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This is obviously one of the many sites popping up and sponsored by BigPharma in the US to mis-direct naive consumers to the expensive brand name drugs in the US. All of these mis-directing web pages have a certain tip-off appearance to me. The legit such sites have a prominent place to enter the name of the drug and get right to the prices with minimal clicks. They also correctly accept the generic names in exactly the same manner as the brand names. Try Ezitimibe, Ezdoc and Zetia and see if you arrive at the same place instantly. To be sure I just checked the Best Price of 10 mg Zetia to which one is led by this eDrugSearch. That "Lowest Price" is $1.71 per pill. That is what BigPharma wants you to see. If you go to a legitimate site like, a site to which Consumer Report links under "Other Resources", you will come up with a lowest price of 34¢ for the Lupin brand generic manufactured in India. The source is That is 1/5 the US brand price. Enough said? I wonder if the first reviewer is simply terribly naive or if she is working on behalf BigPharma. Please see my review of

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Mar 31, 2011 3:10 am EDT

I can assure you this is NOT a BIG Pharma website. It is led by Cary Byrd who was invited by a few years back to participate in their health summit. See here:

All of their drug results are from Canadian online pharmacies . . . that is the #1 reason how you can tell they are not backed by BIG Pharma. I appreciate your help but please research this more before you claim eDrugSearch is back by Big Pharma.

Here is a directory of all their pharmacies - notice they are all "Canadian" pharmacies: - if this were a Big Pharma website they would have to be "American" pharmacies only since Big Pharma doesn't like it when you import the exact same (but cheaper) drugs from Canadian pharmacies.