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Alejo Moreno (AKA Alex, Lex, Lexx, John) is now perpetrating his rouse under a new company Dream Makers. He is not affiliated with Universal or MTV and he cannot get you a reality show. He has some connections and can get you some unpaid shows if you pay him plenty, but his connections run out quickly because he has no scruples. This man has his whole family involved in his scams and unfortunately some real business people work with him (for a short time) adding credibility to his lies. Alejo has never published anything of note (only cheesy you tube video's). He still offers reality shows, working with stars, but has never actually made anything happen for anyone other than their pain and sorrow. He has had many lawsuits against him but very few stick because he does have some connections and a way of twisting around the facts, so if you are caught up with him now, contact a lawyer before you make your move for better results. Register with the federal trade commission in the hopes that enough complaints will cause them to act. or [protected]. All good comments on any of these complaint sites are posted by Mr. Moreno. You will not find any real artist names or contacts in the good reviews. He is quick to create new email addresses, companies, and aliases. Any paperwork you will receive will be worded strangely as to not be binding by Mr. Moreno, and will have spelling errors and no dates. The only reason this man has been operating for so long is because he preys on the trusting, desperate, or na?ve, most of us do not imagine anyone could act so deceitfully. Check out any person you do business with and ask for their ID before you sign any contract with anyone! Everyone please register with the FTC, it may be the only way this man can be stopped! If you are prosecuting you can e-mail me at [protected] and I will give you all of the information and support I have.


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    Utopian Sep 12, 2013

    Beware of this man. He will take your money any way he can. Call the Federal trade commission or 1-877-382-4357.

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