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I'm not sure if this person is a scam artist, very disorganized, extremely unprofessional or just plain illiterate. Either way they stole my hard earned cash.

I booked and paid for them to tie gele for a bridal party towards the end of 2017 and they never showed up. I called so many times and my calls were never answered or returned. She just pocketed my money and ran off. Total scammer!

I recently met 3 other people who have had really bad experiences with this person. The numerous complaints have ranged from things like blantant overcharging to poor time keeping to very unprofessional behaviour. Enough is enough of all these useless black businesses who treat their customers like crap or like you are the ones doing us a favour. Abeg, please. I'm so sick and tired of it.

How can you run a business, behave so unprofessionally and expect it to flourish??More businesses need to realise that without your customers you are absolutely nothing... appreciate them, respect them, pick their calls, take on board feedback and actually SHOW UP WHEN THEY BOOK YOU!

Please don't bother with this woman who wants to be forming arrogant. She's not the first or last person to be tying gele in this London and there are better people out here anyway. Baba n'la nonsense!

dupe gele - uk head tie / gele services

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    Funkytrain Jun 10, 2019

    You are obviously upset about Dupe Gele's service. But what did you do other than coming on here to "warn" intending clients? Did you attempt to seek redress legally for breach of contract?

    Have you provided any proof of payment to back up the claim that she pocketed your money?

    While I am not in support of unprofessional conduct by any organisation however, your complaint here resembles likeliness of a personal vendetta from a business rival with the sole aim of tarnishing or destroying the brand someone had laboured to build. If not, why wait till almost a year, since you claimed to have booked her as far back as 2017. And yet you did nothing until now.

    Kindly provide supporting evidence to this review to show you actually engaged her service.

    I find your review unbelievable and one thing is certain though, Dupe Gele is NOT a scammer as you implied. I know several satisfied customers that have used her services in the past and unlike you claim, she was professional, reasonable, on-time and did a splendid job.

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    Lolaakin Jul 29, 2019

    @Funkytrain Dupe Gele, is this you ooooo? Pleaseeeee don't try me. I'm definitely NOT upset, just extremely disappointed.

    In fact, me I don't even care if it's you or one of your team members that you have instructed to leave a reply in a desperate attempt to clear your name. Ko le possible, unless you acknowledge the fact that you did wrong and try to fix things.

    If you do happen to be reading this Dupe Gele, you know exactly what you did and how unprofessional you are. I have absolutely NO reason to lie and make this stuff up. Just accepted the fact, apologise, try to make things right and move forward. Can you imagine, you even have the opportunity to come on here and apologise and discuss how you can make things better. But no, you or one of your mascots has decided to come and do witness statement. That is NOT good business at all and you're proving that you have no integrity at all by choosing to ignore. I'm even giving you free and very valuable business tips that you should be thanking me for and you're there doing shakara.

    Anyway, which proof??? Abeg look on your bank statement deposits and you will see proof of the money I paid you for services that were simply NOT rendered. You have all my details.

    Again, if this is indeed you Dupe Gele, then you are the one that needs to provide evidence of the fact that you took the money and positively showed up to the booking. Post some images of the work you did for us, screenshot my messages that you responded to, display the apology that you sent to us for failing to show up. See can't ooooo, because none of these things exist.

    Because you want to be greedy and can't admit that you are taking on more bookings than you can handle. Why wait more than a year? What you need to be asking is why I don't have my money back in over a year? And yes, of course I will do my public duty and warn people so they don't end up very disappointed and out of pocket like myself. Are you not here doing legal defence? Eh hen, well each to their own then.

    And for the record (like I also stated in my original review), I called and text countless times to resolve things amicably and got no response. You think I'm just gonna sit there like an oversized mumu and take such nonsense? No, I'm gonna speak the truth in the hope I'll get my money back and well deserved apology. But no, I'm still waiting for both well after the fact. And black businesses wonder why that remain stagnant?

    And if this is genuinely a 'satisfied customer', please my dear... don't concern yourself in what doesn't involve you and what you don't have all the full facts about, unless you're going to volunteer to give me every last penny of my money back.

    Which personal vendetta??? This is even very laughable indeed. As if I don't have better things to do with my time jare. You are testing my patience with this concoction of fictional nonsense! I could not care less about so called 'satisfied customers'. Anyway, who knows, maybe she saw this review and has decided to fix up sharp, sharp? Good for you then, I clearly did you a favour.

    All I know is that I, along with many others have not been one of these 'satisfied customers' you speak of. Look at gone with nothing to show for it. Timekeeping, simply atrocious. Professionalism, completely non-existent. I stand by my original statement: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH DUPE GELE!

    Please, whoever you are tell the woman to give me my money back instead of defending and endorsing the nonsense she's doing. Tell her to come here and provide answers, an apology and figure out a way to give me my money back. But she won't oooo, because arrogance dey scatter her brain.

    People that don't speak out are in fact part of the problem, instead of people to be honest and tell businesses the truth so they can stop being so comfortable and continue taking such liberties. Value your customers, like I said previously - you are NOTHING without them!

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