On Decemeber 31, 2009 I purchased a Canon Rebel T1i Digital Camera from Electrobrand aka Redtagsavings. I recieved my order about a week later. Thought everything was great, come to find out it wasn't. I started using the camera and when I downloded the pictures it would show a spot on it. I called Elctrobrands and spoke with Michael Nagar the salesman and explained the issue that we were having with the camera. He had given me information on how to return to him also gave me a RMX to track the return thru them. I sent the package on January 16 and they recieved it on Jan 20 and now it is Febuary 11 and no camera still. I called after about a week to see what was going on and the man I spoke to tells me that they had to return it to canon and they were waiting for it to come back. I figured it would take a couple of weeks to get it back. Everytime I called them I spoke with the same guy and they gave a different reason that they didn't have it everytime. When I spoke with them today the 11th I explained to them that I wanted a refund and not to send me the camera, said they could not do a refund that the camera was on the way.. Such BS... I told them that I was calling the bank and putting a stop payment and a complaint on there company. Within the next hour we recieved and email from the company telling me that I would recieve a refund within 48 hours.. I am one step ahead of them.. I will get my money back!!! This company is a scam...


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    MamitaT85 Jan 16, 2011

    These people are [censor]s. Seriously. I ordered an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 from them and it was listed as new. I got it and it was refurbished with scratches. I tried to call and they would not answer. I tried to email and they ignored me. Their website clearly says that you need an "RA#" in order for them to accept the return. So I refused to send it back since they would not give me the RA#. I am not taking a chance on being out my money and out the camera too! Also when I first ordered they called and were extremely rude, so I tried to cancel, but they ignored me and sent it anyway.

    Anyway HERE IS WHAT YOU DO. File a dispute on the original amount that you paid on your credit card with your credit company. Then call your credit card company and ask for a new credit card number because you suspect fraud. Yes this is a pain in the [censor] but so worth it because they will no longer have your #'s. Your company will win the dispute and credit you back the full amount you paid. Mine did, and ElectroBrands had 45 days to rebill, but because I have changed my number, they cant! Scam the [censor] scammers!

    Then go and file a complaint on BetterBusinessBureau.com and to help others figure out that they're [censor]s before they get in the same mess as us.

    Then lastly, file a complaint with the attorney general. This will stop them in their tracks. Also it will help get them shut down and possibly arrested if enough of us take the correct steps.

    I have done all of this, gotten my money back, kept the camera, not paid a "dispute fee", or a return stocking fee, and came out the winner in the end. But I want to see other people win over these scamming [censor]ers!

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    Tristen Wagstaff Apr 27, 2011

    I have to agree and the way that they treat there customers and hang up on them in un called for DON"T USE THERE SIGHT! They lie and they don't care. Walk away and spend the extra money so you don't get used stuff or things that don't work.

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    Bilked to the Hilt Jun 02, 2011

    I bought a camera in March from Electrobrands. I purchased it online but I called to find out why it was taking so long. When I did, Stanley the salespeson talked me into buying a charger for the batteries. After I hung up I realized the camera already came with one so I called him back to cancel and and he said that there were no returns on camera accessories. It didn't even leave the warehouse. So, the next day I get a call from some lady saying my credit card would not go through and she needed the code on the back of the card. I tried to cancel the charger again but, she also said no returns on accessories. So, I recieved the charger and needless to say it was defective. Wouldn't charge up the batteries. By the way the cost was $49.99. So, sent it back and over a month later finally recieved a new on. It was also defective, leaking battery acid all over my counter. I filed a dispute with my credit card. I sent that one back and told them I wanted a refund! The guy at the place once again said, we will not give a refund on accessories. I had enough so I called the BBB. I filed a complaint and the man there wanted to know why I bought from a company with an F rating? I bought on Amazon, I trusted them. So now since I read about a possibility of fraud, I too closed out my credit card. I also contacted the Attorney Generals office today. They need to shut this place down!

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    jennawest Oct 27, 2011

    If I had only saw this complaint board before I ordered...ordered camera with 2 day shipping and never went through, .said my card wouldn't go through without id number, gave number and stated that they were mailing it out that day, paid 2 day shipping when it wasn't received called and no one around to help. Had to cancel credit card and start the refund process.

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