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State medical board has reprimanded or taken licenses from a dozen OC doctors so far this year.
The Orange County Register
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The state medical board has disciplined 12 Orange County doctors this year, including four who lost their licenses for violations from dealing drugs to bilking Medicare, according to documents recently released by the board. Here are the board’s accusations against the doctors, and the disciplinary actions taken:

• Dr. Robert Rudy Beltran, a plastic surgeon in Irvine, was reprimanded in April and accused of not telling a patient before performing a thigh-lift procedure that he was trained in ear, nose and throat surgery. Beltran was also cited for allegedly failing to appropriately treat the post-surgical wound complications and for not keeping accurate medical records. Beltran said he has contested the wording in the board’s reprimand and said they misrepresented the facts in the case


  • Ma
    maria Oct 29, 2008

    I had terrible expirience with Dr.Beltran too. After procedure I was ignored for months, It was outrages, please pick another doctor if you can

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  • Ma
    Malleus Stapes Nov 01, 2008

    I went to Dr. Beltran for pain in my ear. He performed three surgeries and I still have the same pain. I am going to another doctor now. Do not use this guy.

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  • Ja
    Jason Degoly Nov 26, 2008

    WOW!!! I new it was a matter of time before this guy really pissed someone off. He has been playing these games for years. I know 2 people who got totally taken by this guy. He talks a good talk. Tells you everything you want to hear.

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  • Je
    Jenny21th Jul 22, 2009

    I went to him for breast implants. I paid for saline implants and they put silicon into me. Why? Doctors charge patient's for 2 pairs of implants in case of breakage they have another pair to use. In my case Dr. Beltran used someone's extra pair on me and it was leaking form day one. I had to have it remove several years later cuz I keep getting bruises and skin problem. The new pair new gave me any problems. No more bruises or skin problem due to silicon leakage from day one. He knowly put in leaking implants into me. He charged me for two pairs. It is very shameful that this doctor is still practiing medicine. I wanted silicon and I specifically told his nurse the reason. The implants were also poorly placed on my chest. One side breasst cavavity is really tight making my breast feel a lot more firm than the other side. Please don't use him. He ignores my concern after the surgery.

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  • Pr
    ProfGuy Oct 22, 2009

    Funny ... Dr. Beltran has had one of the most successful practices in Orange County for over 25 years. If he was truly "butchering people" as accused, his license would have been revoked 20 years ago. His practice is successesful because HIS SURGERIES ARE SUCCESSFUL.

    You can't please all of the people all of the time. My tenure as a college professor and business man has taught me that the unhappy minority also tends to be the most vocal. The volume of their bleating ads no truth to their accusations.

    I have recommended and will continue to recommend friends and family to Dr. Beltran. He is a good family man, a good business man, and one of the best surgeons in the business.

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  • Xl
    xLJx Jun 29, 2018

    @ProfGuy You sir, are an absolute idiot along with the other ignorant defender of this reckless and unskilled butcher in the next post. What information and by what standards are you basing your claim about the success of his practice? Nevermind, that's not what's important. The real issue is, where do you get off minimizing and dismissing claims of others who HAVE been injured and damaged by this man!? I am one of those victims and live with that damage everyday. So you go right ahead and jump to defend a man despite the evidence, people like myself and many others like me who are living proof. How dare you and how pathetic you sound jumping to his defense without any regard for people he has hurt. That says plenty about what kind of person you are - a lap dog. God help your family and friends should you gamble by entrusting their well being to him. Get a life and get off this posting, this is for legitimate COMPLAINTS, not fluffers, cheerleaders, or 3rd party defenders trying to squash and discredit the voices of those injured. I REPEAT - THIS IS A COMPLAINTS SITE - IDIOT.

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  • Dr
    dredre4202 Oct 23, 2009

    FLAT OUT LIES---OR YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IDIOT ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET. As a patient of Dr. Beltran for over 25 years and as physician who has had the honor of working with him, I can only come to the above conclusion.

    If any of that were true, regarding your butchering statement; "He placed leaking implants into my body cuz he didn't order any implants for my surgery. He just used a spare one from another patient." "... used someone's extra pair on me and it was leaking form day one".

    If ANY of this were true, you would have been on Oprah, have had the biggest successful lawsuit/settlement in the history of the Orange County, would own Dr. Beltran and his assets, would have had him investigated by the Medical Board of California and he would have had his license taken away and he would NOT be in practice succesfully in the beautiful Irvine surgery center that he founded.

    If any of your statements were true, you would not be hidding like a coward behind some computer trying to hack away at his reputation and would have confronted him face to face to resolve this issue and get monies for your pain, suffering, medical negligence ect...

    I have been a patient of his for 25 years. I have had corrective functional surgery x 2 and a cosmetic procedure with him. My results are awesome and often complimented on by physicians I work with. I would only trust him with my loved ones or myself, not because there are not other wonderful surgeons in the community, but because I know his work, the pride he takes in his skill, he gives all his surgical patients direct access to him through his cell phone (wonderful while you are recovering), he is professional, punctual, respectful and has a bedside manner that I try to emulate in my own practice.

    Further, I have sent patients to him that were not fortunate enought to have insurance and not once, was a patient ever turned away from him. Either the patients I sent were accomadated by having fees reduced or he treated / operated on my patient and wrote the procedure off---AT NO CHARGE TO THE PATIENT. (He can no longer do this as he has sold parts of his surgery center and has other shareholders).

    In short, accusations I am responding too are ludicrous.

    If there is an iota of truth to them, then stop hidding behind a computer, come forth, face the accused face to face---get litigation initiated, have an arbitrator or jury make the the decision to have him and his practice shut down to protect us all from the Dr. Frankenstein style of practice you claim he runs. Step forth coward--or sell your story to a film writter that can make this story into feature film.

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  • Xl
    xLJx Jun 29, 2018

    @dredre4202 You say that you're a doctor? I call bullshit! At least I hope that someone posting a reply such as yours could not possibly be an MD. Nor should a legit doctor have the time to troll COMPLAINT boards and try to bash people who have been injured. What kind of a creep muchless a doctor would do that? Only the kind that would be friends Dr. Robert Beltran - birds of a feather - I guess. Being a "doctor"

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  • Be
    beltranisafraud Oct 24, 2009

    Both me and an ex-girlfriend had 2 surgeries from Dr. Beltran. We completely believe that he is a fraud and performed unnecessary procedures on us and did what he did do on us was not what he said he was going to do. In addition, I had a friend who went to see him and Dr. Beltran showed him and MRI that showed he had a deviated septum. He got a second opinion from another doctor who ordered his MRI's. The actual MRI's that were taken of my friend did not show deviated septum at all.

    I would recommend staying away from this doctor. He is a complete fraud. If you want to hear this from me first hand, you can email me at [email protected] (no kidding, that is my new email address). I will give you details.

    I now need another nasal surgery because Dr. Beltran did not do the procedure that he said he was doing. I am going to have my new doctor thouroughly review my old MRI's and the surgery notes and if there is any fishy or fraudulent, I will pursue legal action.

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  • Mi
    michaelvello Oct 26, 2009

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch out for this doctor. Do your homework on this guy. My wife went to beltran for Breast Implants about a year ago and had the worst experience of her life. The surgery was performed at the Barranca Surgery Center.

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  • Cb
    cblufairy Jan 03, 2010

    It is unfortunate that some people were not satisfied with Dr. Beltran and his procedures but, there will be some patients that have complications due to many other factors. Everyones body is different and because of these differences, it might put people at more risk of not getting what they want. People often have an unrealistic idea of what they want from plastic surgery...Surgeons are not magicians they are human beings with knowledge and skill in certain areas. Most Doctors will have a small percentage of patient procedures that had some complications. That is why they tell you there is some risk in any type of plastic surgery.I know that if the patient doesn't follow post surgery care steps, this can effect the results they wanted. Everyone's experiences are different, some have fantastic results and some are not happy with the turn out, again this is true about most every plastic surgeon out there. It is the patient's responsibility to check out their surgeon and their background...it clearly states on his website that he is an ear, nose, throat and cosmetic surgeon. I have been very pleased with Dr. Beltran and his work. I had saline breast implants done by him 11 years ago when his office was in Costa Mesa, across from South Coast Plaza. I had no problems and I followed all of his post care steps. I am also one of his before and after breast augmentation photos on his website. I also had restylane injections administered by him personally on two separate occasions 4 years ago which turned out great. He has always educated me on risks and different types of ways a certain procedure could be done and suggested the best ways to go about getting realistic results that best fit my body type. I have had botox at his spa and I am going in for another breast augmentation to replace an implant that is currently leaking. I will always be at risk for this to happen due to my breasts sitting naturally low which sit and rub on my ribcage. This causes my implants to sit on my ribs and rub frequently which puts me at high risk for them to burst or leak. I was aware of this and you will never hear me blame Dr. Beltran for my leakage. He is not a magician and has no control over a man made silicone capsule filled with saline solution. I have faith in Dr. Beltran that my second surgery will run smoothly and my results will be great yet again. So, if you are patient looking for a great surgeon then research many and see which one best fits your needs but, keep in mind that plastic surgery runs many risks and we are responsible for taking that risk. The Doctor's of course are responsible for doing the very best that they humanly can. Don't have false expectations of what you want to look like. No one can make you look like a supermodel...it's genetics and that will also play an important role on your results. On a last note, if Dr. Beltran were so bad he would not legally be allowed to practice...I have many friends that have had horrible complications with many different surgeons and most were often unavoidable or they were high risk patients. On these websites you see people vent over their procedures which is fine but, there are two sides to every situation and I would bet that most had other factors in not getting the results they wanted whether it be medical or body type. Just keep that in mind when you read about any Doctor. :)

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  • Ma
    May The truth be known Jan 28, 2010

    It is not cheap to sue a doctor. Most lawyers take at least 5k up front without doing any work and he can take it and run. Many people don't sue and get their botched surgeries re-do by another surgeon. Dr. Robert Beltran put also putted leaking implants into me. A year later I had it removed cuz I was having skin rashes on my breast and nowhere else. After the removable of the implants Dr. Beltran put into my body and replaced, I didn't get any rashes on my breasts anymore.

    Dr. Robert Beltran you are a very dirty surgeons and I know you post as other people to defend yourself. Have you heard of hell before????????? That is where you will be when you die.

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  • Tr
    Truth Speaker Feb 08, 2010

    IF YOU ARE AT ALL CONSERING ANY TYPE OF PROCEDURE AND FIND YOURSELF IN DR. BELTRAN'S OFFICE RUN!!! Dr. Beltran is perhaps the most unethical man I have ever come across. He may pretend to care for you as a patient if you have a large bank account (for cosemetic procedures) or nice insurance (for ENT procedures, or his FAVORITE trick- BOTH!!! Patients find themselves innocently coming to him for one issue and like a bait and switch used car salesman he talks you into MULTIPLE unnecessary procedures, which he bills your insurance for, places you under anesthesia and then never even performs!!!
    Dr. Beltran has not only been sued by multiple patients, but he has lost his medical privileges at ALL local hospitals due to his unethical practices.
    I am grateful that I did my research on Dr. Beltran before going to another reputable surgeon for my nasal surgery. Dr. Beltran, after reading of how many peoples lives you have harmed I wonder how you sleep at night. No amount of wealth can make up for such narcassistic irresponsibility of the medical oath that you swore!

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  • Ma
    May The truth be known Feb 17, 2010

    Dr. Beltran is very greedy and dishonest. He should point out to people that he is a ENT doctor and is not a board certified plastic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon for facial and body plastic surgeries. He is only board certified as an ENT doctor and that is it. Don't let him touch your face or body. He got his training from weekend courses and most of his skills is gain by using people to practice on. He is a so called surgeon in training for years!!!
    Comestic plastic surgery lawsuit is difficult unless you are severelyinjuired/ harmed by Doctors. Deformed faces and bodies aren't considered harmful in the eyes of the court. Our court system is piled with endless medical malpractice of non comestic plastic surgeries types. Unless you have truck loads of money and just going after the surgeon for the priniciple, then go for it. You won't get much money out of it and it will consume a lot of your time.. The worst thing is plastic surgeries on your face cannot be hidden with clothing.
    By the way, I used to work for him, so I know how many botched work he did and the lies he used to lure in his customers.

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  • Ja
    JaneTheTemp Mar 05, 2010

    All the praise on Dr. Robert Beltran is posted by either Dr. Robert Beltran or one of his assoicates. He did botched my comestic plastic surgery but he didn't botch it badly that I couldn't get it re-done by a plastic surgeons, so I am not that angry with him. I just lost money, but the botched work was repairable.

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  • Li
    Linda60 Apr 07, 2010

    I was a victim of Dr. Robert Beltran. He botched my nose and breat reduction surgery.

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  • Gl
    glitterb May 04, 2011

    I have an appointment with Dr. Beltran in 2 weeks for a septoplasty (deviated septum surgery). He also mentioned a Rhinoplasty which I would like to get done also. My insurance will cover 85% of the septoplasty, but he wants to do the Rhinoplasty for and extra $1200. After reading some reviews about Dr. Beltran, I am a little skeptical about going with him. I am afraid I will end up with a botched nose! Can anyone give me some more advice, or recommend me to another doctor?

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  • Ne
    Necla Madden Aug 17, 2012

    Dr, ROBERT BELTRAN misdiagnosed, and caused WRONGFUL DEATH of my husband, Richard MADDEN, because he couldn`t read his CAT. scans right. DR. BELTRAN also ALTERED RICHARD`s MEDICAL RECORDs when I took him to court for WRONGFUL DEATH LAW SUIT, after Richard`s death.
    We went to see Dr. Beltran because, Richard had SINUS problems, and headaches...Beltran suggested for him to have sleep disorder problem evaluation(because of the headaches...but all the signes were sinus cancer signes) . Unknowing to us at that time Richard had early stage of treatable SINUS CANCER, he was 55yrs.old, a great humanist, a great scientist, and a kind man..
    I believe that Dr. Beltran finished medical school, but got the taste of money along the way, and turned into a soulless money making monster, instead of doing research, learning more year by year, and CARING FOR HUMAN BEINGS.. He doesn`t care about people he cares about his time for making fast BUCK, and his fancy life style.
    It has been 8 yrs, since Richard died, now I am writing this review first time since then, because I just saw DR.BELTRAN on " LA. Million Dollars Listings " reality show... selling /showing off his 12 milion dollars fancy MANSION in NewPort Beach, showing his Fancy, Marble, Roman Whore House looking Medical Office, and his HEARTLESS, PLASTIC, UGLY FACE on TV. for free medical advertising...trying to get more unsuspecting victims for his money only business.
    Dr. Beltran is a money chasing BOTOX DR. he sould quit ENT, SURGERY, and ruining people`s life by MISDIAGNOSIS, and by UNNECESSARY FAST BOTCHED OPERATIONS.
    Please watch out of DR. BELTRAN he can`t even read a CAT SCAN... he is out there for money only, hasn`t learned a thing since medical school. I saw many unsuspecting innocent young women in their 20`s or, 30 `s at his office, getting botox, or trying to improve their looks...He is telling them they need every thing like a busy, FAST FOOD OPERATION!!!

    PS. Including Dr. Beltran Richard saw 3 DOCTORS...ALL MISDIAGNOSED HIM, and KILLED HIM at the end(one was at UCI...he later was chosen as one of the best 100th. doctors in ENT )... These Creep DR.s kept extending my court dates(4 yrs.) I run out of money, and dropped my case at the end. Cancer cases are hard to proof, your cases ARE EASY to proof...

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  • Ad
    Adele66 May 03, 2013

    Back in 2011, Dr. Beltran told me that I had a nose fracture, which was a lie. He ordered a number of scans that I didn't need and said that ultimately I would need surgery. Fortunately, I sought a second opinion. When I mentioned to the other doctor that I had been told by a previous physician that my nose was broken, he said "let me guess, you saw Dr. Beltran.. nothing changes". According to a number of Internet posts, patients are still being harmed by Dr. Beltran. What is the medical board of California doing?

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  • Ba
    Bambi Baby Jun 22, 2013

    The commenter that is pro for Dr. Beltran for certainity is either Dr. Beltran using an alias or his close relatives defending him. I too suspected on Dr. Beltran's not being honest. However, his partner over 20 years ago was. I wanted a nose job and he had this other doctor at the office at the time spoke to me talking me out of a nose job. Dr. Beltran on the other hand didn't try to do that. The other doctor told me my nose looks fine for my face shape and size. This honest doctor that once worked with Dr. Beltran is no longer working with him. I wonder where he is at now??? I thank him a thousand times for being honest with me. Had I gone through with the nose job, I wonder what the problems would have been. I read other complaints about Dr. Beltran all over the internet. There are about 25% of plastic surgeons that is honest, but the rest of them are money hungry beasts. These are the ones with lack of skill and talent to do things right, & too greedy to turn down patients. They end up ruining people's life all because of greed. In the end, they will have the answer the higher power. In their death beds they will have regrets that haven is not were they will rest for eternity .

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  • Ar
    Arnold L. Aug 15, 2013

    I had my nose completely reconstructed by Dr. Beltran & couldn't be happier. I had a fractured nose as a child & now I have regained my quality of life back thanks to Dr. Beltran. I was originally referred to Dr. Beltran by my father, who saw him 10 years ago for a corrected deviated septum. Their office staff also helped with my insurance process, which made it an overall better expreince. My family, friends, & I have been going to Dr. Beltran for years and have never had any issues. Highly recommend Dr. Beltran to anyone that wants a patient, personable, and caring ENT Specialist.

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  • He
    hero13 Apr 09, 2014

    I completely disagree with Dr. Beltran being anything other than an outstanding Doctor and surgeon. I was one of his first patients and Dr. Beltran has done numerous procedures on me with excellent results. I can understand that he may not be able to help some people with the results they wanted but, that's the risk you take when you choose to do elective surgery. I have recommended family and friends to Dr. Betran with positive outcomes and I will continue to do so.

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  • No
    No problem at al Jul 18, 2014

    I am surprised to read the negativity about Dr. Beltran. This is an actual patient of his. I had a septo/rhinoplasty in 2008. He said I needed a revision & in 2009 he did the revision at NO CHARGE. it's not to believe he is "money hungry" in my book. I liked dr. Beltran and thought he is an honest man.

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  • Pi
    Pilates_mom Oct 14, 2015

    I had sinus surgery with Dr Beltran & he was such an arrogant ###. I told him Vicodin made me sick & he prescribed it anyhow. He was 2 hrs late to my surgery & walked in very cavalier with a Starbucks in his hand. I had anxiety because of the gauze in my nostrils & he was abrasive & told me to "calm down". My deviated septum surgery was not successful & I am going to a new ENT this month. I'm not surprised about these accusations! Working with someone's body is an honor! How dare he take advantage of people!!!

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  • Ha
    hateubeltran Nov 06, 2015

    Beltran pulled the same thing on me. He ordered all sorts of MRIs/catscans etc, and He did multiple surgeries to "correct" his own doings - all "insurance only" of course. I wish I had a crappy insurance back then, as I became a victim of this monster disguised as a doctor - a very friendly, seemingly caring doctor.

    There is more to the saga and I still suffer all because of this greedy jer_k. I wish it was just money wasted. I filed a complaint with the state board maybe 10+ years ago. Nothing came off of it at that time. I was in disbelief. But I also knew that someday the board would collect enough complaints under this guy's name. I am happy to see that Beltran finally got a slap on the wrist. They should have taken his license.

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  • Ja
    Jason Wallis Apr 26, 2016

    I must say this surprised me. I was referred to Dr Beltran by my insurance for a chronic sinus infection that had lasted 2 years and was unresponsive to antibiotics. He was nothing but professional and the surgery went very well. I was in surgery for most of the day!
    The problem was taken care of and it never came back. His after care was excellent & I could breathe through my nose again!
    I feel he is an excellent ENT Doctor and these forums are often places for nasty people to destroy reputations. I would go to him again without hesitation-Jason Wallis

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