Resolved Ed Magedson - Maria Crimi SpethIntentional Huaman Destruction for PROFIT

Well here is a platform to voice an opinion-complaint agiants the sick and perverse business acts of Ed Magedson and his sick minded attorney Maria Crimini Speth. Her partner Jaburg & Wilk of Arizona obviously support her evil practice of defending Ed magedson who thrives off a his business of destroying people on his website "[redacted]".

They seem to rejoice in the fact that the law makers have yet to pass laws againts "Cyber Terrorists" But, this does not preclude them from being considered by thousands of people that have come against them as unbalanced and lacking good morals.

If you want to employ a law firm that will bend all of the laws and go to any extreme to make a buck the Jaburg & Wilks firm may be a good choice.

If destroying a person that you know or even someone that you don't know is needed, call on Ed Magedsons and his "[redacted]" .

Some rules are posted on his site but, none apply. You can name your party and classify them as perverts, crooks, inhumane idiots or just about anything that you choose. They will appear in the public eye just as you name them and they don't have a chance in this life time to have your posting removed even if it is FRAUD and TOTALLY FALSE!

Remember while Congress is ripping off America, they don't have time to pass a simple law to protect citizens form these types of scums. Plus they really don't give a damn about you or anyone besides themselves according to all the news press.

We can only hope that cancer, heart failure and other such natural causes of bad health may find its way to these ugly people in America's communities.

If you have something to add feel free to post it below. The more the better, if not the truth remains as it has been posted.

Jounalist P.T.O.


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    Inselfdefense Feb 27, 2010

    I am in full agreement with the poster. We have tracked Ed Magedson for 10 years and appealed to his attorney Maria Speth and her partners at Jaburg & Wilks to review information from our lawyers and remove the false information off of Ed's sites that have caused us huge losses $$ in business.

    Heart problems, cancer and serious health problems would be appropriate for these filthy beings. Where is God's hand when decent people need it? This may sound harsh but, lets get real its obvious that these people don't give a rats ...if you or the people you love live or die. The only reason they have staying power is because they are used as bottom feeders (Snitches) to certain people who use a small bit of ligitmate information and the fact that here are NO laws to govern them yet!!

    But, a much larger number of innocent people are injured by their site. In a regulated world they would be held accountable in both civil and criminal proceedings.

    The Jaburg & Wilks law firm seems to fit in with the corrupt politicians in DC, the crooked banks and the other filth that has attacked and destroyed human life by their presence in our communities. I would never hire these suited and tie people to serve my needs because I have morals !!! I don't associate with losers that can only survive by bleeding defenseless people.

    Ed you and your associates are filthy members of America's society.

    AWJ - Sacramento

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    The Final Solution Jul 12, 2011
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    No doubt she will teach Christopher and Nicole the same lessons she has learned.

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    wunderkindIQ Oct 13, 2017

    Maria Crimi Speth, Anette Beebe, Eugene Volokh and despicable Ed Magedson are bed partners. They are all [censor]s and [censor]mongers engaged in an orgy of criminal cyber harassing predator behavior and extortion. They operate as predators and cyber stalkers under the guise of FREE SPEECH. Maria Crimi Speth, Ed Magedson and his handful of SCAM REPORT dba Xcentric Venture cronies, and their pro freedom of speech lacky Eugene Volokh, all deserve to have their rotten lying teeth knocked down their throats and arrested for knowingly and willfully engaging in a criminal extortion racket.


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