Equity Residentialcontinuous break in and vandalism

A Oct 07, 2019

My name is Amika Brown and I currently rent apartment 173 at the Versailles in Woodland Hills.

I have lived here for almost a year and a half. My Mercedes Benz has been broken into 5 times since moving in. Money was stolen, garage remote and other items were stolen. My second car a 2018 Dodge Charger was broken into and vandalized 3 times. My car amp was stolen and other items. I have had to repair windows 3 times so far costing me a total of $650. The last incident happened this morning. My passenger window was busted open, my amp was stolen and other items. Management has cameras in the garage but refused to let me view the footage even though the police officers stated it was ok for me to view because I may know the people who vandalized my car. Well Management, specifically James, under the instruction of Kevin, stated we could not view the footage because there could be a possible liability. Now let me get this straight, you have a string of break ins on your tenants vehicles but they cant view the footage because it may be a liability? However you have cameras installed. For what exactly? To record tenants without there permission? Or to monitor illegal activity, to protect tenants? And the word Liability means the leasing office knows who are doing the break ins, and don't want to disclose due to a possible lawsuit because they are fellow tenants committing the crimes. Now the officers found this puzzling, that they gave permission for me to see the video and James came up with another excuse as to way I couldn't view. So the officers told me what they saw in the video and they described the people and the car to me. They live here, and the car is well known. Even the security guard admitted he knows exactly who they are. (Check the security guards reports, he documents everything) Now the security guard stated he notice my car was vandalized at 4:30 am and immediately informed Kevin at that time. Well James called at 9:30 am claiming he NOTICE my car was broken into at that time, never stating the security guard had already reported 5 hours prior to Kevin.

Mind you my car windows has been busted 3 times already, vandalized and damaged. So if you fear liability that means you know who is breaking in the vehicles and refuse to do anything about it, or you know the string of break ins are from tenants who possibly live here and Versailles (Equity) would possibly be held liable. Here is the issue, James said a key word in front of me, my husband and officers. LIABILITY. Versailles have cameras installed in the garages, so management is aware of all break ins and possibly the people who are doing it. Now if they allow me to see the video I most likely can identify the suspects, and those suspects are most likely tenants of Versailles making them liable. Also two months ago I reported the second incident of my windows being shattered and was told by one of the managers that they were already aware because another car was vandalized and they had it on video. But never disclosed it to the victim. I also know the leasing office deletes footage after 10 days. Now the officers stated a detective would possibly come out to view the video in about two to three weeks, however the leasing office only holds a video for 10 days. So by the time the detectives shows up the video is already deleted. I have other tenants who have said this has happened to them leaving them helpless.

You would think the high rent would have some level of safety for the tenants in this upscale area. But no! What is the point of cameras in the parking garages?

I feel unsafe and fear for my families safety. The power goes down and we are stuck for hours in the dark. The side door next to the public street is always open. Free access from the street. There is no lighting when trying to take alternate routes to parking when the elevators are constantly out of service. Management has a security guard who walks the property but never never catches the break ins. However he reports all incidents and reports it to management. At this point my living situation is in jeopardy here and I fear for me and my families lives. I am afraid to walk to my car at night. The fire alarms go off in the middle of the night. People coming to my door and wiggling the knob to see if is unlocked. This is suppose to be a good neighborhood. The rent is extremely high but management is doing nothing about these people who are clearly on camera stealing out of our vehicles, fearing for our safety, setting off alarms. I have a 12 year old is so afraid. This should not be happening. I am consulting an attorney at this point.

I am requesting you make this a priority issue and reach out to me. I am also requesting you immediately contact the leasing office and insure that video footage is not deleted. Please also request the security guard reports that were submitted to management to be immediately disclosed to you. He stated he is willing to show you everything. I will also be contacting the police department and letting them know the leasing office will try to attempt to delete the video before the detective shows up to view. As was previously done in the past to other tenants who had filed police reports in the past.

This is a very unsafe place and I fear for me and my families life.

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