Easyway Building BrokersI am afraid I couldn't receive my funds back!


Warning! Easyway Building Brokers is a scam! It is ran by a bankrupt. The owner of this company has never had the license for building services. I paid for a kind of kitchen services and the service was not provided. I am afraid I couldn’t receive my funds back!


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    Grant Rohde Aug 06, 2013

    Its a blatant lie. The same person keeps adding these ### comments everywhere. None of them are real. You need to stop it Sig.

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    Matt Jarryd Oct 15, 2013

    This is not true or correct. Easyway is a legitimate business and have nothing but a pleasure to deal with.

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    andy corsten Apr 15, 2014

    just google- easyway building brokers vs lindley and ors, read the report, and will see these people are not who they claim to be. complete blatant lies in every sense .

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    anne smithson Aug 18, 2014

    be careful of this group. owner is grantly john rohde whi is a bankrupt never to hold a builder licence again.
    please google-"easywaybuildingbrokers vs lindley&ors" to see a recent court case they would not like you to see
    many more to follow
    you have been warned

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    thecanucker Nov 06, 2014

    Truth is Grantly John Rohde is an excluded individual unable to hold a building license (as a result of being bankrupted). Just go to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and look up Easyway Building Brokers Pty Ltd's license and read the conditions upon it. Then as the previous person stated go look at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal's decision in Easyway Building Brokers Pty Ltd v Lindley and Ors, and read their findings about this business.

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  • La
    LA Brady Jan 07, 2015

    I'm owed $2400 from Auspro Labour Hire. The company is run by Matt Jarryd Rohde. I know of a lot of other people who
    were never paid by Auspro Labour for the work they completed. Matt Rohde also runs MJR Biz Solutions. If you work for any of these companies you won't be paid.

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