are getting nowhere. Great observation, if only these students would commit themselves then they would see the light that the school provides.

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  • Ya
    yacoo lamane Mar 30, 2013

    will everest college in grandrapids mi, deny me into the lpn program for disturbing the peace and resisting arest over 17 years ago?

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  • Da
    Dave Doobay Jan 11, 2011

    Thames Valley College is even more of a scam than CDI/Everest. The director makes deals with students in attempts to take increasingly larger portions of their OSAP money. Miss a couple weeks of school and the director will inevitably propose a financial arrangement that would cause him to ignore the student's absence. Yes, instead of making up the time missed, Dave, tries to convince students to 'pay a fine' and receive the diploma anyway. This is just wrong!

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  • Ag
    a girl from london Oct 25, 2010

    I've recently completed my in class portion at this school and will be heading out into my placement shortly. I am lookng to make a formal compaint and I'm wonding if anyone has information on how to direct me that way. Anything would be helpful.
    Thank You

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  • Ci
    circumvent Aug 02, 2010

    The only defense people have against these types of places are the internet and in-side knowledge(which most of us do not have.) I guess I was completely naive to think that these places were credible. I figured they were a step-below traditional Universities and Colleges but I did not realize just how badly they are viewed by the general public.

    In fact, I truly believe that it cheapens your image in so far as employers are concerened. These private schools do not require the submission of high-school transcripts and I think most employers know this. So, even though you may have completed your high-school education, you may still get lumped into that category with those who did not, and all associations that come with it. It makes sense, you were classmates with them, learned the same material and graduated with them so you are a part of that group. Many employers probably scoff at the schools "fast-track" approach. Employers, when comparing THEIR 3-4 year+ stays at traditional schools cannot think too highly of a "diploma" recieved in a year or in many cases less time than that.

    I am trying to get in the head of the people who do the hiring. I had to do so as I wanted to attempt to make sense of the constant rejection I experinced in the job market and the rejection of MOST OTHER grads of private schools. Most of that is common sense anyways but, like I said, I admit that I was not in a clear head space at the time and extremely NAIVE and GULLIBLE!

    I went through the whole phase of trying to stick-up for the school I went to and of the "diploma" I recieved. I tried to stand proud of it and act as if I really did have a true, post-secondary education. But after a while, you go through the denial:realization phase and come to terms with the fact that you are no better off than you were when you enrolled in the crappy school. You realize that you lost a [censor]-load of money and a good chunk of time in the process thus putting you in a MUCH WORSE position than when you started!

    Here is my little hierarchy of importance in so far as post secondary schools are concerned, employer perception, credit transferabliltiy etc.:
    1.Traditional Universities
    2.Community Colleges
    3.Traditional Unversity certificate programs
    4.Community college certificate programs
    5.High-School diplomas
    6.Private schools

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  • Fk
    F**k Facebook Jul 26, 2010

    This site posts ads for the ripoff companies the sheeple who subscribe to this [censor] complain about? WTF?

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 23, 2010

    Ah, I see. I was a bit confused there for a bit and thought you too were in London. It seems that CDI swallowed up Toronto School of Business in other cities and just closed the one here The London "campus" was also owned by the same guy that owns a popular downtown buffet style restaurant and he was hiring 'grads' from his school. That's how he was able to say he had such high numbers for his grads having such a high employment number. As soon as you take any job at all after school, they count you as a 'success' story and close off your file.

    There's currently another "college" in where Toronto School of Business used to be called Thames Valley Business College. I think they called themselves that as a way to trick people into thinking they might have something to do with the local public school board here. - It's called Thames Valley District School Board. This so-called school is in a building downtown that also houses the local office for Ontario Works (social Assistance).

    I'd really like someone to take a hard look at these schools. They have no place at all and only serve to rip off the general public and the tax payer. The only private trade school I know is 100% legit is Welding At It's Best. A friend of mine went there and has never been wtihout work in the last three years. Only down side to that is the long waiting list to get in. - At least a year. By the time you wait, you might as well just go and do the same program at Fanshawe or another public college.

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  • Ci
    circumvent Jul 23, 2010

    The "career services" was nothing that any of us students could not do on our own. Scour the newspapers and internet based job sites etc. They eventually hired some guy to take care of "job leads"(they LOVED talking about leads) but it made no difference. All of those promises of jobs and stuff came when they were called the Toronto School of Business. Then when they changed to CDI they simmered down a bit and didn't mention all of that stuff like "recruiters" etc. I think now, since they've changed their name to Everest they do none of that. They did get in huge trouble for all of those claims so their marketing has changed. Towrads the end of my stay they created this "job board" to show off all the grads who were hired and by what company. What stood out to me was that in most instances they did not mention WHAT the grad was doing?! They called me up about a month after I graduated asking if I found employment and where. I did not tell them as they would have had another thing to add to that job board. I was at a reputable company but working as a labourer! They would have excluded the labour part of it(the actual job!) and put up my name and the company I work would have looked great for a potential student in orientation(as in...WOW, "X" company hired a CDI grad!), so I declined to give them any info. I think this is also how they used to generate those absurd
    98% grads hired" percentages. Anyhow, you can have all the career services and crap you want, if the public(employers and REAL Universities and Colleges) do not recognize theses places as legit it will make no difference...and judging solely from my experiences they do not recognize them!

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 23, 2010

    Where was CDI/Everest before they were in Galleria? I remember them being in the same building as the RCMP there on Talbot in about 2002 or so, back then, they were called CDI. As I mentioned before, a friend attended the PSW program at one campus in Toronto but dropped out after a week. She said they changed names to match what they're called in the US as well.

    Any truth to their 'career services' just throwing a newspaper at you and telling you to look in there? I heard that from an acquaintance when he said his ex-gf had gone there. Any negative thing I hear about a private college really doesn't surprise me, so I have little doubt that it is true.

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  • Ci
    circumvent Jul 23, 2010

    Ha. These stories crack me up. I also went to a private college several years ago, CDI(now Everest) and before CDI, it was called something else. How professional and consistent...3 name changes in the span of like, 5 years! My experience, like the majority of people who attend one of these private places, was absolutely horrible.

    When I took my "tour", I also was thinking to myself, "huh?! THIS is a college?" It was the third floor of some random downtown building. Very small and cramped.

    At the time I was confused, depressed and they hooked me with their deceptive marketing schemes, lies and promises of job placement etc. I also had no clue about the relevance of the different types of accreditation that exists. What we want is regional accr. and NOT national accreditation. Private schools are nationally accredited or regionaly accredited by a PRIVATE school body(a sham!) Point being is that they are quick to say that they are accredited and they say it as if their national/private accreditation means something in the real world(which it does not!)

    The "program" was a farce. It was basically at a general high-school level(I thought this was post secondary education?) and I felt as if I was taking a step backwards by being there. Many of the teachers were graduates of the school itself if you can believe that!

    The "director" spoke of specific jobs we could apply for with awesome salaries; of "recruiters" who came to the school to scoop up the best grads, of employers who hired CDI grads exclusively. All of this crap was mentioned at the BEGINNING of the program(gee...wonder why?!) The jobs and such she spoke of kept me from quitting and I waited it out hoping for a chance to apply for that awesome job she spoke of. Needless to say, NONE of these things ever happned or existed. NONE! We were told frequently to dress professionally so as to impress the employers who visited the school. I never missed a day and neither I nor my classmates had ever seen but one of these so-called recruiter/employers. The director gave me a blank stare when I asked her for the contact info. for that job she mentioned. All complete crap.

    The biggest joke was how the "credentials" i recieved stood up in the real-world. That joke of a diploma landed me one interview after having sent out 300+ resumes. The job VAGUELY dealt with what I took and I did not get it. I have no criminal record, got good grades(as do 98% of the people who go to these's easy) andI am a good worker. Employers do not take these places seriously. And do you really think that employers are impressed with the "fast-track" approach also?! Gimme a break! I was so embarrassed of having been there and with how it must look in the marketplace that I took CDI off my resume.

    Seeing all the complaints on the internet about private schools really shines a light on the crap that exists and persists in the "education" world. Just do it the old fashioned, tried and true, regioanl University or College way. Forget these Private/Fast-Track/98% Grads hired/Vocational/Business/ skoolz!

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 19, 2010

    Btw Hobbes, what program did you end up taking? I'd suggest trying another city and seeing how your luck is there, but assuming you're still here in London and can't get anything, I doubt you'll have much luck elsewhere.

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 18, 2010

    lol... I was actually bound by the bus, so that only added to my already cramped day. About 45 minutes to get there (whatever bus was on Dundas) and then the 4a or b.

    Regarding the Police Foundation students standing there in that lobby, I always assumed they were taking descriptions of the people that were filing in for observation purposes for part of their course.

    I can't help but lol @ the fact they got some STUDENTS to escort someone from the building. So much for standing up for yourself, I guess they figure everyone is supposed to eat Mrs. Teetzel's [censor] and smile.

    And microwaves, hell even high schools have them. I remember Beal having a few, and Fanshawe had a couple set up in that area where they have that little mini mart where you can get subs or pizza, and the bar which is open during some lunch hours. (not Outback Shack, I think it's referred to as Forewell Hall)

    But about parking, they did tear a few houses down to make way for parking, as well, you can park at White Oaks Mall in the Walmart area. I can't say I blame the management of the strip mall where Jack Astor's and Blinds To Go are. I'd be pissed too if 200 cars were taking up valuable spots for my client's customers and I owned that property.

    I also couldn't believe they didn't even have wireless internet. It would have been nice to do a little bit of research or even just mess around on the lunch break. I asked about it and was told the students would just abuse it. lol right... like we're going to be able to download a 20 gig torrent in a lunch break... xD Their IT guys just need to block the ports that torrents use, it is possible because I can't even get 10kbs when I try to use it downtown at the library.

    Which reminds me of this one time. We were going to be doing computer charting and was told that our files will be in a certain drive. The drive showed up, but we didn't have access to it. Being pretty tech savvy myself, I knew the problem (actually, anyone in grade 9 computers could figure this one out) and told Mrs C what to do, basically just give is privleges to access that drive. She looked at me and sneered which was followed by a not so pleasent look. Sure enough, a few minutes later she went to get an IT guy who did indeed give us access. I would have called her out on that for being such an ignorant [censor], but again, I didn't want to do anything to jeapordize my education.

    And while Fanshawe might have some silly way of doing things for PSW (Finding your own co-op, needing to have your CPR and First Aid cert before you apply) at least it will be widly recognized. That way if I am a Fanshawe grad I can show my resume to an employer anywhere from St. John's all the way out to Victoria. They'll be like "Oh Fanshawe, that's in London right? I got family there, nice city" As opposed to "Westervelt, huh? What is that? Where is that?".

    To change the topic a bit, if any of my former classmates happen upon this page, I certainly hope you had better luck with the dragon lady than I did, and I wish you all nothing but success. As for myself, I've pretty much convinced myself London is dead and there's nothing here for me now. I might just pack up my [censor] and move to Sudbury, maybe even hook back up with a certain girl I used to be quite close with".

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 18, 2010

    @Hobbes.. lol. Their 'cafeteria' or 'lounge' is a joke. I remember the orientation session(the day before classes and when we got our books), it was either the dean or the assistant dean that said they don't have microwaves because of health code regulations and they have to have someone there at all times to clean after EVERY use. - I lol'd because of that. That's the biggest crock of [censor] I've ever heard. I have worked at a lot of different places, sometimes large factories like Keiper (out there on Airport road) or McCormick's and they certainly didn't have anything like that. I guess every place I've ever worked (or anyone else) at is in violation of some health codes. So I was spending at least 5 bucks a day on lunches as well. At the very least they could have had fridges for the students to keep lunches in, but I guess that would require them to spend money on students instead of it lining the owner's pocket.

    @2me22 like I said in my PM to you, if you file a complaint with the Ministry of Education, show them your proof because it will only fuel the [censored]storm that will most likely ensue if enough complaints are filed against this 'school'.

    If she had tried this at a real school like Fanshawe or St. Clair the student union would [censor] bricks and demand action against her, I don't even think the precious 'teacher union' could help her there.

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 17, 2010

    And for the record, I was so stressed out I could barely sleep. I was lucky enough to get 4, maybe 5 hours a night. I'd be drinking Red Bull or the knock-offs to help me stay awake. I was snapping at everyone, friends and family. My entire life was school. Two to three hours a night of reading and doing homework. To avoid any distractions, I'd go to the library so I could concentrate fully on what I needed to do. I stayed completely sober, no weed, no booze for the short while I was there. Even much of my weekends were dedicated to assignments, reading or studying. - I probably looked like a fool sitting in the Galleria Food Court reading text books and eating my dinner.

    Someone mentioned to me that perhaps the teacher causes stress on her students to see how they would respond to it in the working world. Whatever her reason is, there's no excuse, and she obviously has a history of this. - As 2me22 has mentioned. I wonder how many students she's done this to in the past. I'd like to see her fired and the entire program, and perhaps the entire school overhauled, but I don't see that happening any time soon.


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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 17, 2010

    @ 2me22: Were you there just recently? I'm about to file a formal complaint with the Ministry of Education as well as my local MPP. I have to backtrack what I said. I did indeed attend Westervelt for PSW, I didn't say I did originally for fear of identifying myself, but since another person has basically had the same story as me, I think I'll just come right out. And like 2me22, it was the WORST experience of my life as well. If I had known the [censor] I would have went through, I would have just packed up and moved to Sudbury to attend a REAL school up there. - Cambrian College.

    I was cornered in the hallway by that [censor] Mrs. Laplante who told me "I'm going to rip apart your tests and look for anything I can use to take marks away". When I asked her "What the hell is your problem?" she told me point blank "I just don't like you, you don't belong in my program, I want you gone". Well that [censor] got her way eventually. I would have complained to the dean about this incident in the hallway, but considering how she tore into me the day I dropped out, I don't think that would have went over very well. It's obvious they only care about the money the students bring in.

    On top of being [censor]ed over by the school, they also failed to send the proof that I paid them the money for the tuition, books, uniforms and even an exam fee, something I never even got to take in the first place! I got a very angry letter from the Ministry of Education basically saying I now owe $3, 000. As if my problems weren't bad enough before, they just got worse.

    Thanks Westervelt, thanks for [censor]ing me over and making my life a living nightmare. And for the record, Robert Gardiner is a lying sack of [censor]. Admissions Co-ordinater? He's nothing but a glorified salesman!

    And btw 2me22, do you have an email I can reach you at? (I also have an idea of who you are) I'd like to discuss this further with you. If two people file complaints, (and most likely attended at different times) then a red flag will definitely be raised at the Ministry of Education. If we don't do something about it, that horrible school will just continue to do it again. - If you want to get ahold of me, my Facebook has the exact same user name as I do on here.

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  • A.Guy.From.London Jul 11, 2010

    Ugh, I posted a message but it was lost. Anyways, an update to my previous message that I posted a little over a year ago.

    I ended up attending Westervelt College, not for Personal Support Worker like the OP, but for another program I won't speak of for fear of being outed by a troll. Anyways, long story short, I had one instructor that was a real [censor]. Emphasis on the [censor]. She was continually centering me out in class, sometimes laughing at me, would rip my tests and assignments apart and basically making my life a living hell. The stress was so bad for me that I had to drop out of the program. The dean of students, who is nothing more than a glorified principal ripped into me with a tirade full of personal insults to the point where I just got up, told her to "[censor] you [censored]" and walked out of her office, and the school eventually.

    I don't suggest anyone attend Westervelt College. The ONLY way to get ahead is to attend a REAL school. All these private colleges are a scam. Everything from Weservelt, CDI, TriOS, the list goes on. Don't waste your time with any of them. Go to Fanshawe, Mohawk, St. Clair or Cambrian, because that's the only way to get a diploma that won't be laughed at by an employer, or your resume just tossed into the trash when they see that you attended a 'Private College'.

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  • Aa
    AAB Sep 10, 2009

    I attend the Everest College in Burr Ridge, IL. If I knew that this school was the way it is, I would have taken my money and ran! But I didn't! I am almost done with the program, thank God and wont have to see these ignorant loud people ever again.

    It seems like we're in High School or worse Elementary School. Students here are loud, talk back to the instructors, don't follow the campus rules, smoke, and ignorant!!! If you fall into one of those categories this school is right for you, if not RUN! I see it as once I am done with this program and get a job in my field, I will be the boss/manager of these people. I laugh!

    Good Luck!

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  • A.Guy.From.London Apr 18, 2009

    CDI, or Everest as it's now known is a complete and total fraud. The fact that they're inside the Galleria mall should be enough to tell you that they're not a legit school.

    I don't want to be one that says "Told you so" but you would have been much better off going to Westervelt, where you're taught by trained RN's and you do your placement at Dearness Home.

    I was going to go there with the Second Careers program, but it turns out I'm not eligable for it because apparently, it's not "skilled" enough. The tuition was going to be about $5, 000 for the six month class. And apparently because I'm a guy, I'd have a job almost right away because there's not enough of us in the field.

    I hope it all worked out for you in the end, I really hate seeing SCAM schools like CDI College taking advantage of people. Thames Valley Business College in the McDonald's building downtown is another fraud school.

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