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Micro Medics, Inc.

Electronics Warranty Company WACA

Electronics Warranty Company WACA located in Norcross Georgia and Micromedics1 a computer repair facility located in Illinois.

I purchased a refurbished Toshiba and a 2- year extended warranty in May 2006. The system has sat on my desk or outside on the patio table while I worked with it. I have never damaged the notebook in any fashion. One day it powered off and never powered back up. I called WaCa, the Warranty Company for repair under warranty. They had a box sent by way of Mircomedics1. I sent in the notebook to MicroMedics for the repair. It was sent 2- day air via UPS. MicroMedics received it on the 30th of July at 8 AM, however, did not record receiving the unit until August 1.

A week later I called to check on the unit and was told to call WaCa. WaCa informed me the unit was damaged, it had been dropped. Also stated the box it came in was fine so I must have dropped it and therefore, it would not be covered under warranty. I was livid to say the least, since I know I had not damaged the unit. When I asked the warranty company for the pictures of the unit they had received, I was flabbergasted at the amount of damage on the unit. I then asked what was it going to cost to repair and the warranty company responded they did not do that. So I requested the unit be shipped back to me and requested pictures of the box and was told they did not take pictures of the box. I really did not expect them to have a picture of the box and they did not.

I received a call from MircoMedics stating they will fix it for $805.00. I did some checking on the net on this company prior to giving them an answer and what I have found goes along with what I am complaining about. This firms seems to lack any integrity and I for one, will warn anyone and everyone if they are going to deal with WaCa make sure they are not going to use MicroMedics1. Needless to say I will have them ship the unit back to me.


  • Sh
    Shawn Hansen Dec 22, 2010

    This company is awful. I bought my HP G60 laptop in September of 2009 with an extended 2 year warranty, little did I know that this warranty was with the worst repair company in existence. In late October 2010 my laptop screen stopped working so I had to call up MicroMedics and get it taken care of. They sent out a box, I sent it in, and a few weeks later I received it back. But, it still didn't work. Now, my machine wouldn't power up at all. So, I had to call back and it took several attempts before I was able to contact the person I needed and they said that I could send it back out and they would fix it. So I sent it back out on November 17th, and after the online tracking stopped being updated I had to call them to see what was happening. Apparently they had to "order" a part to get it fixed and that was taking a while. So now I get it back almost a month later and nearly two months after the initial problem. Yet, now my battery doesn't charge anymore, it worked just fine before I sent it out. I'm so furious with this company that I don't even want to waste my time trying to get them to get me a new battery. Had I known how bad this company was at dealing with technical issues I would have voided the warranty and made the repair myself. I will never again buy a laptop at Walmart or anywhere that uses MicroMedics as the repair company.

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  • Pi
    Pixelsheen Dec 17, 2010

    Am now 3 1/2 months without a computer. When I shipped my laptop to them, it was for a simple problem- a known wiring issue with MSI notebooks causing the screen to not work. I made excellent notes and explained the situation to not one, not two, but THREE different people. When the notebook was shipped back to me, the box had a 6" hole in it that went through the box and through my computer.

    I had it shipped back to Micromedics. I was NEVER called about the damage and what would be done- I called them an average of 3x per week and each time was told a different story- it would be fixed, it couldn't be fixed and would be replaced, I would be getting a check, it could be fixed and they were waiting for parts, I would be shipped back my HDD but they couldn't get the rest, I -wouldn't- get my HDD back. It took 2 1/2 months for them to ship my HDD back to me and they told me it would be about 3 days after the HDD shipped that I would get my check for the value of the system.

    I have not yet gotten my check. It's been 2 weeks. I cannot get a hold of a person on any of MicroMedics phone numbers- the phone goes immediately to "we will answer in the order the call was received". I am =SICK= of this and will be registering my complaint with NewEgg.

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  • 20
    2010catgirl Oct 14, 2010

    Interesting about the post on stealing information.

    I too sent a laptop to them, but had wiped the harddrive with the restore disk before sending it. I am sure that a savvy tech can still see what was there before.

    Now Bank of America calls, seems as if fraudulent activity is occuring on my business account. Could not figure out why. Makes me think this might be the source.

    They have had my laptop for almost a month, online tracking tells me nothing. I had taken it to a local shop prior to sending it to Micro Medics, and knew the motherboard was fried. After reading the reviews, I doubt I will ever see that laptop in working order again.

    I am surprised that New Egg uses this company for their extended warranties.

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  • Si
    sissynichols Apr 16, 2010

    I too am very ticked off at Micro Medics.. We sent our lap top back 2 times to this crap co. (why Sams club still uses this company is beyond me!!) for the same problem.. The motherboard needed replaced... However, this past time the laptop was damaged, and the box was not!!! I tried to get some response via Email, Valerie (the office manager) responded with a crap answer... told us to contact the warranty company.. SO.. I called... Spoke with an Elizabeth, and she was useless... I was furious and wanted to speak with Tom Renn, the co. something big wig.. and he was on a "conference call" must be a long one, as he has yet to return my call... My only recourse is to file a claim on UPS, which snows me, as the box looks undamaged.. (I think UPS will laugh this off)... I think as far as Micro Medics is concerned, they should dig down in their pockets and replace my laptop... As for now, I will wait on Toms return call... the company sux and has no manors!

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  • Jo
    JohnJoonya Sep 28, 2009

    Let me just say this. I currently work for MicroMedics in Vernon Hills, and you are all right.
    Their business practices are cheap, irresponsible and dangerous.
    They have no sort of safety precautions, no quality equipment (you have to "collect" spare parts and tools from other techs over time), and they're trying to con us out of health insurance. I have three friends that work with me there as well, and the company is trying to charge us around $140 a month for the same plan my friends are getting for $85 without the "coverage". This hardly seems like the full-time job with benefits I was promised.
    There are all sorts of tricks against the end-user as well. If we can't find anything wrong, we have to charge them for a "clean hsf"(cleaning the heatsink/fan assembly) which pretty much is blowing compressed air through the fan. That's $75.
    Personally, I have seen so much corner-cutting and lying in the past month I wish I could scream. There are broken "salvage" units lying all around the place, where you can "collect" parts to use to fix other machines. There is dust and dirt on the floors and the benches. The bathroom facilities are horrendous. There are literally boogers smeared all over the walls of the bathroom stall, and from the looks of them, they've been here since the place opened. Let me just say, don't bother sending them any business. The company needs to die. I'm glad I met the other techs here, because they're nice people, but I have a feeling they are simply looking for people to take advantage of. Whew. That was a mouthful. Don't trust em.

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  • Ri
    rickd Aug 14, 2009

    Does anyone know of micro medics stealing any information from laptops and using it later?
    like bank accounts numbers.

    A friend of mine used my laptop.
    In april of 09 my laptop was sent to micro medics. for repairs.
    Recieved it back in 2weeks.
    August 8th, my friend noticed her bank account was debited $89.95 for the past three months.
    The number she recieved from the bank was a make mone with google company.
    They told her that the order was made from my laptop. Specificly a gateway, my name, my addres. but her checking account number.
    I have no email conformations, no recipts of anykind.
    Someone used her account, were trying to figure out

    If anyone has any information please reply, this is very scary.

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  • Rr
    RRoupe May 06, 2009

    I purchased a Lenovo laptop from Sams Club with one year of extended warranty. I had no idea at the time it would be handled by Micro Medics. In the 16th month a fan error on the system board occurred. If the problem would have occurred in the first 12 months Sams Club could have refunded my money toward a purchase on a new system. Seems like a simple problem that could be resolved by replacing the fan assembly. Not with Micro Medics! It has been 3 months and I still don't have a fixed laptop. I can read into this situation that during the repair action they damaged the motherboard. The laptop will now not charge the battery. They are trying to repair the system but it has taken them an extended about of time to correct the problem. One of their requests was for me to buy a new battery because it was suspected as being defective. I purchased a new battery and we still have the same problem so they still continue to work on it. They seem to be technically incompetent.

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  • Lo
    Lord Hexer Mar 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dropped? Thats typical procedure for Micromedics, where one of their techs or shipping people will drop a system whether by accident or on purpose, he what do they care its not their laptop. Thats nothing for Micro Medics. They have been known to crack screens on laptops while playing catch in their NON climate controlled warehouse(read gets well over 100 degrees in the summer). They have also been known to hook multiple AC adapters up to each other and burn out boards and then call them power surges so they don't have to buy a replacement motherboard for laptops sent to them. They also fake liquid spills by mixing white out correction fluid with the circuit board cleaner. Not to mention other ways of faking damage like taking a light to motherboards, spilling liquids on computers. Also something that was never brought up, until the city they are in outlawed it, most of the technicians smoked indoors right over computers so who knows how much ash and smoke got into computers causing issues with optical drives and other components.

    They are also a not a very good company to work for. They have been known on multiple occasions to either drive their best employees away(who went on to start their own companies), fire their best employees while keeping the mediocre ones. You are truly lucky to get your computer back in the condition you did knowing the shady stuff they have pulled over the years. Personally speaking I believe its only a matter of time until MicroMedics dies. Their owner Matt has embarked on some pretty crazy ideas like opening up satellite service centers with only a couple techs, like that will really make a difference. What I do know is they had multiple experienced people willing to go run those remote service centers but after they were basically going to screw those employees in the process of doing so, those employees decided to turn down the offer and most of them got fired BECAUSE they didn't go out. MicroMedics is an unethical company which is run probably worse than the state which its located in. Full of nepotism, the VP of the company is the owners cousin and the "CIO" is the brother of the VP.

    The CIO of the company is also worthless. When he was hired, I will say the server room of the company wasn't in the best of shape but at least the rest of the network did work somewhat well, desipte a patchwork of systems. However he decided that he wanted to go with a wireless network for all the desktop computers. Remember when I said that this is basically a warehouse, which made it easy to run wires, no ceiling tiles no impossible pathways to feed wires through or anything, just a vast open space. But anyways he decided to take the hacked together but working wired network and convert all the desktops to wireless. What happened after that is the wireless network had poor reliability and for some reason the techs had to connect to the servers that they use for their work order tracking over the internet, because the CIO in his infinite wisdom decided to have 2 internet connections, one for the servers and the office personnel, and one for the techs. Unfortunately there was a bottleneck which made connecting to the server almost impossible at times due to slowness of one of the network connections.

    In summary MicroMedics could be a great company, but its run by people with no real business sense, and who's owner is more concerned about signing a "pro" golfer to try to get a PGA tour card instead of doing his job, and doing stuff like employee reviews, or even seeing how his own business operates. And with the rest of his "management" or should i say manglement team its no wonder things are bad over there. No one knows what they are doing, the techs want to do good work but because of the incompetence in the management of the company things just keep getting worse and worse. I am sorry you had to suffer through your whole ordeal with MicroMedics, and honestly I know of employees there who won't even send their own computers there to get serviced on, thats how bad it is. Hopefully GE/Assurant will still honor your warranty now that Circuit City is gone but if they do you will probably have to suffer through another experience with MicroMedics.

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