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CB Collection Agencies Review of Driver License Restoration Program
Driver License Restoration Program

Driver License Restoration Program review: Setup for failure 4

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8:29 pm EDT
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From Clark County Web Site

Clark County's Driver License Restoration Program exists to help suspended drivers become legally licensed as rapidly as possible. Unfortunately, the program cannot assist every suspended driver because some are simply not in the position to meet all of the program's requirements. The requirements of the program are strict because it is only with the cooperation of the Washington State Department of Licenses and of Alliance One Credit Corporation that the program can exist. Simply stated, they require assurance that those accepted to enter the program can reasonable meet the payment schedule and other requirements to become legally licensed.
The program is limited to persons who meet the following requirements:
1. Are suspended only for Failure to Appear tickets in Clark County District Court or the Camas, Washougal, and Battle Ground Municipal Courts. Any Failure to Appear (FTA) tickets in other cities, counties, or states/jurisdictions are not eligible and must be cleared up prior to obtaining your license through the DWS class.
2. Are taking care of (paying off or working off) current tickets turned over to collections.
3. Have FTA fines in collections in excess of $500.
4. Have a steady, dependable household income and can afford both the agreed upon payments and the required auto liability insurance premium.
If you meet all the above requirements, the next step for you is to attend the Driving While Suspended class where all the details of the program will be explained to you. To sign up for the class go to Clark County Corrections in the basement of the Law Enforcement Center - 707 W. 13th Street, Vancouver, WA. You will need to pay the $75 class fee when signing up and a class date will be assigned to you. Cash, checks, money orders and credit/debit cards are accepted.

Sounds like a fair deal right? WRONG!

I went into the driver license restoration program back in May of this year. I was put on the 7 year plan. Alliance One set up my payments to be 90.00 per month. A couple of weeks ago I received a notice that I had another judgment go to collections. I thought they were all already in collections. So I asked the lady at the pay station out on 164th if this would just be added onto and included with the rest. She didn’t know and told me to wait till it actually was put into my account. I did this and called yesterday. I was told yes it would be added in and included in my payment for my license, BUT, that I had been making the wrong payment. I am not supposed to be paying 90.00 per month; I am supposed to pay 189.00 per month.
Now I had a feeling something was going to go wrong with this whole thing. When I went to pay my payment last month (Aug. 10, 2009), I was given my receipt and noticed that my balance due had gone UP. Not just up BUT WAY UP!
On May 13, 2009 I made my first payment of 90.00 and was given a printout of the 26 items that are in collection with Alliance One. On this printout the girl that took my payment marked off each item that I was to be given an adjudication slip for so I could go to the DOL and get my license reinstated. At the bottom of the printout it says total of 26 items and total for the balance is 6402.08.
Now when I went to make the payment for August, I got a receipt and another printout. On that printout there are the very same 26 items, no new ones had been added, BUT, the total due now is quite different. You would think that after 4 months of paying 90.00 the balance would be down little. NOPE! It is now (mind you that these are the VERY SAME ITEMS) much higher! The total due is now 10346.23.
Please tell me how in 4 months the total has gone up 4000.00?!? The woman on the phone told me they made a mistake...
Now I have been in this DWS program a couple of times (this is supposed to be my last chance) and I have had problems with Alliance One and their records and book keeping skills, but this time it is ridiculous! When your payment amount is figured out it is the amount of the fines plus the interest for (in my case) 7 years. Then it is divided into monthly payments. Unless there are more fines added on the total goes down, or at least that’s the way it’s SUPPOSED to work.
I can’t pay 189.00 per month plus insurance and my rent and etc… I need my license and I thought that that was what this program was for, and what Clark County and Washington State’s goal and main objective is. To get the license back.
Alliance One Inc. is shady to say the least. If you look on the internet you will find many complaints and other negative and unkind posts about them. Here is a link to just a few posts by people that have had to deal with them. I wasn’t surprised at all at all the complaints about Alliance One. What I do find shocking is that with all these complaints from so many people from so many different places, that NO ONE has done any thing about it!

Hoping that people out there see WHATS REALLY GOING ON!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, US
Dec 18, 2019 7:23 pm EST

i to am in same situtation and if anyone can help i am in desperiate need

Shakeryha Taylor
, US
Oct 13, 2015 10:31 am EDT

I hate Washington and I have the same issues you guys are having and I live in Oregon and I feel like CRAP not being able to drive and I have a child, I never lived there in my life and I think its wrong to take from the poor and no sacrifice's is made, we all need to stand up cause its not right and im all in...

Aberdeen, US
May 18, 2011 5:23 pm EDT

itotally agree, i have been fortunate enough to have had that program and others .. i have tried anywheres from3-5 times to be able to successfully complete the payment plans that were individualized in my cases that the collections have, , , , mine as well started from a clean slate after i had just paid off over3000.00 dollars to those people and had a clean record again and then i got some dumb seatbelt $51.00 ticket for being a passenger in a truck, and supposibly the police man said that he saw me wihtout one on, as we traveling down the bridge and he was on his way up the bridge, i had unloosened the things to go into the store as soon as we had gotten onto the store property, ... anyways the ticket went to collections because i got into trouble and i went ot prison and i was unableto pay for it and the collectionsa wouldnt evefn let me set up a payment plan for that 51.00 dollar ticket that drew up high interest and unmanageable payments, , , , they wouldnt even give methe chance to try to succeed in wanting to be the legal driver and responsible person that i wanted to be, , , ,
so yeah i can totally uncerstand that we all have things happen that are unexpected in our lives that happen and that we have no control over, even though we try,
this last time that i was on such a program, i had to pay two seperate collection agencies over $380.00 plus insurance on my license, and try to pay rent and the lights and so forth, , , , WOW>>> that lasted about 6 or 7 months and i was working myself to the bome doing any kind of legally participated jobs. like recycling and cleaning metals to take into the scrap yards, i had been borrowing against my bank account to pay for the payments that were neccessary, as long as i could, on the first of the month my s.s.i. check would be directly deposited, so i could cover that, but now that there went half of my check to pay back for the money that went to the payment where was i going to find the rest of monies that were needed to pay for things like lights and water, and food, or even have the monie to b able to drive to town, wich was 50 miles away from where i lived. ( and that was the closeset town there)..
well after living at the residence there fro sometime, there was a deputy sheriff handing out notices that over 6 families and there homes had to move and that included there homes as well if u owned them(manufactured homes).. so now i have 10 days to move a 3 bdrm trailer to absolutely no where and no monies to it with...
i am now at that time focusing on not having anywhere to be living at with my 3 cats and 2 dogs...
i made a very hard decission, i had to give my oldest dog to the local paws shelter so that they could find him a new home, (i was very sad about this). i chose him cause he was the largest of the 2...
i had to leave my 3 cats at that trailer park and return from time to time to leave them food, hopefully they were the ones that were actually eating the food and then me and my little daushound (weiner dog) were staing in the car until i was able to get a little hel from the local pastor where i lived at (in the country) and he owned a cedar mill htat was able to store my things and the trailer in a dry shed...
i was only suppose to b able to stay there for a few months and then most of my things were stolen, lots of my tools for working were gone, and those were the things that i needed the most, they helpedout on the scraaping and the right tool for the right job made it safer and easier for me, i have alot of joint pain from time to time N and i cant afford to let that get in my way of trying to come out ahead, eventually, i hope..
afterhaving no where to go and no monies nowq to get there. i was unable to pay for the payment on the license to the collections, cause i had to spend monies on things and placesfor storage and gas to move it there and so forth and so forth ..
HOW CAN I HELP ME IF THEY WON'T LET ME TRY TO SUCCEED AND THERE IS NO NEGOTIOATING WITH THEM, SO IT SEEMS THAT THEY JUST WANT YOU TO FAIL, these programs are for the upper classed individuals that haVE HAD A FINANCIAL BLESSING AND NO BAD LUCK OR EVEN SEEN OR HAD HARD TIMES. we the lonely folk that are always boke living from day to day to make a dollar, having to survive by going to foodbanks to put food on the table, have not been given a good chance,
I so really wanted to be able to have my license, cause i didnt need anymore tickets, that i couldnt affors, but i have once again racked some more up for driving suspended on the 3rd ... i have been suspended over 10 timews, and i know this because i just got another ticket, no wait, i got 2 more tickets just two days ago, one for no insuranceand the other for the non-license situationAGAIN...
a person can not go to work if they need to, i was spending the extra monie on the fines that i owe, in hopes of some day ...

please respond to my emailaddresses if u want to help and or give advice.. i can really use it and i really neeed the help..

extremely upset and confused,
probably going to jail on this crap coming on the 26th when i go to court, for the tickets that i got in feb.

Diane Norris or ay

Vancouver, US
Feb 25, 2011 2:52 pm EST

I totally agree with you i went to this restoration program which was basically a 75 dollar fee for the state to allow alliance one to set up rediculously high payments and a 400 dollar down payment. Then I had to sit there for three hours while they handed us our driving record and said this is why you are suspended like i wasnt aware of the reasons already. So i paid the county 75 bucks and let them waste three hours of my life for them to tell me what i already knew and for big brother county to say he paid his fee so he can now make payments instead of paying it in full. See thats what they do Alliance tells you you have to pay it in full or no license, and ya you can make payments but they dont have to except them because they reserve the right apparently to refuse your fractional amount. Yet another thing that makes no sense refusing payment on a debt that you are constantly hounding me to pay. Plus they tell ya you have to go to this class in order to make payments and get your license back and dont forget the sr-22 you have to file as well. Since when did not being able to make a payment or missing a court date make you a high risk driver? Especially when the whole reason you ended up there was not being able to afford insurance in the first place. So then I lost my job and was only able to make a 50 dollar payment instead of the usual 100, and this is two months after i western unioned them a 400 dollar down payment and made two or three payments so 6-700 dollars in four months and they tell me well you can send that fifty in but your going to be suspended again regardless if you only send fifty because we will refuse the payment which defaults your account and suspends your license again just like that and its all up to them what happens to you since DOL isnt gonna listen: they love those 75 dollar reissue fees they get to charge you every time it gets suspended again. The best part of this whole story is the original reason I got suspended in the first place and this is a great one...So i get a ticket in the mail from seattle municiple court for a parking ticket for forty bucks, the only problem is i had never been to seattle, i was in salem oregon on the day of the infraction and the car description on the ticket was a red ford which I have never owned. So i try to get ahold of the cleark up there but of course the only phone number provided is a credit card pay line that is fully automated so long to short i miss the court date and get a FTA and im suspended. meanwhile as im trying to figure this situation out i get pulled over again and get a DWS and no insur. ticket. Come to find out when i finally got ahold of SMC it turns out the person who put the infraction from paper to computer failed to see that the license plate was from nevada and had put the plate as from washington abd I just happened to be the lucky SOB who had the same exact license plate number in WA as this guy who got a ticket in seattle from Nevada. so they promptly removed that ticket from my record and pulled the fine from alliance one but when i asked them about all the other tickets i had gotten as a result of this mistake they said it was my own fault since I knew I was suspended i should have waited 6 months before i drove again because they made a mistake. I have even tried to settle with alliance one on the balance as long as the slashed the intrest and fees by two thirds and just charged me one third plus the fines which still would have been about 2k they said no. so they really arent interested in you settling your debt there only interest is the interest they are charging you and they try to rack it up at every turn. they even told me after that program when i was supposed to be put on payments that i couldnt start a payment plan without 400 down on it. If you ask me its a great big racket with the courts and the state heading it to slam people with huge bills that take forever to pay off and give you plenty of time for something to go wrong like losing your job so they can make it worse. its basically legal extortion because they know you have to do this if you want to ever get your license back unless you have lump sums of money lying around and they are both capitalizing on situations that they created in the first place like requiring insurance to drive. you have to have it its not an option so your pretty much forced to do things in this country but we just dont call it forced we call it required. whats the difference. I dont see how they are getting away with this and more people need to stand up to the state and tell them we arent going to put up with this. if they need more money up there in the capitol they should start taking paycuts instead of getting 6 digits a year coming up with new ways to take more money from us.