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I would usually never put people or companies down on this but I have to talk about Q and ecosov.800. First of all I joined ecosov.800 last December and I did ok at first and then it just stopped. Ecosov.800 made everyone who wanted to advertise pay $250 a month and in two months I paid $500 and received 100 leads! That’s around $5.00 a leads and 90% had no computer and they heard Q’s story that he was broke and they would tell me they are broke as well. First off if your broke you can’t do ecosov.800 because it cost $750 to get in and not to mention the $50.00 you have to pay for over seas FedEd. The $250 a month worked for no one in the company so ecosov.800 decided to go another rout and to have a lead store. It has taken forever to get this going. They will send an email and say we will be ready to go this week. A week later they will email you and say that it’s still not up, and this will happen over, and over again. You can see where this can get frustrating!! A person who works for the company name Simon told me that if I wasn’t happy with ecosov.800 they he would put someone into my position and refund my $1, 250. I was happy with this and thought great thing about ecosov.800 but wouldn’t you know it, they came up with the worst excuse ever. When I first joined ecosov.800 I was planning on getting one of their web portals and I went a registered a name and they emailed me and told me since I used their name that they would not be re******* my $1, 250. Now how they found this parked URL, I don’t know, but I never even used it! Now I have been trying to call Q and he hides behind his VM, that you have to speak you name before he will answer. I have seen on here where Q is like call me and let’s talk face to face. Well Q I’m up for the challenge except you wont call me back after 6 VM to you. I'm going to do everything in my power to stop people from getting ripped off by Q. If you are looking at this company, I’m begging you not to do it. They are not on USA soil and they can take from you and do what ever they want and you have no say. Only do business with Americans, and people who live in the US.


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      Jan 19, 2010

    This is a bogus complaint that was copied and pasted from another board. The original post was from 2007. I'm not even in the program yet and this makes me wonder about the validity of this person's claim. There are two sides to every story.

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  • N
      Mar 02, 2010

    Agree, I'm in the program and just getting started. Already got some leads. No $250 monthly fee but I will be using the co-op. All these people who joined and cry scam probably just gave up on the system and themselves and blame it all on Q, it say's right in all the paperwork that YOU signed that it is NOT GUARANTEED! Make it work or give up and lose your money it's all a matter of choice.

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  • S
      Jun 06, 2010

    @nicsnice2u ..SO, True!!.. I joined when he had the Special offer $1, 000 to get in at red .. I Mailed 30 postcards and got back 6 enrollments ... $6, 000 ...with in 8 days... It's so simple... Buy some New Leads and Mail Postcards and It will work for the dumbest person... You have to go in it as if your a chef ... Your presentation have to look 100% GREAT!...To pull the Prospects... Like the Envelops .. it's Really TOO DAMN EASY!!

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      Mar 07, 2011

    I agree to with three posts by:
    2010-01-19 by Jamie2
    2010-03-02 by nicsnice2u
    273 days ago by Straightcashflow
    The post by Posted: 2009-06-28 by Adam is bogus and even the original one from 08-10-2005, 12:48 PM at
    is a result of the guy NOT BEING THE CHEF!
    Every program has wieners AND WINNERS.
    It is also true that there are more wieners than WINNERS.
    When you join ANY program, your aim and intention should be to MAKE IT WORK.
    Stop whining all the time, and the Law of Attraction will automaticall begin working for you.

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