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Elegant Touch Hair Salon review: Incorrect order

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Date : Thursday 22nd of June 2023,
Time: 3:00 pm,
I went to the salon "Elegant Touch"
With my Blue hair dye that I have purchased elsewhere,
I wanted just the top part of my hair to be dyed blue only. and the rest was chocolate brown colour "which I had done myself,
I Had already parted my hair where I wanted the blue hair dye to go, before I got to the salon that day,
My hair had dark regrowth which had to be bleached first before putting the blue colour dye in,
I have told the girl, repeatedly over and over, that my dark regrowth had to be done first before you put the blue colour dye on my hair,
but she didn't understand English,
So she when ahead and put the blue dye that I had bought in my hair without bleaching it first,
She then realised that the blue colour didn't show,
I told her again, that my regrowth needed to be bleached first from the very beginning, she thought I said put my blue colour in (I DID NOT SAY THAT AT ALL)
I am not satisfied with the results,
She had ruined my hair, and they were going to charge me $259.00 for that,
I told the girl that wasn't going to pay over $200.00 for that I told her I'm not happy with the job that she had done on my hair, so she changed me $140.00,
I should not haven had to pay anything at all for what she did,
I hope that I can get my a refund
now I have to ware a hat everywhere I go now until I find another salon that can fix my hair
A fully qualified"Hair Dresser" should know that, before they even work in a salon,
I can't let this go because I have a wedding to go to,
In the beinging of July 2023, after the wedding is over,
I will take this matter further,
she did a horrible job

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