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Dr. Minas Constantinides review: Disfigured my nose & eyes

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I had a 9 hour long ribgraft nose surgery while Dr. Minas Constanindes had his upper Park Avenue practice/aka/ and although before the surgery he guaranteed an 80% improvement he instead completely disfigured the appearance of my nasal tip and the graft made my nose completely crooked. Also, I had over 30 metal stitches on my nasal tip as well as from my nostrils to my upper lip which scarred my skin which even his wife said was beautiful before the scarring.

Then he said the only way for him to fix the horrible 100% asymmetry he had caused of my nose, he would file down the rough edges of the graft which almost is protruding through the skin! So he grabs my AX card and swipes it for $25, 000 saying that he needed to do a facelift with upper & lower eyelids and eyebrows as he said I had "aging face syndrom".

The "facelift" surgery was done in his Park Avenue office with Denise, his nurse & office manager as well as his student Dr. Behrad Aynehchi, MD.
But, Dr. Constanindes NEVER does anything to fix the disfigurement of my nose after his surgery at Lenox Hill! Instead he pulls my upper eyelids way down and turns the lower eyelids inside out and with my right lower eyelid hanging down and away from the eyeball distorting my eyes which now looks grotesque and I was told I needed ectropion repair as I cannot fully close my eyes!

After he realizes how badly he had caused deformity and disfigurement of both my nose and eyes, he agrees to do a revision after an anger tantrum when he shuts the door and says in front of Denise that he agreed he would do the necessary revisions for "free". Also, although he already had charged me to lift both of my eyebrows, he agrees to lift only one eyebrow.

Meanwhile, waiting for him to fix the disfigurements of both my nose and eyelids, I suddenly receive a letter dated July 22nd, 2015 that he had moved his practice to Westlake Dermatology in Austin, TX, stating to contact him prior to the date the letter was written and how pleased he was to move to Austin, Texas!

Dr Minas Constaninides does not qualify to call himself a ribgraft specialist or a facial plastic/reconstructive surgeon. Stay far away from this man whom also has a wicked temper. I am now left with no monies to fix the grotesque disfigurements from the surgery he did on my nose and the horrible damages to my eyelids. Several occuloplastic surgeons has since said I should sue him as they are more than willing to stand behind me in a court of law.

I used to be a model and now I'm afraid to be seen in public.
Ultimately, he will be sued and possibly will loose his credentials as a "plastic surgeon". He has utterly ruined my life and my beautiful face.


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