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Empire Carpet MN

Empire Carpet MN review: Carpet and carpet install

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Nov 18th, 2022 I had carpets installed by empire. The carpet they installed was not physically confirmed and when I saw what they had installed I had them stop and I called the main office. They said no they could not stop they have to install.

They installed the wrong carpet. Also the install is poor- they left debris, nails, padding remnants, staples, frayed edges, ripped corners, visible seams--all around poorly installed. I had the rep. come back and look at it and he confirmed it is very poorly installed. And he admitted this carpet was not the one I had talked about with him. In addition the installers damaged my stairs, banister, wood flooring. At this point why would I want them to come into my home again , I have no confidence that they can repair this. also It has taken them so long to get back to me. I have sharp tacks that I can feel on all my steps. Can I simply get my full money refunded? Empire did not deliver what they said, wrong carpet, poor install and additional damage to my home.

Desired outcome: Full refund

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