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My Name is Yesh pal Singh, I'm an Indian citizen working and residing in Denmark, I bought Rado watches from China, and seller sent this Package through EMS, Express Mail Service Package Number is Given below, There are two watches in Package Gents/Ladies, its worth 50000.00 RS,
Now after Custom clearance this Package is Missing, Please look into it, this is NOT fare, This Custom/and courier people are altogether they are doing this kind of theft,

Please check the website of EMS and track this Package,
Package Tracking Number-EA875646934CN
Thanks in anticipation. and await some response.

Very turely Yours
Yesh pal Singh

Drew Thomas
, PT
Apr 05, 2023 9:00 am EDT
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EMS website is "" and you can track your shipment on that website as well. But beware - EMS is very very expensive, much more expensive than FedEx and is very very slow therefore the word "express" in EMS is a joke!

Sakonnakhon, TG
Jun 16, 2022 9:54 pm EDT
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Hello I posted good to Australia from Thailand to a PO BOX, Fastship is the company I used and EMS were the delivery company they arfe claiming the parcel was delivered, now the issue here is the cumstomer (reciever of the parcel) has a PO BOX he also knows the owner of the Post Office where delivery should have been made, how can a parcel fail to reach a PO BOX? They claim that the reciever was not at home! They never bothered to take it at all, a PO BOX cannot fail delivery, the parcel cost over 5000bhat to post and they failed to deliver and kept the money, very very very poor service, I contacted them and they just kept reply the reciever was not there for collection! IT WAS A PO BOX! he doesn't have to be there! The Postal obusman will be contacted. DO NOT USE THERE COMPANIES

Ипполит Матвеевич
, US
Feb 26, 2020 11:48 am EST

P.S. The probkem is that EMS is not a company. It is a worldwide mail handling cartel based in Switzerland, China and Africa. Do not hand your valuables to EMS.

Ипполит Матвеевич
, US
Feb 26, 2020 11:47 am EST

EMS are a corrupt cartel, they are using the "PROHIBITED ITEMS" card often now. They will open packages even those that are sent within the European Union or even within the same country. They use "prohibited items" card to keep your contents. Their "prohibited "items" list is now listing everything including "Other Manufactured Goods" which can be applied to anything, even cellphones and appliances, to paper goods and even cash! Their confidence trick scheme is like this: they email you that they found "prohibited items" in your envelope or parcel and they tell you you must fly to a remote warehouse to pick the shipment up or they will discard the contents. This is a worldwide Swiss scam - EMS headquarters are in Switzerland. Never use EMS or you will lose a lot of money and time to the Express Mailfia Service!

, US
Jul 24, 2018 9:36 pm EDT
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I purchased 1 item and EMS and WISH said it was delivered, but it was not. Wish said it was probably delivered to the wrong address, which is likely possible since they only have one address and everything else I purchased through them has been delivered. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt and got my money back. I went ahead and ordered a similar item and going by the tracking through EMS it was delivered today 24 July 2018, but of course it was not. Since there is no email to write to them and since the contact is a phone number and since it is in Beijing, China, I cannot contact them because I do not speak Chinese. I am starting to think the EMS company sees things they want and steals them for their own and then says they were delivered. This is an irresponsible company and should be put out of business.

, MY
Jul 21, 2015 1:42 pm EDT

Until now I still not yet receive my parcel. I've made called my local shipping POS MALAYSIA to trace where my parcel locate, for your information..I have been notified by POS MALAYSIA about my parcel currently not available in Malaysia.

My local shipping POS MALAYSIA had advice me to write this email to you. Kindly please contact your office mail EMS to report regarding this issue.

If you check tracking below, the last date parcel is 16 Jun 2015 and delivery at City of Guangzhou. Almost 1 month I waiting this parcel. Please respond as soon as possible!

I had bough watch from The seller look like not responsible and not take serious issue of this. Until now no email and no update from them. I really dispointed and want complaining about this. really bad this seller.

My tracking number is EA068066610CN

This email I send out to my seller

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Raj Malhotra
, CN
May 05, 2010 4:00 am EDT


    Your item was received by sorting center(REPUBLIC OF INDIA MUMBAI PAR) at [protected]:41:00

Timing Site Status
  [protected]:18:00 Posting
  [protected]:56:00 LCYX Despatch from Sorting Center
  [protected]:54:32 SHENZHEN Arrival at Sorting Center
  [protected]:11:51 SHENZHEN Despatch from Sorting Center
  [protected]:29:00 GUANGZHOU Arrival at Sorting Center
  [protected]:51:00 GUANGZHOU Despatch from Sorting Center
  [protected]:41:00 REPUBLIC OF INDIA MUMBAI PAR Arrival at Sorting Center

My Name is Raj Malhotra. I buy some electronics goods from shenzhen China. The seller send goods on 24/04/2010 & as per above trake report goods already reach in mumbai 24/04/2010. now after 9 days no body is giving proper reply. custom people says cargo not in custom & ems office person says they dont know about that parsol. Please check