Dri* Micros Minnetonka, MNunauthorized charge on credit card


Today is9/1/13 yet when I checked by debit card account I discovered a charge for $9.95 from Dri* Micros of Minnetonka, MN dated 9/3/13. I did not make or authorize this charge. When I researched this company they have dozens of complaints about false charges made to credit cards pertaining to nonexistant security program software. I just received this new computer from walmart and am using their provided Norton security suite. I have not purchased anything from this company nor do I know how my debit card information got into their hands.


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    Stanley G. Baker Dec 28, 2013

    Had a charge of 35.95 from DRI TREND MICRO ORDERFIND.COM MN that was NOT authorized. Have no idea how it got on my cc!

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