Easy Your Travelfraud travel company. they eat customers money

L Jul 11, 2019

My name is lokesh vinod rai. I placed an enquiry online for a trip to kedarnath. an agent from easy your holidays called me to make a package. the name of the agent from this company was aadesh. he customised a wrong package for me after giving all d details multiple times. I was given a deal from haridwar to kedarnath and back for 17000 rupees. I was asked to make a payme t of 1000 inr to block the deal and the rest amount was to be paid to the driver after boarding the can. I did transfeered 1000 inr to their accountant named himanshu pal. after I made the payment I saw the package was wrong and then jana was so frustrated that I asked to cancel the deal. I was told that I will my refund within couple of hours by their reservation and sales manager aditya singh. ever since I did not received my refund. and I am now being pushed from the pillar to the post no one is anwering calls. my customer id number for easy your holidays is eyh-a-0052. they are threatening me. and not issuing my refund after the complete refund promise was made by both aadesh and aditya singh. following are the numbers of the easy your holidays agent and their team:

Aadesh (who booked my package)- 8447885905.

Aditya singh (who is aadesh manager) - 8447515502.

Himanshu pal (to whom I transferred 1000 inr through paytm) - 9811619524.

Please help to get my refund.

This is fake travel agency

They have eaten my money and not refund my token amount. they are also threatning me. following is the address of easy your holidays address:

H-1/34, sector 63 noida.

Ease help me to get my refund

They are not even answering my calls.

This is afraid travel agency. please help me.

I want to file a complaint against this travel agency

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