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CB Window and Door Installation Review of Eco Choice Windows and Doors
Eco Choice Windows and Doors

Eco Choice Windows and Doors review: Incorrect order and dishonesty

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9:08 am EST
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From the beginning, a guy named Joe who is very knowledgeable and friendly will sell you a pipe dream and offer little extras and discounts making you feel like he’s doing you a favour and this guy really knows what to say to get your business. Then, the reality sets in and it’s downhill from there. Here’s what you can expect next, the installer will text you 5000 times to coordinate a time that’s good for him to come and take measurements, not a good time for you as the customer. They will only come when they are in your area for measurements, to save on gas. Understand that your installation will happen months after the agreed upon deadline, in my case 3 months late with zero communication. Then, It finally happens and while the installation itself is done well ( to my knowledge) they use so much toxic chemicals in the poorly executed caulking that looks absolutely horrible, you’re going to have to have it fixed by another company because they will not take any responsibility for it much less right the wrong for the wrong glass in the front door they installed because get this, the salesman is unable and untrained to use a company issued laptop ( he’s old school he says) so he makes hand written notes on the contracts (3/4 inch boarder sandblast, 3/4 step bevel) none of which gets ordered correctly because it’s not in the typed contract that they insist is the only way they can verify what was actually ordered. The salesman Joe, can’t recall making those handwritten notes? He is a liar and should be investigated for his fraudulent conduct. To add insult to injury, another company has been calling me to come a repair the sliding glass door that ecochoice installed because they reported it defective without ever disclosing that to me. Lastly, when the installation was completed, I was overall happy with the windows and doors but certainly disappointed with the caulking, the incorrect glass in the front door and the strong odour from the caulking itself and noted this on the completion paperwork, the installer was furious that I had made note of that and screamed at me on my front lawn, all of this captured on home surveillance CCTV footage. This was all reported to management and to date all I have received was an email stating “Joe doesn’t remember, please send us your proof of these handwritten notes “ Dear management, Joe doesn’t remember because he doesn’t have $500 to pay out of his own pocket as he so unprofessionally shared with me. My experience with Joe, the installers and management at ecochoice will likely cost you more than $500 in the long run. Not about money, it’s about experience the very thing you want your customers to evaluate when dealing with a business.

Desired outcome: I would like the glass in the window to be replaced, the caulking to be evaluated in person and an apology from the owner. I also want the plexi glass measured and installed as per Joe.

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