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Esky review: Refund

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Booked through Esky for Ryanair flights from Bournemouth on 06 December 2021 for flights to Malaga departing on 29 July 2022,

We had an email saying the flight times had changed and we could either except the time change or request a refund.

We requested a refund and were told we had to contact Ryanair who then told us to fill in verification forms and supply proof of bank details and passport details, this went on for over a year with them keep asking for verification forms etc of which we filled in several times but received no refund .

Having contacted Ryanair by telephone to try to resolve this we were told that all our contact details such as email, contact numbers and even address was wrong and so couldn't go through the security check even they had been emailing us through out.

They suggested we now contact Esky asking for the email and contact details which were used during the booking, these have never changed,

Desired outcome: refund

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