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Best Driving Schools and Certification Programs

Check out our Driving Schools corner! Whether you're a newbie trying to get behind the wheel or just polishing your parallel parking, this is your go-to. Our users share their experiences from a range of driving schools, spill the details on instructors, and give the lowdown on their road to getting licensed. No marketing fluff, just genuine feedback. Wondering which school makes learning the clutch a breeze or which one's a total roadblock? Navigate through the real stories here before you hit the road!

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Emirates Driving Institute [EDI]
Initial driving assessment
They don't get a star, they're thieves
Dubai Driving Center
Request for noc
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Sharjah Driving Institute
Class stopped without any reason
Sharjah Driving Institute
Bike driving license file
Ladybug Driving School
worst driving school in burnaby, coquitlam rip off
Twin County Driving School
cars used for driving lessons