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Dyneau Standard Poodles review: Scam and cheating!

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A complaint was listed here on me and has so many lies in it but if you knew Katie Dokken, you would very well understand it. First, she had a two year guarantee, second, she contacted me when the dog was almost three years old, not the two years that was in the contract, third she was insulting, vile and abusive ( I have all the nasty emails she sent me if anyone is interested?) Fourth, I ask her to send me a copy of the contract and the results of her dogs test and she refused to send a copy of her contract along with the results. She was nasty to say the least and I would have went ahead and given her a replacement even thought she waited until the contract was out almost a year after the two year limit. When I ask why she waited, she came back with " IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" I think it might have been if she wanted a replacement. There were three other members of her Parti poodle group that were begging to find out how to get off her web site since she was so vile to them as well. I sold this woman another dog and because the hurricane at hit Mississippi and the airlines were delaying any shipping, she treated me like dirt as if it was my fault I could not ship that dog right away. If any of you have had any communication with this woman, you will know exactly what I am talking about and I am being nice and not telling about all the nastiness that erupts from her mouth. Because i don't talk like her (Thank God) she said she didn't want to hear anymore of my sweet talking, so I said fine and refused to except any more nasty insulting emails, she wouldn't send a copy of her contract, and she said she wanted to stick to the contract, so I told her fine we will, it was out 8 months ago. I also told her after that, I would not except anymore of her nasty emails and I got another one and blocked the rest. I have 100's of great references and only 1 vile person over 30+ years, so you figure it out? Like I said, if anyone wants to read the vile emails from her I will be glad to let you.


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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Sep 29, 2012 10:47 am EDT
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I do not agree with this woman's complaint. I have 2 poodles from Dyneau Poodles. The first one is 6 years old and the second one is 2. I love my girls Princi and Angie and we even plan to get another from Diane in about 2 years. Diane was very professional and it is very clear that she loves each of her poodles. both my girls arrived in very healthy condition and continue to be very healthy and lively. Please do not let one bad review cause you to miss out on the experience of loving one of Diane's awesome poodles.
Mary and Dave Stein