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F Jul 16, 2019

I purchased a living room set which included a coffee table an end table and a accent table, not much after my table started to look like the finish was coming off so I called my sales person and was told that's how it look because it was a distressed look. As time went on it was getting worse and she sent some to my home for repair, he used a marker and said that was the best he could do. My table kept getting worse so I spoke to Liz and she asked that I send her photos and I did, she called and said she couldn't believe I was living with that for so long and she would send a repair man. When the repairman came he said it would have to be completely redone. Liz called and said they would replace the tops only and I agreed to that, later I got a call and was told they were discontinued so I said ok I'll pick new tables and she said no she was gonna have them refinished I told her it would not be the same and she said it would so they took my tables for three weeks and when the came back it was clear that they were a different color. I called her and said they should do the right thing a replace my tables and she told me that they wouldn't and she would only repair the accent table as well and I allowed her to do it only because I could have different tables. The repair man sent her pictures and she said they match. I am including pictures so you can see they do not match and are no longer what I paid for.

living room tables
living room tables

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