Driver Z EdgeUnreasonable Claim Denial

Vehicle in question: 2004 Jaguar X-Type 3.0
Purchase date: 5/9/2009
Mileage at purchase: 65, 446 miles.

Oil change date 10/3/2009
Oil Change mileage 68, 768 miles.
Oil time elapsed 5/26.
Oil miles elapsed 3, 322 miles
---------------------CONTACTS / Involved parties---------------------------
Warranty Company: Driver Z Edge

Car purchased from: Frankman Motor Company

Car repairs are being done by: Merkur Landrover Jaguar in Omaha Nebraska
Point of Contact is Jeff J. [protected]

Transfer case went out on 1/27/2010 around 5:20 p.m. while driving with the steering wheel turned sharp left and doing less than 5 mph. on a snow covered, paved street.

1/29 Had AAA tow the vehicle to the nearest Jaguar dealership (106 miles away).

1/30 Went to Jaguar dealership to get documentation out of glovebox for warranty, etc. Had the dealer make copies of the warranty, and the maintenance receipt (only 1 oil change done as I had only owned the vehicle for < 6, 000 miles).

2/1 Jeff J. from Merkur Dealership in Omaha called me to tell me that the transfer case was definitely the problem with the car.

2/2 Jeff J. called me to tell me that the warranty company had denied my claim due to the timing of the first oil change. He stated that their reasoning was ridiculous; however they refused to budge on their position. He also told me that the Jaguar recommended maintenance schedule is 12 months or 10, 000 miles. They still insisted that I had violated the warranty due to the maintenance timing.

I spoke to Driver Z Edge on 2/2. Talked to Jose, who denied my claim because “the maintenance was not done at the proper interval”. They claim the oil change was supposed to be at 4 months not 5 months. I reiterated what the Jaguar dealer had told me and that this was a poor excuse for them to use to try and back out of their contract. I was told that the “oil does break down over time, that is why we require the oil to be changed every 4 months”. I did not ask why THEIR oil breaks down in 4 months / 4, 000 miles however JAGUAR oil (must be more resilient) lasts 12 months or 10, 000 miles. I did state to Jose that the part in question is a transfer case, which is a SEALED UNIT has NO MAINTENANCE THAT IS EVEN POSSIBLE! He again stated that the claim was denied because it was possible that the part failed due to “improper maintenance”.

Called Frankman Motors on 2/2. Talked to Adam B. he said he would have the warranty rep call me. No call back on 2/2.

Called Driver Z Edge on 2/3. Waited on hold for over 16 minutes. Hung up and called again. Again waited on hold for over 5 minutes. Finally talked to Brandon. Told him warranty clearly states vehicle must be maintained at manufacturer’s recommended interval, OR 4 months / 4, 000 miles whichever comes first. He rebutted my claim stating that the contract stated that it was the lesser of the 3 options stated above, however I argued that it was not worded that way on their contract. It is worded in the contract as to say you could either maintain per manufacturer’s suggested intervals or the lesser of 4 month / 4, 000 miles. He completely denied my statement and offered me no recourse whatsoever. I asked Brandon for his supervisor because my conversation with him was at a stand-still. He transferred me to Jose’s voicemail, which I hung up on rather than leaving a message.

2/3, I Called Frankman Motors again. They stated they were working on it and would call me back. No call back on 2/3. No call back on 2/4.

2/5 Talked to Jaguar. They are ok with putting remanufactured transfer case in. Labor will be approx $1020. The remanufactured part costs $750.00 ($791.25 after taxes). The part is on order, and expected delivery will be around Wednesday, 2/10/2010.

I called Frankman Motors on 2/5 10:10 a.m. Paul was “on the other line. We will have him call you back as soon as possible.” He called back 30 minutes later. Asking why I wanted to cancel the warranty. I explained the situation to Paul. . He stated I had to sign a form to cancel warranty. I told him I would call him back from my work with a Fax number. Signed form and sent back. Paul called back 10 minutes later stating that because there is a lien against the vehicle that the refund from the warranty will have to go to the lien holder. He promised to call me back on 2/6 after he had a chance to talk to Adam.

2/6 Talked with Paul from Frankman Motors. He stated that Adam had been referring to a Paul who worked for another company. He stated that they (the Paul from the other company and Adam) were still working my issue with Driver Z Edge. I agreed to have him hold the paperwork for canceling the warranty until Wednesday 2/10, in order to allow them to have sufficient time to exhaust all effort in negotiation the issue with the warranty company.

2/7 ~5:30 p.m. Got a call from Ron who works for “Motor Pro”. He is 3rd party liason for Frankman Motors when they have problems with Driver Z Edge.

2/8 faxed all documents regarding the vehicle and warranty to Rod. He has stated he would call me on 2/8.

No call back on 2/8. I called Rod back on 2/9 asking what he had found. He said that he was also unable to get the warranty company to waiver on their position. However he did ask them about the warranty going forward. They told him they would be willing to send me a letter stating that they would cover the vehicle going forward as long as I get the maintenance done as they require going forward. I told him that I had no need for them. They already weren’t standing behind the vehicle and I would be damned if I would trust them to stand behind it going forward.

On 2/9 I called Frankman Motors again and spoke to Adam Branbsma and told him to process the cancellation papers.


  • Id
    IDon'tBuyIt! Mar 08, 2010

    I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THE CUSTOMER!!! Mainly because I am getting the shaft by them as I type! - so I already KNOW what type of company he's dealing with.

    First they denied my claim because I did my own oil changes, which of course you can't "prove" were ever done. Ok, my bad... BUT, the kicker is that they were contacted by myself AND the repair facility PRIOR to the 4mo/4k mile limitations in their very poorly worded contract! So, no problem right?! Wrong!!!

    Next thing I'm being told is that they have no record of the shop EVER calling in until a AFTER the 4mos had gone by - during which time we were, well...waiting to hear from them?!??!...which of course you never do. So when the shop called them back, they told him they had no records of any claim, etc. so he had to submit all of the information yet again, (after of course sitting on hold for a minimum of 20-30min's...just the way it is when you have so many complaints pouring in would be my guess from all I'm finding out about them and their 'affiliates'. . .). Then of course they simply said, "well, it's been over four months and you can't prove service was done, so...(I love this part), we have no coverage".

    What's this "WE" crap?!??! Sigh...guess I'd better get to tearing apart that engine, since it's obvious from 79merlin's story, I'm screwed! UNBELIEVABLE. . .!!!

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  • Zr
    zrox May 09, 2011

    I filed two claims with them recently. my warranty was about to expire, 4yr, 48k mile. they accepted both claims, no problems at all.

    Remember, you cannot call them and claim for reimbursement. Follow the procedure. Go to the shop, let the shop guy call them and ask if they will cover it. Simple. I did not even have to call them for anything.

    I was thinking I forked a huge sum for warranty and I thought they will deny it reading all the reviews. Which is why I am specially writing a review to make sure readers know they dont always deny claims. They even reimbursed my rental car while my car was in the shop.

    Very positive experience.

    We go all out in arms and write bad reviews when we feel we are wronged. But we dont take time to write a good review.

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  • Sh
    shellg74 Jan 30, 2012

    Driverz Edge are scammers and frauds.It shoudl be illegal the way they do business. They word their contracts in a way that a person owuld think is common sense but they are such sneaky idiots they turn it to their benefit. The contract state maintenance must be maintained per manufacturer guidelies OR every 4000 miles or 4 months, whichever comes first. To me the whichever comes first is the 4months or 4k, but they say no. they denied my claim to replace the water pump on my BMW becasue I didn't change the oil every 4k or 4 months. BMW uses synthetic oil and requires oil changes every 15k or once a year. Who would be stupid enough to change the oil evey 4k when it is not required for another 11k.
    They are the worst company ever and I would recommend NOT buying thier BS warranties.

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  • Su
    Susan V60 Jun 21, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Driverz Edge actually approved my claim for a transmission failure after several calls. They would cover $2000.00 of my $4166.00 bill. After almost 4 months, I still don't have my reimbursement. I have called them many times and they say my check is in accounting, awaiting approval and signature. It's been there over 3 months. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but Jose (they would only give me his first name) is never there. They won't give out ANY last names or phone extensions. I am told there is no number for the accounting department and they can only be reached by e-mail. Funny that the only e-mail address is for their main office and it has to be forwarded to accounting by them. If that doesn't sound fishy, I don't know what does.

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