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I think it's time that someone exposes how Dr. Robert Pugach rips off his patients. My review is 100% the truth and is based on actual facts. I found Dr. Pugach after doing a Google search for a local urologist. Like many tech savy patients I did some searching and found a lot of positive reviews. I wish now that I would've done some homework on the people who wrote the reviews, 90% of them have only posted one review. This is a big sign of fake reviews along with other red flags like uncompleted profiles and no pictures. Unfortunately I did my homework only after being scammed by Pacific Coast Urology and Dr. Robert Pugach.

I met with the doctor and he seemed to quickly identify an issue that he assured me was the problem. He scheduled me for an ultrasound, after the results came in he promised a surgery was the right solution. I trusted him and had the surgery that he requested, what a mistake. He did a med-evil job on me which created very large scars that I have to live with for the rest of my life. Not only did he hack me up he did a horrible job on the actual surgery. Because of the horrible job he did I actually had to have another surgery to fully complete his messed up job. So now I have double the scars and have more pain then I initially had. I came to him with my concerns about the negative results from the surgery and do you think he cared? Heck no, he told me it's basically all in my head and referred me out to another specialist.

Shortly after being referred out I get a crazy bill stating I owe him a very large sum of money. My max out of pocket at the time was $3, 000 so I'm not sure how he came up with this crazy number. I called his office at least 50 times to try and find out why I owe him more then my max out of pocket. They would never give me a straight answer and always gave me the run around on who was going to follow up with me. So after 6 months of getting no answers I say screw it and stop trying to figure out some scam bill they are sending me. One year goes by and guess what, I get served. Dr. Pugach is suing me to collect the money that I owe him for his c****y surgery and his overpriced bill. I'm so stunned that he would drop to the level of suing me for less then $3, 000.

There are so many other good urologists in Los Angeles, I highly recommend you visit one of them. This doctor will do rushed surgeries and only worsen any issues you may have. In addition he will over bill you and sue you if you refuse to pay it. I hope that you read this Dr. Pugach and understand that scamming people for a few thousand dollars is wrong. You know exactly who I am and I hope that you are ashamed for what you did to a college student. I hope that few thousand dollars you got out of me is worth it.


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    Beverley J Cano-Ahn Sep 10, 2015

    I'm an RN and fortunately saw him for whst he truly is after my second office visit. Consider complaint to the CA Medical Board and Small Claims Court. I suspect you will prevail.

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