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I have a delinquent school loan. The Educational Credit Management Corp. hired DCS to collect the debt after ECMC went to the Dept. of the Treasury to collect the loan by garnishing my social security payment. DCS sent me the payment papers and my wife and I sent the paperwork back to them. After a couple of weeks, they sent me a letter saying that I could pay 74.00 per month for 9 months and then the loan would go back to ECMC for repayment. I made the payment and found out that my social security is still being taken. After calling DCS and talking to Jessica, she transferred her to Matthew, who after talking to her transferred her to a manager. I have told my bank to refuse payment on any request for payment from them. ECMC will not talk to me about the loan because DCS has it. I am making two payments on the same loan. With the reduction in my social security, I cannot make ends meet. They also told my wife that they can take my pay and my social security. I have also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, who told me that if they see a pattern, they will begin a procedure against them.

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Feb 20, 2013 3:55 pm EST

ECMC contacted me and offered to process a Deferment of my student loan. I was assured over the phone that I will be qualified for it. (I lost my job, and just went through a surgery, could not work. I was on food stamps at that time.)

I never received any confirmation of not being rejected for Deferment. In 6 month my account goes into Default. ECMC ends up charging 25% collection fee from my $90, 000 student loan making my loan over $110, 000. They offer recovery repayment plan while they look into what happened to my application. The lady who was put on my case (Diane Zitur) was absolutely helpless and only talked non-stop trying to shut me up and to convince I was wrong.

Now I went through the repayment plan and my loan was given to another company adding another $6000 to the balance. I am still trying to get to the bottom of what happened to my deferment application. Was it even every given to Sallie Mae? I doubt it. Sallie Mae didn't have my account for a while. I will do everything to get that fee taken off my account.
Similar story to this one: /link removed/
Complete rip Off!
Good luck everybody!


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