Ervin Cable Constructiondamage to private property

J Dec 19, 2019

In summer this year Ervin Cable located in Sikeston Mo. 63801 was installing fiber optic cable in area, they came on my property without notice, dammaged a culvert under my driveway after I explained to them not to disturb it, they had no reason to dammage it, also ran over trees, killing them, digging around on my 3 acer's, leaving a sloppy mess. They blocked my driveway w/truck over 3 hours. I emailed them several times, sent a repair voucher as requested, with no reply to
([email protected]) This company did sloppy work in other area's as well. The only picture I have is one of the culvert I had to dig out and repair, I sent them several in the emails as ask. if you respond to my email ([protected]@gmail) I will forward emails i've had with Ervin Cable. Thank You

Ervin Cable Construction

  • Updated by Jay Chip · Dec 19, 2019

    thank you

  • Updated by Jay Chip · Jan 03, 2020

    Erwin cable has not responded to any request,

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